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Old 7th March 2011, 14:01   #91
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

I have not yet saved money on Car purchase, accessories, insurance etc because of T - BHP. But still the value of it for me is immense because of:

- Where else can i visit all the destinations across the world by sitting in front of my Laptop? Reading all the Travelogues has indeed saved me a lot of money

- How else would i have got to know about NAB Rally and participated in it? I was able to be part of this noble cause because of T-BHP

- How else would i have been able to meet fellow motor heads in Pune? This is again because of T-BHP and the Tapri Meet

So all in all a very valuable addition in my daily routine
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Old 7th March 2011, 14:56   #92
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

More important than saving money is to stay informed, get some clues on your problems, and make an intelligent choice when buying. The savings are intangiible.

Also, when you are very angry it is a place to vent your anger.
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Old 11th March 2011, 16:47   #93
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Here's the thing - you are driving in some part of the country and someone just honks at you, pulls on the side and gives a thumbs up. All because you have a sticker on your car.

How's that for a value?!
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Old 11th March 2011, 17:09   #94
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Value of savings on the Alloy wheels I wanted- 20000 rupees
Value of the Wheel caps I sold - 500 rupees
Value of getting to know of Grasslands and the nice pictures I could take -Priceless
Value of meeting like minded people who would have otherwise been stangers- Priceless
Putting stupid questions and still getting answers- Again Priceless

For some things, there's Mastercard and Visa, For everything else, there's TBHP
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Old 5th April 2011, 09:04   #95
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Invaluable as in

. Providing a real world solution to any questions asked.
. 1000's of archives to get an answer, better that google in the auto field.
. A platform for all like minded people, be it experienced or newbie.
. No rubbish to wade through as it is clean from the start.
. All this at just a click away.
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Old 5th April 2011, 13:07   #96
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

After studying the ownership experience of various sedans, I finally narrowed down my choice to Fiat Linea and bought her in October, 2009, thanks to Team-BHP.

I got discounts due to my Team-BHP membership for wheel-balancing/alignment and other services from a fellow BHP'ian.

I purchased Jopasu car dusters [not only for me, but also for my friends!] directly from the manufacturer, who was also a BHP'ian, at discounted price when my Linea visited Pune.

More than all, I got a friendly honk, cheer and waving from a fellow BHP'ian when we visited Pune, thanks to Team-BHP sticker that decorated my Linea's rear bumper!
Old 13th May 2011, 11:40   #97
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

The extensive, incisive and detailed Review of Cars by our very own experts v/s Few trips to Showrooms and blind-dash for whatever salesmen try to tell you - Priceless

Tips on ownership, tips on economy, tips on modifications - atleast 10,000 INR

As GTO said, browsing TBHP instead of lunches, dinners, brunches - min 1000 pm.

Knowledge and advice gained - Priceless (I am now advising my friends and family)

Potential of networking and meeting new friends and fellow enthusiasts - Priceless.

Overall Priceless experience PLUS monetary benefits.

Its good to be here!
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Old 16th May 2011, 23:03   #98
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Besides learning so much and sparking an interest for cars, something that has happened so unknowingly, I've found and answer to everything I'v looked for, this forum is the last stop for any queries, I'm hoping I can contribute something for all that I've learnt from here someday. Cheers guys and a big thank you to all T-BHPians, beautiful community and I'm overwhelmed to be a part of this.

Keep up the good work! thumbs up

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Old 18th May 2011, 02:05   #99
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Sitting in front of the laptop screen viewing Team-BHP instead of partying, dinners, movies

Couple of grand a month

Getting good deals on insurance, auto products, alloy wheels etc.

Couple of grand a year

Making some great friends, increasing and sharing my automotive knowledge, having a blast and gaining enormous satisfaction from Team-BHP


Team-BHP. For things money cant buy.


+1 to This, Makes Me smile as I read it.

Wonder how I missed this thread till now.
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Old 11th October 2011, 09:52   #100
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Well said GTO Team-BHP has helped me in saving money over magazines. Whenever I go to the store and look at the latest issue of the magazine, its like 'I have read this one a month back online!'
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Old 11th October 2011, 10:21   #101
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

T-BHP increased my general knowledge about cars over a few months. Earlier I was really stupid and thought stuffs like i20 is awesome, it is very fast! I am really disappointed to see how magazines like Autocar and Overdrive etc thoroughly misguided me for years.

If it was not for T-BHP, I would not have been proud owner of my Figo and enjoying driving it but would have been lugging around some shitty car. Ownership reviews helped me in not panicking when I faced some problems with dealers and with the car. They helped me solve them like I was expert at them for years.

The single best feature of T-BHP is the unbiased ownership reviews from mods and users alike.

Thank you T-BHP for helping me and my friends!
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Old 11th October 2011, 10:46   #102
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Team-bhp did bring about a major change in my life I would say. I was also of the type who believed the car is just for commuting inside the city comfortably. But for long drives, it is not safe with the kids and was always taboo about car konking off on highways and what I would do with a small kids in such a situation. This was until about 6 years ago. I have had frequent fights with my wife who want me to take her out somewhere but I was too pessimistic about driving family out alone and wanted to do this only if we have company of another family or friend accompanying us.

Then came Team-bhp and the travelogue section. I would thank all the members for sharing those travel information and it really opened my eyes. It all started with a short drive to Melkote from Bangalore during the year 2007. Since then there was no turning back. We have been averaging one trip every two months since then. It is so much fun which I had missed all the earlier years. I would definitely thank team bhp for the wealth of information that is available and members like hvkumar, ampere, addyhemmige (and many others…) who had really helped me in planning multiple trips. I know I can count on advice from this forum. I should also thank the mods for maintaining the quality of members in this forum.

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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

It is a great forum for me.It gave tons of information.It is starting from Automobile purchase, Service of Vehicle, Laptop service,Iphone use. Clarifications on all areas. Enthusiastic teambhp members voluntary help.Travel guidance and tips.Economy air tickets.Over all everything here for me.
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Old 14th October 2011, 22:39   #104
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

I saved nearly 15K on my Vento insurance through a contact that fellow BHPian mmxylorider provided. We chat often these days

Also the corporate 16K discount that VW offers- it was thanks to another poster (can't recall who) that I insisted on it and got it pretty easily in the end. But I've heard of some VW dealers sliming out of this on the pretext that certain models aren't covered etc.

I saved a small but significant amount by ascertaining that the quotes offered for my Swift tyre upgrades were kosher (thanks nikhilb2008!)

What else? My Swift's new speakers- Rockford Fosgate all around- I shopped to a budget (around 8K) and wound up happy in the end- with a motley bunch of Pune T-BHPians as my wingmen
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Old 20th October 2011, 14:18   #105
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Hey the best part about TBHP is that all the folks around are some like you and me. They are all aam junta, just that some of them are way more knowledgeable than some of us on anything on wheels and many things else. The knowledge, right advice , gyaan what ever you may call is the real value of our beloved TBHP!

Also a sense of value is of you as a person being valued for your opinion that too in a public forum where hundreds and thousands of others read through your postings. This makes it even more relevant to post stuff that is sensible, correct and non offensive to many other fellow BHPians even though you may have a different point to prove on some occassions (follow please) .
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