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Old 18th January 2006, 18:07   #31
Team-BHP Support
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Maybe it is something to everyone... TBHP is precious to its memebrs, no second thoughts on that for sure. To me, besides everything else it also means peace of mind. Any automotive doubts, any problems with the car and I know there are many more out there who will reply and suggest. I just gotta ask... its an amazing feeling guys!
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Old 19th January 2006, 00:56   #32
Team-BHP Support
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I am about to complete a year on Team-BHP in 2 days, and this is my 1000th post. I wanted to write my 1000th post on the first anniversary, but that means I have to refrain from posting for next two days, which is next to impossible unless I am travelling. So, here goes...

I have never been very technical when it comes to automobiles, my passion about automobiles is mostly about driving. When I say driving, it is not about stunts or dragging or racing. I simply like the feeling of driving a powerful vehicle. In the 2L+ Kms of driving I had done, I mostly focused on becoming a better driver. But I am not the kind who will peer under the hood, I leave it to the experts. The only things I knew was changing tyres and checking oil/air.

Until I came across Team-BHP I have always selected cars based on their stock specifications. I would go for the top most trim in a given model, research cars for years before signing on the dotted lines. For example, I researched the Chevy Malibu for over a year before leasing, 6 months later I started researching my next car which was two years away. I leased because of two reasons (1) I can get better cars for lesser monthly payments and (2) I can get a new car at the end of 3 year lease. Yes, I lose more money in the long run since I don't get to own anything, but when it came to cars, I never looked from monetary angle. If I can afford the monthly payment, that should do. Leasing means I can't mod. Therefore, I picked cars based on their stock specs, and not on their mod potential. This habit I carried back to India.

The first car we bought after getting back was Santro Xing AT. There was not much choice here since my wife returned 7 months ahead of me and she wanted an small auto-transmission car and she got her car. This car was bought after one day of research. When I finally returned to Bangalore, I had to suffer the switch from Acura 3.2TL to Santro Xing AT. At first there was the period of adjusting back to Bangalore traffic, so Santro helped. But once I settled in and started venturing out into Highways, I realised what I was missing. I was used to the power of 3.2L VTEC and Santro just didn't cut it on the highway. I wanted passing power, and all I had was moving power. So I started researching the next car, my car, the muscle car.

Many times during the search I would come across Team-BHP where I learnt the existence of a car called Fiat Petra. And I didn't even look at any Maruti offerings, I simply wasn't interested. I was still very confused about the various choices and therefore I decided to join the forum and pop the question. Three months later I bought the Baleno Lxi which wasn't in my initial shortlist, and boy did I just buy, I bought the base trim which I never do, and spent the difference on totally outdoing the top trim Vxi. In that 3 months I had learnt so much about cars and modifications than I had in my entire lifetime. And continue to do so. When my father-in-law heard I bought a Baleno he was disappointed. But when he saw it for the first time, he was stunned! See here why...

Team-BHP has changed me. Now I am open to modding the car to my liking, and only after understanding the exact technical reasons, both are something I never tried before. And what's more exciting is that I have started giving technical advice to others on cars, me! While driving I am constantly checking out other cars and their mods. It is no different from how women constantly checkout other women regarding their dresses, jewellary, makeup, etc. And I have become part of a wonderful community which is not just virtual, but also real with regular TBHP drives and meetings. I have also made many new friends, found other common interests like travelling and photography.

What's more, my wife too reads TBHP forum regularly, though only as a lurker. Nearly every mod on my Baleno has been duplicated on her Santro. She plans most of our long drives, although she prefers not to drive the Baleno, she enjoys the long drives as much as I do. Finally my 5 year son is also a car nut now. He insisted on getting alloys on his toy car just because my car has it. Everytime we get out of the house, he tries to make a case to take the Baleno because it is faster. Everytime he spots a Baleno, he has to say See Baleno!

This is what Team-BHP has done to me and my family.
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Senior - BHPian
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Congratulations on becoming a Senior-BHPian, Samurai-san!!!
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Originally Posted by jat
Savings? Really! My internet cost has gone up many times after I joined Team-BHP.

