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n_aditya 17th January 2008 18:13

four_tire your post is hilarious. rl: :uncontrol

But seriously speaking, get a child seat or a booster seat. That way its safer.

normally_crazy 17th January 2008 20:38


Originally Posted by lamborghini (Post 691117)
I like loud music, but only in the nights, with the windows down in order to hear other road users.

:confused: I didn't get this. You like loud music with your windows down to hear other road users.

Akshay1234 17th January 2008 21:10


Originally Posted by normally_crazy (Post 692110)
:confused: I didn't get this. You like loud music with your windows down to hear other road users.

with loud music and the windows up you probably wouldnt hear anything thats going on outside the car like horns etc.

funkydevil 17th January 2008 23:09

This tread is the right place to get my frustations out...well here goes

1. People sliding the front seat all the way back so hard in such a manner the seat almost comes off. I mean i don object to it but that thing can only go a small distance. the way some people do it like its a roller coaster, anybody sitting at the back would have his legs crushed.
2. Smoking - u all know the drill its a NO NO
3. No drinking - some passengers "What?? im not the one driving"
4. Since i have the stock nhc radio casstte player, when two different species of music listining people get in my car the ones who like english music don want the radio n the ones who like hindi music want the radio its like driving a car filled with maniacs where the remote is being thrown around by the hindi people and the sensor on the player covered by the english people..MORONS, once i just removed the panel and kept it in the drivers side door pocket..hindi, english sab chup.
5. Keeping things on the parcel tray. even tough the boot is empty like soft toy gifts for someone else, hell u know 5 people are in the car where are u gonna keep that thing???

tsk1979 18th January 2008 00:25

four_tire, I really really feel for you. I salute you for not throwing all of them out of the car :D

RJK 18th January 2008 02:47

Four tire,
Hilarious post man..really. I identify with some of your problems, especially starting w/o having any

biju_kp 1st February 2008 16:58

For me :
1. Back seat driving especially MIL
2. chatterboxes.
3. Eating (pop corn and puffs) etc.

inferno 1st February 2008 18:13


Originally Posted by benbsb29 (Post 691737)
I kinda agree with Thad's post earlier. Reading about some of the exhibits who travel in our cars, i have come to realize how sensible my wife is when it comes to things related to the car, and how i intend to keep it. :)

Music volume is kept at a pre-agreed level.
No fiddling with any knobs. If required, she asks me to do it.
Clean/dust footwear before entering the car.
Digging in the glove box? Nopes.
Switching ON A/C when overtaking? Nopes.
Discussing something important when overtaking? Sometimes, although i ask the person to wait.

There is a certain relative/family friend who slams the door shut so hard i once had to get the rear door realigned. Now, i never offer the concerned person a ride in the car. :D

One can also assume i am usually quite accomodating, and that i speak my mind out when it comes to something relating to how someone treats my car.

adding to above , i had come across an incident when my boot of HONDA CITY was closed so hard as if it was a M800....., it literally rocked whole car.
I really hate that thing when the boot of city can be closed with just feather touch.

DileepKS 1st February 2008 21:58

I normally don't have pax other than the lady and the kids. But those are enough!!

1. Not wearing seatbelts. That's in USA!, even after mentioning that I might end up in Jail (a lie). If I complain too much, she will pull the belt out and hold it.

How I solved it? While inside the parking lot, at 10mph, stepped on the brake hard.

Got her wearing seatbelts religiously thereafter in USA. The habit is slightly withering after moving back. Need booster dose I guess.

2. Thumping the door. Immediate response is "This isn't your dowry car!". Haven't worked yet, after 10 years.

3. Trying to feed me while driving. "You want to end up in an accident?" will eliminate it for an hour or so. Repeated as needed.

4. Pointing out things. Same remedy as 3.

5. You are driving too fast! Slow down to 40kmph and keep there. OK, go at 50. "I am not your driver!". After driving her carzy enough, I move back to the regular speed. Works for an hour.

6. "Vandeeeeeeee", when seeing cross traffic a kilometre away. No remedies yet.

The kids are pretty decent. No complaints.

Sometimes relatives do ride in my car, but most of them are scared of me, so they behave decent.

1100D 1st February 2008 22:38

My 2 yr old daughter, one wouldn't beleive, observes the light go from red to green, and says "gaari chalao". Freaks me out, what else am I doing?

Prior to this she used to show her displeasure whenever the car was stopped at a crossing, then, she did not know the correlation of red and green lights.

On the other hand, every time there is a red light, wife says "red light", even if its far off, and my redlight stopping record isn't particularly tainted anyway.

Nitin 1st February 2008 22:42

hahah...poor you,1100D !
Looks like the fairer sex being a majority,you are under quite a bit of pressure.

blackhawk 2nd February 2008 21:56

1) My colleague who bought a new car sits beside me as says
"You are changing the gear too often."
"I don't drive like this,why do you want to accelerate/brake that much"

2) Opening and banging the door if the door remains ajar when they try it gently for the first time

Last and the most important one I don't like
3) Hitting the next car/wall in parking lots while trying to get in/out.:Frustrati

mohit333 2nd February 2008 22:29

For me the most irritating would be the foll:

1. back seat driving with expert comments:Frustrati

2. keeping the hands rested on the handbrake and dozing off.(Imagine the co-passenger just pulling the hand brake suddenly!!)

3. Not wearing seat belts

Alfa_Kilo 3rd February 2008 10:32

1) People who don't close the door hard enough.
2) Ask me to jump signals "...Pune me sab chalta hai..."
3) Ask me to slow down. These are the worst, my vehicle can barely cruise at 70km/h and still... :Frustrati
4) Complain about ride, want me to drive gently over potholes and speed humps.
5) Passengers in the co-driver's seat who lean forward blocking my LOS towards the heft of the vehicle.
6) Over enthusiatic passengers who think hand signals is a good idea. One guy had a near miss against a parked bus once.
7) People who don't know how to jump over the tailgate lol: "...dude how do I get into the car?"
8) Who are fond of getting their knee in the way of the gear lever.
9) And those who don't brace themselves properly at the back, they are all over the place when the vehicle rolls around corners. The weight shift can be really unsettling at times.

danlalan 3rd February 2008 11:52

JUst hate it when i have passengers at the back seat. Specially FAT people.
As it is the ikon rear suspension is soft. And if even 1 person sits at the back it looks like iam carrying a baby elephant in the car... the cars angle only changes.. nose points to the air, Boot right down there.

Also hate em saying, its too cold roll down the windows.
Or touching the a/c controls.

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