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Old 29th April 2007, 20:34   #61
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Originally Posted by anandpadhye View Post
The Deccan Honda people charged me 1800 for Fuel Injector cleaning.

Any idea if this is what's being referred to here as carbon cleaning?
No its not the same .. Engine decarbonizing means removing the carbon deposits from the engine .. Injector cleaning is just cleaning the injectors of any unwanted dust that might have settled due to bad quality fuel or minute dust particles entering the fuel line .. Thus you get a cleaner spray ..
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Hi mates, my 7 year old diesel Toyota Qualis has clocked about 1.10k kms.
The mileage has dropped by 2/3 kms recently. Tyres are new (stock). Engine oil & filter is changed every 5k kms. & both fuel filters & the air filter is changed every 10k kms.

I have a few queries:

Is the drop in mileage due to carbon deposition?
Will the flushing process rectify the problem? or some part of it?
Which is the best flushing lubricant for diesel vehicles?
I have never got any decarbonisation treatment done on the car. Is it recommended? What is the complete procedure & how much would it cost?

Ideas welcome please

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I have heard some mechanics say that if you do a flushing of the engine then it loosenes the Valve Seats, and the piston rings get brittle.
can someone confirm the same.
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Old 30th April 2007, 00:05   #64
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yes kaizer bhai,

I too heard and collected some write ups to prove it. Will post it soon.
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Old 30th April 2007, 19:55   #65
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Please guide me on the de-carbonization of the engine.
I taled to the maruti service guy (during swift test ride) and he told me that injector cleaning and engine de-carb are 2 different things.

Two things bother me:
1. Honda guys (company and the dealer) do not talk about engine de-carb at all. Any idea why? Honda is a very good car company and if they do not recommend engine de-carb, there may be a reason...they only do injector cleaning...why why why???
2. I read/heard from many that engine decarb will loosen piston rings and engine valves and stuff thereby causing leakages...this is serious.

Experts, please guide me.
I want to give a long and helthy life to my NHC.
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Old 1st May 2007, 14:26   #66
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You can go ahead with Engine Flush, if you are sceptical about it, See You might not even need it if you have regular service of the car and clean Fuel.

I have never had Engine Decarb done in my lancer, Got STP Engine Flush done last time..!
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Old 29th June 2007, 15:51   #67
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Decarb was due during the 20K service. However, the MUL workshop decided not to do it. Said can be done later.

I'm somewhat confused here. If you let an engine run for 50-60K kms, the suggestion is not to decarb. So basically, either start decarb around 20-25K mark and do it regularly after each 20K OR don't do it at all.

I'm trying to understand, what would be the difference between two similar 60K km run engines - one that has never had decarb , and the other that has had 3 - considering both have been running on normal mineral oil and premium fuel.
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Though the reply is pretty late, but since no one responded I thought I'll do so.

1. Mobil DELVAC MX Multigrade 15W-40W
2. Chevron DELO 400

PM Gurkha and he will be able to explain better.

Originally Posted by swathyd View Post
Which is the best lubricant available for a diesel vehicle.
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Old 30th June 2007, 08:59   #69
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My OHC's engine got decarbonized yesterday at honda service station. they said that another fuel mixture will be injected through the mpfi system which contains a solvent or something like that, this cleans the carbon where ever deposited.
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Old 1st October 2007, 10:52   #70
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How many of BHPians here have got the engine decarb done? Has it made a drastic difference?
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Can anybody pls tell how much does it cost .
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Old 4th October 2007, 15:44   #72
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Originally Posted by gopz View Post
How many of BHPians here have got the engine decarb done? Has it made a drastic difference?
I have done decarb on my 2001 Alto(50K KMS). Not finding any difference !

Total Cost : Rs.1200

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In my Indica 89K Km Driven, I have not gone for Decarb, Though I opted for Engine Flush at 80k Km Service.

TASC used WURTH brand of Flush oil mixed with the existing Engine Oil, and idle for 10 mins exact. Then misture was removed and another 2 lts of new oil was added and idle for 2 min. And then it was also removed.

There was great reduction in the engine noise, specially after 80KM/Hr.
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people please realise the difference between an engine flush
and engine decarbonization

check out

Engine Decarbonizing Machine Manufacturer,Engine Decarbonizing Machine Exporter,Engine Decarbonizing Machine Supplier India
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I have a Hyundai Santro 2003 model run for 85k kms & is due for service at 90,000 kms. I have never done Engine de-carbonising or any flush job. Neither was it recommended by Hyundai Authorised Service station.
But I have always changed Engine oil, Oil filter, Air filter every 5,000 kms & done Injector cleaning & trottle body cleaning every 10,000 kms.
My car engine feels as good as new.
Does my car need a de-carbonising job.
pls help...,
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