RK the sense, not by having dial-up...take a broad-band and then get glued to TBHP.
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Old 19th January 2006, 14:28   #35
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I've been a member for over a year now.....
After joining i was stunned by the ocean of automobile knowledge been shared here...I was a very small fish then and decided to keep reading reading reading and never felt worth enough to post anything....
But in last two months i felt i've gained a lot from here so let me give back something in return and i've started posting a lot nowadays...
This forum has given me great friends with automotive minds unlike others who have a sab chalta hai attitude with their rides.....

To be a member is priceless for me...
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Old 1st March 2006, 22:24   #36
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It has been just 2 weeks since I joinedTBHP and I have learned more about automoibles in this time, than the past 2 years I that have been driving.
It has been the same story these couple of weeks. I return from office, turn on my pc, log into Team BHP and browse through late into the night.
Keep up the good work guys .
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Old 20th April 2006, 15:46   #37
Awaiting Email Confirmation
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Default What does Team-bhp do for you ?

I'm going to start off by telling you that I'm pretty much into the swing of things as far as automobiles are concerned since i run a workshop, now the big question how does team-bhp help me?

1. mostly when there are situations that i face with all sorts of technical issues i usually log on to find that someone else had the same and had solved it through here.

2.getting to know more about what cars can be a good buy so advicing my customers is easier.

3.the latest trends in modification so i can work on cars for my clients with a little more information

4.a huge list of informative people on ICE so obviously i give good advice on stereo systems

5.Most importantly use team-bhps vast database to source out the best in every business

Since ive given you this...why dont you tell us what you've got from this site thats filled with creative minds... Oh yea it also helps me promoting myself so thanks Team.
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Old 24th October 2006, 16:53   #38
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Originally Posted by GTO
Sitting in front of the laptop screen viewing Team-BHP instead of partying, dinners, movies

Couple of grand a month

Getting good deals on insurance, auto products, alloy wheels etc.

Couple of grand a year

Making some great friends, increasing and sharing my automotive knowledge, having a blast and gaining enormous satisfaction from Team-BHP


Team-BHP. For things money cant buy.

GTO, did Mastercard plagiarize your punchline or did you lift it from Mastercard ? Let me know. we will sue them. but it is very cool.
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Old 4th April 2007, 20:26   #39
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Stumbled headlong into this thread.

Yes - I admit it. I've developed a dependancy on another entity for the first time in my adult life - this forum. Cant bear to be away from it for long. I've learnt far more abt cars here during my short stay till now than I've ever learnt in the first 26 years of my life. Its an absolute warm fuzzy feeling that I'm amongst like-minded, car-breathing and wavelength matching large family. And its combination of making some very good friendships, the quality of which I've last experienced in my school days, is a heady thought.

Here's cheering to Team-BHP's immortality.
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Old 4th April 2007, 22:27   #40
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this forum has helped a lot will be getting a car soon will be modding it so learned what to go for and not get ripped of and also made new friends.
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Old 4th April 2007, 23:21   #41
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save money or no
'm lovin' it...
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Old 4th April 2007, 23:39   #42
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Its been two years all started out when i fixed a K&N filter in my car and was googling for free flow exhausts, I stumbled upon team-bhp.. Ever since that day i have found the most amazing warehouse of info on cars & yes i have made some nice friend along the way.
Thanks to T-bhp.

"I'm Loving It"
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Old 5th April 2007, 08:12   #43
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i have been googling for free flow exhaust for my padmini, even i was ready to pay 9k for the automech exhausts, but then i changed my mind and got a customized one (well only the expansion chamber). with just the expansion chamber, my car performs great. yet to get the headers.

i thought that no one loves the padmini / 1100 apart from the guys here in kolkata who own one and take good care of the car. but when i got in touch with team bhp, i found that there so many people who love the padmini / 1100. and to add to that i got in touch with 1100D who taught how to make my car behave better.

team BHP - i love you
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Old 9th August 2007, 10:08   #44
Team-BHP Support
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I just saved loads of money (lakhs of rupees annual charges) thanks to the help provided by Team-BHPians in Gadget section.

My new office location is outside the broadband coverage area. But my home can get broadband. By launching a thread under gadget section I was able to figure out a solution to connect my home and office in a secured WiFi LAN. This way even my office gets full broadband. My other alternative were VSAT or leased lines, which are really expensive.
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Old 9th August 2007, 11:00   #45
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i am so addictive to get the new information on this forum, that I can not start work without checking teh New posts . The suggestions are so valuable, we can not compare with money.
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