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Default Bolero VLX CRDe - First Impression

Hi bhpians

Just now took delivery of my Bolero VLX CRDe - after a month long wait due to loan processing - But took advantage of the Cen Vat cut - saved me a cool Rs.40,000/- SBI - thank you for the delay

OK - here are my first impressions

Am comparing it to my 2004 Bolero GLX - IDI engine - 72 bhp

Silent, fast, smooth and powerful brakes. Suspension is softer, both front and rear. In 4th gear it felt lazy under 1800rpm - must be turbo lag. The laziness is not there in 1st, 2nd or 3rd gear. In fact pulls from almost standstill (speed humps) even in 3rd gear without even touching the accelerator. Loved it. Drove it only till 4th gear - Bangalore traffic.

Wanted Bridgestone Dueler tyres - got Apollo.

Will go for a short drive tomorrow. Detailed report will follow

Happy New Year & cheers:
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Congratulations Rocky!! Wishing you Happy & Prosperous new year.

Do add pics also with the update
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Congratulations on your newest procurement!
Waiting for details & pics.

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Congrats and that's nice to hear that Bolero has come out of its age. Can give some competition to its nearest ones (maybe to scorpio also). Do post the pics and Happy New Year to you also.
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@Rocky : Congratulations . Waiting for the pics and detailed report . Also the onroad price please. Happy new year .
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Ty - to all of you. Pix and report will follow - On road price in Blr is Rs. 7,79,054/- it was Rs.8,19,xxx

Originally Posted by mnhegde View Post
@Rocky : Congratulations . Waiting for the pics and detailed report . Also the onroad price please. Happy new year .
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Rocky-: Congrats on the new Bolero, and that too welcoming in the New Year.

Is this Crde engine taken from the Scorpio? If so, this removes one of the weak points of the Bolero- Sluggish engine.

Whats the top speed mentioned by M&M? Waiting for a very detailed report.

Isn't Tavera the only competition for the Bolero in the Market? (maybe Sumo as well?)
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congrads Rocky (Balboa :-) ). Please post your detailed FIR (First Impression Report) ASAP. Enjoy your new SUV.
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Congrats RockyB!

Guess you are still out on the 'short' trip.

Do post a detailed FIR; will be very interesting to check the view of a person who had owned an older gen vehicle of the same make.
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Rocky, Many congratulations for a good acquisition-Bolero!

Happy Motoring! I was seeing the latest Bolero at the workshop recently and was happy to note the change in interiors and the engine too!
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What an awesome new years gift! Congrats. The Bolero CRDe appeals to me big-time (except for the price:-)). It has always been the most rugged UV you can buy new. And with that common-rail, the Bolero has that much-needed muscle too.

How about some detailed under-the-hood pictures?
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Rocky B
Congratulaions on your new purchase. Iam just waiting for the 4x4 version tobe launched!!

with regards

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@Rocky, Congrats !

That engine will definitely make a world difference to the Bolero. The engine taken care, one can definitely invest in personalising the machine.

Tech Specs & Photos, pls.
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Old 6th January 2009, 19:57   #14
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Read in a review in Automobile magazine that the 2.5 CRDe in the Bolero is based on the XD3P engine block. Not sure how accurate this information is.
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Week old report

Odo reading today: 828 km
Odo reading when I bought it: 477km

I would like to start off by mentioning that I am consciously comparing it to my older Bolero GLX with 72bhp IDI engine.

I like the overall looks. But let me start with a few dislikes. The mini skirts on the edge of front bumper. I know the reason why they are added but it looks like a last minute job and built is flimsy (plastic / fiber). This has also decreased the approach angle for the front wheels. Same applies for the door hinges cover. There is also a gap between the “new improved” clear lens headlamp and the body. Changing the bulbs is still a challenge. I guess these are typical Mahindra / Bolero characteristics.

Here are few things I like. Headlight beam is brighter that old ones. Headlight beam leveler actually works. There is space for fogs lamps too in the front bumper but not sure how practical they are since they are fixed position. I just love the spare wheel cover. Foot ramps have been extended outwards by 2 – 3 inch. Easier to step on it now.

Now you can reach the stereo without a remote from driving position. But the sharp edges hurt my knees. OEM is some Nippon brand. Planning to change it to Sony (with rounded off edges). The Voice Assist System is fun till the novelty wears off. I am planning to disable it selectively. Hope it works. Seat and head rest feels slightly more comfy – not sure what are the exact changes. Few cubby holes added. Very useful feature. If you engage the hand brake and you gear lever is at 4th or reverse gear – it touches each other. This is ergonomically dangerous. I mean we do use hand brake and rear gear in a down slope parking. Will talk to Mahindra about it

OK – This is completely different from my older Bolero. Engine, gear box, clutch, brake, suspension – you name it. In fact I had to unlearn and learn to drive again. First of all I have to use slightly more accelerator at any given gear / any given moment compared to my old one. In my older bolero I hardly press acc in reverse, 1st, 2nd & 3rd gear. On this one at around 1800 rpm the turbo starts. So it’s a pleasure to drive it at 2000rpm and above. I am getting use to it. Below 2000 rpm it feels lazy. The gears are taller now. 2nd – 3rd – 4th all of them has a longer range now. In fact you can do the entire city driving in 3rd gear. I am yet to use the 5th gear. Since I have not crossed 60kmph mark till 1000km. It does 70kmph at 2000 rpm at 4th. Oh God – another 200 km before I can unleash all the horses. I feel – older Bolero gear ratio was more jeep like – short and powerful – torque was available right from start – for climbing hills etc. – this one is more for cruising. The engine also makes a funny noise between 1500 – 2000 rpm – like a typical DI diesel but becomes silent after turbo kicks in.

The clutch is more sensitive too. For first two days the engine shut down many in 1st gear at traffic or mall parking slope. Its OK now. Or maybe I am in the learning curve

Brakes are definitely powerful. In fact it is too sharp. There was a funny sound from the rear brakes. I noticed it on 2nd day. Auth service center rectified it on the 3rd day for free. Told me the hand brake cable was not fixed properly. They could have noticed it during PDI. Again – Mahindra traits.

The front suspension is softer now. More SUV like. More comfy at bad roads and speed bumps but rolling have increased in really bad roads. Rear is still leaf suspension and not independent. I prefer the older Bolero on this case. (Oh! How I dream of a 4x4 and all independent suspension) Maybe it’s the tyre too. I had / prefer Bridgestone Dueler H/T but got Apollo Amazer XL this time.

Filled full tank. Yet to come to red line. Then I will calculate from next fill. But as of now – approx is below 10kmpl. Hope it gets better after 1st service.

Few pix are attached.

Attached Images
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