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Originally Posted by Neil Roy View Post
Hi Guys,

Secondly, and again I emphasise that I do not want to offend anybody, fuel efficiency. My SLX gives me 10.5 Kmpl in city, bumper to bumper traffic where you cannot even reach 4th gear. I do not know if that performance will be matched in the CRDE engine as this engine is rev-happy unlike itís DI counterpart which will chug along in idling itself- and thatís how I drive in city.

Dude, SLX is known to give a FE in excess of atleast 12 KM/L, 10.5 is a bit dissapointing figure, mine gives around 13 in city and above 15 on highway. Better get ur vehicle checked from the dealership, maybe some necessary tuning needs to be done.
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Dear me,it seems that the CRDIans won't rest until they tear the DI into pieces. Maheep, have a care.! After the DI, it will be your person.
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Originally Posted by maheep007 View Post
You seem to be quite offended with me my friend, what did i say so personal to you that you have your temp blowing up the thermometer? Take it easy, we are all here to share our views, if we don't like or agree with other persons view, then like i said, accept them as other persons personal opinion, to which, again, every one is entitled to, correct? Regards and Cheers!!
I have no words and have boiled over, maybe I need a new engine block and a head gasket too!
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DI ( yawn ) turbo gives me 16.5 kmpl with 5 people+luggage, no AC,80-100 speeds on typical 2 lane highways.

DI's performance part is 1500-1800 rpm, hence the mileage(early shifting). Good for commercial vehicles to haul loads in inclines. Miserly for highway (instant) acceleration surges, but pretty managable in cities(in lower gears).
In highways, it maxes out(performance wise) at over 100 kmph. There is no turbo surge felt, but the engine becomes silent(relatively) at turbo zones. After the brief turbo zone, there is no response from the engine to the acc pedal. But it is all in how much stress one can take in driving alike, as these rubber-milk/toddy pick-ups literally fly at early morning in the kollengode-vadakancherry routes.

The 407 engine in the sumo victa DI turbo is the elder brother of this engine. Both these engines are good workhorses. I mean, noisy, but does its duty diligently. When i mean duty, it is qualified differently for the VLX and SLX.

CRDe is for pure driving pleasure. There is no clattering metal sound, no waiting behind for the truck to pass, no downshifting to 4th gear for highway overtaking, and yawn@100-120kmph speeds etc. Of course, it loses out to DI in mileage.

DI is more undersquare(stroke>>bore) than CRDe, hence for the same speed, rpm will be lower(hence the lower acceleration) and hence better averages.

To conclude,for 2WD off-road, 2WD DI>2WD CRDe, as the tractor derived engine is audibly happy at lower rpms. But with 4WD L, any engine is better, but VLX preferable for its wider torque range but Mahindra is worried about the basic UV image of bolero in pricing part of the VLX 4WD.

If i had more vit M, i wouldn't mind buying a VLX, the only deterrance being bolero's image. I can get scorpio 4WD itself in the first case.

P.S. I love/own/use a Mahindra DI tractor too.

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