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Originally Posted by DirtyDan View Post
I do not think I can pinpoint a direct connection but I sort of have an intuitive feeling that Team-BHP is responsible....since I joined I have become irresistible to women and my dental check ups have been better.

@dirtydan-I think the connection is directly between the dental checkups and the attractiveness. dirty dentition can be a turnoff

from my side- I left cochin in 2002, and returned last year,to find all my friends from colleg and school, scattered across the globe.
A single team BHP meet set me up with an entirely new circle of friends who are better matched to my mind set than the original bunch i lost.
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The value that i see in this forum is the it has the right information / Knowledge on automobiles! It can be assured that any sort of questions (related to Automobiles) throwed to the this forum and you would get a response!
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Happened to visit the Maruti showroom to pay insurance premium. It was going to take about 5 minutes. I was looking at the SX4 manual.

As usual:
9 reason to buy a SX4, and the list goes on.
At the end I saw a few reviews and there I read a review from a member of Am not sure of the name but I think it was Navin.

Proud to be a part of this community.


PS: I think this is the right section to post.
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Just realised that ajmat had started this thread to find out the monetary gains made by individual members because of TBHP

I got a set of 15 in corolla alloys for the bargain price of 6k total from the classifieds. Beat that
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Knowledge, like minded company, inspiration....all these. Mind you they translate into monetary gains very often without we realizing.
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Actually i ended up spending more due to team-bhp.
The ICE section.
I would have been happy with the stock setup but for team-bhp.
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Well, the experience I had was sweet. I went to Indo Radial Club at Bhawanipur, kolkata, and met the owner Minku to check on alloys for my Swift. While discussing, I gave the reference of TBhp. What followed after this really made my wondering. Minku himself pulled all the alloys one by one, and brought it outside and kept by the side of my car, just to let me get an idea how my car would look with each of them. I was spellbound with the superb treatment that I received here, and a first-hand experience what Tbhp means.
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All the Team BHP guys are like minded company for mostly all of us & we also get the much needed & very correct information from the various threads & the restoration threads from Vintage car sections are like inspirations for many of vintage car lovers here. Therefor I am still overjoyed after almost a year after I got Team BHP membership.
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Due to Team BHP, I really saved considerable amount of money not only for myself even for my cousin.

1. Not even single movie past 4 months. All my shows are going housefull daily here.

2. I asked my cousin to narrow down to Ford Figo and he saved some bucks on his fuel as he didn't went to showroom by showroom for test driving other cars.

3. As quoted by GTO, since 15th Oct no more call for party. Even my food intake are lite nowadays because now I have team-bhp for breakfast, lunch and even dinner.

Also no more permutation and combination for ICEing my Car. All my friends are here who gonna share there idea to dip my cash outflow substantially.

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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Over the last 6 months my wife has a new enemy!

Yes! It is Team BHP. Eating up most of my late hours .. day after day..

But I have No regrets!

It has helped me a decision on which new car to buy. I shall be witing to the forum just before placing my order for some advice that I need.

Cheers to the very Valuable Team - BHP.
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Its a Priceless asset, I'm newbie but i have been a guest reader for more than two years and the amount of things i learned from Team-Bhp cannot be found anywhere and also the range of postings by people is simply amazing!
So i would dare to valuate something so big..
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP


Never noticed this Old thread.

Well, i am a classic car restorer, earlier i used to document each and every aspect of restoration on my comp or in my diary.

But after my entry into T-BHP, i am able to document few of my restorations, that too extremely well, with added best bits from all the T-BHP'ians.

And its an easy reckoner for me to view things very easily. Now its made my job easier, since one xls sheet is enough to record the costs.

Thank you T-BHP.
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Old 7th March 2011, 09:53   #88
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Rs 20000 Saved.

I Asked the dealer while booking a new car if he had a car from 2010 lot which was just a month old. (Booked in Jan 2011). He had few models which i chose from and thats how i got a good bargain over the price. He was also happy to get rid of his old stock and It hardly mattered to me.

I had no knowledge about the car manufacturing dates until i read on Team-BHP.
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

All I can say is the value of Team BHP is immense.

Had helped me a lot during my car buying process a year ago. The PDI checklist was the highlight and had even surprised the dealer sales manager and the advisor who requested me a copy of the same. I just had a call from the service advisor who it seems has incorporated the PDi checklist before the delivery of new vehicles and seems to be a hit amongst the advisors of that dealer.
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

team bhp is actually pretty valuable, not only does it help you make the correct decision regarding your motoring needs, it also helps to guide your friends and family towards making the right choice.

also it keeps you up to date with the technical troubles that your car throws up once in a while or sometimes rather frequently. makes sure that some intelligent soul here will point you towards the solution for your problem.

also it actually serves as a log book of your cars journey with you, even though i sold my indica more than a year ago i still do glance up my ownership report once in a while.
brings back some fond memories.
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