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eclectix 1st 12th January 2008 20:21

1. Private investigators. Going through the glove box, CD case and for gods sake, leave my small change alone.
2. No Smoking. I don't smoke & any of my friends wanna smoke, they get out & do the needful, I don't mind.
3. Dirty Footwear, Loose mud / sand. Occasionally I ask to stamp out the excess dirt.
4. Playing the role of an uninvited RJs. Dude, its my car & I like to be my RJ. 5. Fiddling with Controls, especially the power windows. I know it works, you don't have to give a demo in my own car.
6. Expert advice from the passenger seat :Frustrati don't overtake...There's a road hump...Once I stopped in the middle of the highway & refuse to drive on till I got a promise from my dad. Its still not working.
7. Free loaders with excess baggage & bossing around. Thank you, I'm not a damn taxi wallah.
8. FOOOOD as much as I like goodies, you cant get the flavors after the consumption. Not to mention the cleaning required later.
9. DRIVE N SHOP. Shopping at the traffic signals or asking to stop for some purchases in the middle of the street.:Shockked:
10. Speaking loudly & asking you to reduce volume of the ice.

Jaggu 12th January 2008 21:08

Clean your foot wear to the extent possible before you enter my car.
Dont fiddle with audio settings, volume is allowed.
Watch where the door is going when you are opening the door.

Rest (unless you damage my car!!) i dont care and will not give care to you also, my car my rules :D

Oh i forgot, if you cant treat an automobile with respect, you aint getting my car keys also.

Mpower 12th January 2008 22:02


Originally Posted by ajmat (Post 686266)

2: Let me wipe that for you! - During the rains, get in and start, switch on a/c to demist but they won't wait!

My parents do that. Is comes from people who grew up in the era of Ambys and Fiats or cars without A/C. In fact our driver used to carry a cloth in the glove box for such situations.

sreenivass 12th January 2008 22:07

here is my list
These are strict NOs in my car
  1. smoking: I am a smoker too, but never light a cigarette in car.
  2. handling AC vents: some of them don't care for others, I need it a little on the cool side. I hate folks that just close or turn away the vents without even checking with me or others in the car.
  3. Close, change the position of left RVM: this happened only once. Not to sound rude I did not say much, but really did not like it. I use my wing mirrors.
  4. Picky on music: The music I play keeps changing according to my mood, please leave me alone.
  5. Hard door bang: I never liked these door breakers.
  6. Talk about selling my car: You are lucky I do not posess a gun, don't talk about parting with my loved one.
  7. Truck loaders (or city bus conductors): Its not a city bus fellas, a private vehicle. Strictly not beyond 5 adults. Prefer only 4 adults.

Surprise 13th January 2008 08:41

When they don't wear the seatbelts (esp highways) inspite of repeated reminders

Other than that I dont mind whatever they do, might be I dont like certain things which I keep within myself, but not to the extent of hate......

govigov 13th January 2008 09:47

I hate it when they say, "you know the fate of all the people in the car is in your hands." after this statement, all the pleasure of highway driving is gone.

I mean, come on, its my car, i know its limits and what it is capable of and how she will handle, why dont people understand that?

harry2223 13th January 2008 10:28

1. passengers playing with rvm just to see there face in it.
2. i hate passenger giving there suggestion how to drive "dont overtake now", "apply brakes" i want to tell them thats my job and i know it well.
3. keep on saying slow down even on a highway when i am at 80 only.
4. once my uncle was sitting on front iwas driving at around 80 he say a pothole and he just hold the steering and turned it. i hate this.
5. feet full of mud in my car.
6. i also hate passenger telling me that "theres no need of orvm its useless, good drivers dont use it". i ask them than why has company fitted them just to increase cost.
7. person driving my car with his feet on clutch and driving even at highway.
8. passengers who bang doors like it was a truck and others who open doors without seeing outside and hitting them to walls or other vehicles.
9. at last i hate most the passenger who are sitting in my car and saying that your car is not comfortable as mine

Vinaygv 13th January 2008 12:21

1) My wife's issue.
You dont smile when you drive (this in bumper to bumper traffic in Bangalore). "I dont think a maniacal grin while driving is required unless you are in a Crash derby!!!"
2) Father in law.
puts his hand outside the door and gives it a yank to close it, the door closes with such force, the ORVM setting gets changed after telling him, he would bring the door to the stop and leave it ajar, I would need to lean across and close it.
3) A friend once drove the car at 140 in 4th despite me telling him not to exceed 2500rpm (the car was a week old with 260kms on the odo) says does not like 5th!!!

brar 13th January 2008 16:27

hate it when someone sits with 1 leg raised on the front passenger seat , leaving footmarks on dash . its so freaking irritating looking at them and cleaning them .

maddy42 14th January 2008 16:11

Banging the door like the once on an Amby is the worst nightmare of mine. Whenever i get people to sit in the car i play the driver opening and shutting the door so that my heart does not have to ache seeing people bang the door.
Back seat driving is one more which i cant stand but my dad cannot maintain his calm unless he does that.

theMAG 14th January 2008 16:35

Main passenger gripe:

Their common remark on how I automatically transform into a sailor's version of Shakespeare when I encounter certain categories of vehicles - autorickshaws mainly and 2-wheelers .

The only passenger decent enough to not having exclaimed anything about my behavioral transformation is my good ole chum - my German Shepherd.

BlackPearl 14th January 2008 16:49

the most irritating ones to me are banging the door and opening the door without looking whether its going to hit something or not. I always try to keep the car in such a position that the passengers can open the doors without hitting a wall or a car, but sometimes its not possible to do so. and the most annoying part is that they dont listen when I plead to them to be careful before opening the doors.

akash_m 14th January 2008 16:49

Next time I will break all the teeth of my co-passenger if he/she scrolls through my mobile while I am driving !:uncontrol

Specillay if he/she goes through my SMSs. Such people, when told not to do so, say "You concentrate on your driving!":Frustrati

Fillmore 14th January 2008 16:50

Two annoying things from my in-laws
1.South Bangalore is ridden with parallel roads, whenever I take a particular road my FIL goes .. Oh why did you take this road ? you could have gone the other way yap yap yap.!!!.

2.Sometimes inevitably you miss spotting a pothole and go into it, Then my MIL goes .. Oooohhhhhh aaaahhh at a high vol, like as though I did it on purpose. Moreover it would have been a tiny pothole.

theMAG 14th January 2008 16:57


Originally Posted by Fillmore (Post 688059)
1.South Bangalore is ridden with parallel roads, .

Riddled not, my friend. Blessed! Ever see a mainstream traffic jam in South Bangalore that can be helped?

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