An uncommon sight: Fuel leakage on my Toyota Innova Crysta

A new pipe will have to be ordered from Thailand, the price of which would be Rs. 3,000 for a Toyota Genuine Part.

BHPian Turbanator recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I usually say that Toyota's don't break and rarely when they are sitting, but it appears exceptions can be there.

Our Petrol Innova is not in use, and yesterday, when the driver went home to start it, he found some fuel leaking. He took the car to the dealership and found that the oil pipe (high-pressure side) had a small leak. Dealership won't have stock and would have to get it from Thailand in around two weeks. It will cost around Rs 3000. Given the risks involved, I asked my driver to see if he could get something done locally, like a patch.

Luckily he found a pipe in the local market and rectified the issue. Shall keep this pipe or order a newer Toyota part, any clue on what can be the reason for such a hole?

Original Toyota pipe with a small pinhole

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