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Old 25th January 2008, 02:06   #61
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For me,its tough to associate TBHP with a value.. they say something are priceless!
Been wanting to contribute to the 'You know you are addicted to TBHP when..'..
I'll complete 2 years on the forum this May.Feels like I was part of this family for ages,its really a (virtual) second home!

Way to go,BHPians! Kudos to each & everyone who helps make this place as precious as it is!
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Old 28th January 2008, 12:17   #62
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For me, TBHP comes across as a useful forum for knowing things that one might not learn even from Googling or browsing around the net. It gives very clear and focused direction to my thoughts, and helps one makes informed decisions (not ICE, I am sure )
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Old 28th January 2008, 16:28   #63
Team-BHP Support
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If it wern't for Team-BHP, all of us would be made to believe that Skoda provides the second best after-sales in the country . A recent well-publicised survey ranked Skoda on position no.2 for customer satisfaction.

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Old 28th January 2008, 17:11   #64
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It all started for me when i wanted to get my tyre and alloy upgrades and then like a regular internet surfer started googling and then i hit upon this site...Phew! the one thing that struck me was..Damn ! Where was I all these days and not knowing this and i thought better late than never Boy!

Tbhping ruled the day in and day out and the knowledge transfer and sharing is enormous which is priceless to me and ofcourse the first meet which i had on this 26th Jan made me @ home with other Bhpians and its a nice feeling of being one if not a significant member in this forum is matchless.

3 Bows to the Team BHP team, it did make a difference to my life and the lucky soul i am my better half does not mind it either
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Old 28th January 2008, 17:50   #65
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I don't know about the monetary things, but the pleasure I get while talking about any new models that is launched with my friends (who are not part of Team-BHP ), is due to Team-BHP, as this is where I learnt most things about cars and get information about new models even before it is out in the market.

And yes, if it weren't Team-BHP, would have been boring, like hell, to work

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Old 28th January 2008, 18:52   #66
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Well as most other guys i stumbled upon t-bhp while i was looking for ICE options and googling for reviews. I must say the bhpians did confuse me a lot with so many choices but once i decided upon the budget the info provided was really helpful in making the decision. On monetary fronts t-bhp has helped me save a lot of moolah that was spent on buying all the auto magazines (I still buy ACI or BS Motoring) as most of them made me feel "Tell me something new, I read this ages ago on T-bhp"
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Old 29th January 2008, 22:06   #67
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What a forum! A Forum of Forums. I stumbled upon the site while googling and then its all history. Joined in Nov 07 and there has been no day thereafter that i've come to the net and not visited the forum. Got an insights on mods. What people can do and are doing with their rides. Upgraded my ride to new tyres and alloys all thanx to valuable guidance from Senior BHPians. Cheers and kudos to all the staffers, moderators and members.
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Old 30th January 2008, 17:43   #68
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hey guys how can i put a price to my best asset in my life-my friends.i would never in my life met you all out there if it wasnt for our team bhp.i believe this is true with almost all of you.for an advt roll back the master card advt change the video and end the audio with a team bhp.
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Old 6th February 2008, 23:36   #69
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i think the amount of information shared on this forum is one of the positive you can search any topic and you will always get an answer
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Old 7th February 2008, 01:20   #70
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Default priceless!

my lips are tight shut and i have no words here! !.
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Old 7th February 2008, 03:20   #71
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A few driving tips I learned from t-BHP:
1) Keeping my L & RVMs open while driving. I used to keep them closed, especially in chaotic Hyderabad traffic conditions.
2) Not cruising in neutral. I used to do that often.
3) Using the parking brake and switching off the engine at Traffic lights.

Needless to say, getting to know like minded people, attending vintage car rallies (I wouldn't have attended them if not for T-BHP) and getting off auto magazines - some other benefits as well..

Great going t-BHP!!
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Old 12th February 2008, 14:26   #72
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Default team-BHP is less price?

Hi Team,
Many people have said it. Its priceless! Nonetheless, it feels good to the community if there is a number to the money saved collectively by the community here.

Moderators - Can you add a 'meter' that indicates how much money has been saved by the members?

To start with, i saved Rs.9500/- on the insurance of my new car(Logan 1.6GLS) by transferring NCB(No Claim Bonus) from the old car to the new one. That is approximately Rs 22000/- for 3 years. I came to know about transferring NCB only through team-BHP.
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Old 15th February 2008, 14:27   #73
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Team BHP members are really priceless, as we guys here are ready to share any and every detail however minute it may be, and yes indeed it is the wikipedia of the www for many of us.

Old 11th April 2008, 07:41   #74
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Default Team Bhp To the Rescue - Did Team Bhp Help you in other ways apart from Cars?

Hi All

This week has been quite eventfull in my life. A job consultant called me up and asked if would be interested to work for a big ticket client of his in Dubai. He also mentioned a cool pay cheque and the tax free lifestyle etc.

I said what the heck and said ok, The next day i had a couple of rounds of interviews and I was thru. All good till this point right, but I was quite worried, I had never worked in the middle east and wanted some genuine advice from people who were working in Dubai.

I knew no one who worked in Dubai, Finally I turned to Team-Bhp's Steeroid who I knew was based in Dubai. He guided me to Wheeler who not only worked for the same client but was also placed by the same consultant!!! Small world eh!!!!

Wheeler then went on to guide me and I have to thank him, Steer and most of all Team-BHP. Without whom I would not have had the clarity and would have been very apprehensive to join a company in the middle east.

I start this thread with the intention to bring out all the strange lovely facts and twists that Team-BHP has brought about in our lives.


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Old 11th April 2008, 08:09   #75
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Default Direct connection?

I do not think I can pinpoint a direct connection but I sort of have an intuitive feeling that Team-BHP is responsible....since I joined I have become irresistible to women and my dental check ups have been better.
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