Taking delivery of my Mahindra XUV700 AX7 diesel AT

On 29th when we reached the dealership, we were surprised to see 6 deliveries lined up and all for the XUV700.

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So finally, after a long wait, got my hands on my new ride. I had sold my Ciaz diesel in June 2021 thinking that I would buy either the Creta diesel or XUV700, and was waiting to get four wheels home as I was totally reliant on my dad's City (loaned) or my Royal Enfield.

Thank you, Mahindra, for getting the car delivered 1 month before the promised date. Did not expect this seeing the tentative dates spanning up to June 2023. Entire family was super excited to welcome our first SUV. Till date, have always been using either a hatchback or sedan.

On 29th when we reached the dealership, we were surprised to see 6 deliveries lined up and all for the XUV700. Seems Mahindra has increased the production and is trying to cut the delivery timelines. Since I had finished all my negotiations before hand, all we had to do was sign the necessary paperwork, get KYC done for Adrenox and do the pooja.

Apparently, the car was not yet lined-up for the delivery. The sales person who was helping me with all the processes (booking to final payment) had her last day on 28th. I would like to make a special mention about the said sales person as, even though she had quit her job, she was coordinating with her colleagues to get the delivery as smooth as possible. Kudos to her dedication towards customer service. Seldom we find someone who is so passionate about their work.

Did a complete PDI once again before going ahead with the pooja. Noticed, some black spots on the A pillar and sky-roof curtain and brought that to the notice of the SA. Took in writing that they will provide a complete interior cleaning treatment in next 15 days for free. They also agreed for a free exterior polish.

We had to do the mahurat pooja between 1:00pm and 2:00 pm, and the vehicle was lined up for delivery by 1:30pm. We quickly finished the pooja and waited for KYC process to be complete. KYC got uploaded and I was able to access the Adrenox app within 30 minutes.

Dealership was trying to sell me accessories till the last moment. Surprisingly, they are even costlier than M2All. All I had to tell them was, I am not buying any accessory from them at this rate.

Overall, a very smooth delivery process at the dealership.

The XUV700 reaches home.

Took a couple of hours exploring all the options like a kid who has got a brand new toy which has just launched in the market.

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