Servicing my Maruti S-Cross: Oil change, shocks replacement & more

The complete service of my S-Cross set me back by Rs 10,400.

BHPian govigov recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

On 12th June, took the car for 120K service. Did not want to get the EGR cleaned, so was billed for 110K PMS, instead of 120K PMS. Changed all the filters and switched to semi-synth oil, as I was not prepared with oil from my side. My plan is to change the oil again at 125K.

Front rotors needed replacement, deferred to 125K service since the rotors were not in stock at the service station and it being a Sunday, they were not able to procure it.

I was carrying Monroe rear shocks and those went in. The older shocks were shot. After it came out, it was just in the compressed position and did not expand. You can also see some scoring on the shocks, one of the shocks looked like it was a little bent, not sure. Short drive home, felt that car was noticeably quieter over the expansion joints on the flyover.

Some pics below:

The parking sensor was faulty. I tried all the DIY methods to figure out which one was faulty and was unable. So I asked them to scan the car for me to find out the faulty sensor and here are the results. So maybe all of them except for the right outer are gone? Anyways will start with centre-right and go from there.

The total cost was around Rs 10,400 including the semi-synth oil from the service station.

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