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Old 20th October 2011, 14:25   #106
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Everthing can't be realed to money -Team Bhp is one of the- Priceless.
Graet source of interaction with like minded souls.

On my recent purchase did all possible that is documented here, a great sense of satisfaction, which otherwise am sure would have an incomplete feeling.

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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

I usually don't have to ask questions on t-bhp, usually there are answers even before I have a doubt in my mind!!
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

I'm subscribing to OVERDRIVE magazine since 1999 regularly and still have every copy with me still. Since an year i'm glued to T-BHP and have stopped purchasing the magazine. When i started buying the magazine it was 50 bucks but now its 125 bucks.

Advantage of T-BHP is correct, honest and instant reviews of new cars and I dont have to wait for a month to read a TD report or an update in the automobile industry. Just log on to T-BHP and bang I get my answers from experts!

Love T-BHP; Live T-BHP!

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Old 27th October 2011, 20:08   #109
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Expressing the value of TBHP using a popular old advertisement:
Team BHP's Value - Priceless, for everything else there's Master Card !
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Old 27th October 2011, 23:01   #110
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Saying Team-BHP provides the best possible review is an understatement.
Thanks to the moderators for maintaining such a wonderful holistic review, there is little requirement to view the car in person and go for a TD. With the other magazines, well most of them are hopeless. They are always full of praise of every car they review. But for us it is the bad point that matter. And it is only Team BHP who has the courage to put it in bold in the 1st page itself.
Not only reviews. You get your questions answered from the author. How big is that?

Then comes the classified section. Another wonder piece of addition.

OT: But why are the cars in the classified section so overpriced?
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

I have been a member for nearly 3 years now and there has been 2 additions in my garage and both have been chosen after going through the reviews in this wonderful site. I knew what i am getting into, what to expect and what would be the likely pitfalls and how to handle it before even i went for the testdrive thanks to the fellow bhpians. Plus the diversity of the reviews about home appliances, ac, refrigerators, generators, mobiles etc (the list never ends) makes it wholesome package. Anything i intend to purchase i look for the review, post questions and clarify the response before taking the plunge. Thanks to the moderators for sticking to the high standards. Cheers.
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Old 28th October 2011, 11:56   #112
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

I've been a member since 2005. I'm online practically through the day. Whenever I need to clear my head from the pressures of work, I just switch to the Forum, and before I know it I'm transported away into a more exciting world!
I use T-BHP not only for advice on cars but also many other things - travel, food, cameras, gadgets etc. You can say I love and live T-BHP. My recent trip to Sikkim was a wonderful experience in terms of local contacts, places to visit and accomodation all thanks to fellow members. My family just loved the experience and now, whenever my kids see me on the site they want to know where we are going next! Thank you Team BHP!

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Old 16th November 2011, 20:48   #113
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

i think the below excerpts from another thread says it all

Originally Posted by JVH View Post
And I'm glad that at your age you are quite matured to take the gear seriously. Spread the word with your buddies :-)
Originally Posted by Shivank View Post
It happened only because of you guys. We see you guys and learn. This is perhaps the best lesson I have learned from Xbhp/Teambhp over the years.

When I got my bike. My buddies followed with more powerful P220s/ZMAs/R15s. Next, I bought LS2. Four of my friends followed again. Then, I got myself a riding jacket and two of them are already saving money. Now, as I am about to buy new gloves, two guys are ready with cash in hand and wait for my decision (Yes, I buy 3 pairs of gloves today or tomorrow; expecting some discount too!)

Be it peer-pressure or anything else, I am happy they are keeping up with me...;-)

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Team-BHP Support
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Let me put it down like this.

I am doing my law, and I'm in my 4th year (7th semester) and I have an exam tomorrow. It's a Contract II paper, and I'm not really prepared for it. And here I am.

Before I get flamed, let me tell you'll that I have this urge to get onto Team BHP every single day. It's an addiction. I'm telling you guys, I can do without Nicotine, but not this website.

And money saved? Hell yeah!

- I don't buy automobile magazines anymore. I'm done spending money on them. Saves me 500 bucks every month. Plus, I don't have to wait till the beginning of the month to get my automotive fix anymore. A quick login and a serch will do just fine, thank you!

- We had decided to get a scratch repaired on our car and Honda quoted 10k for the damage. But after a quick visit to a thread on scratches and blunting them out, my car looks new and the only set-back was a can of polish worth 200 or something!

- My driving has improved drastically. I used to be very impatient and at times rash. But now, ever time I encounter a moron on the road, there are three threads that pop into my mind: Bad Drivers' Thread, How to handle Road Rage thread, and of course, the Official Jokes Thread!

- I've saved 3000 bucks on service bills by being just a little more aware. Team BHP has done that to me.

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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

knowledge knowledge and more knowledge - that is what T-BHP brings to the table.

Personally,my biggest gain from the forum has been on ICE ; at least I can now wire and tune my set up without having to rely on some "quack".

and I'd like to thank @DerAlte , @Bass&Trouble , @navin for that.
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Old 16th January 2012, 19:55   #116
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

t-bhp is truly a treasure trove.. the amount and quality of information on here is simply amazing!!

I don't think a lifetime worth of trial and error experience could match up to all that t-bhp has helped me learn in a much shorter span of time.. and that's before considering all the money and effort saved!

t-bhp ROCKS!!
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP has been useful and helpful in more ways than I expected, when I joined. I also got to make some very interesting, like minded friends from here, for life.

One of the best website from India, automotive et al.
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Old 17th January 2012, 11:55   #118
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

I guess what needs to be said about T-bhp has already been said, and in words I couldn't have expressed any better.

But more than anything else, most people on this site have taste. And it's not restricted to cars or ICE or accessories. People here are in general better informed on how to lead a good, satisfying life with the means at their disposal. Whenever I need to make a decision, I look around and more often than not, find someone who has already been in my shoes. And the advice people offer is objective, without bias(mostly) and given as if someone is guiding his own family member.

Enough said, you guys rock, and my respect to this community of like minded gentlemen (and ladies)
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

When ever I or a friend/colleague needs any information automotive related information, the first thing I do is to log on to the Team-bhp site.I have unfailingly come across answers for all the queries that i have had. And yes! the site is more than addictive! Not a day passes without logging on atleast two or three times. This really relieves the monotony I suffer at the worksite.
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Old 21st January 2012, 15:01   #120
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Default re: The value of Team-BHP

Financially it can be easily calculated by the amount of money Team BHP helps me save on Insurance, Auto Magazines, Any repair work that involves money, Getting my car repaired at the right place, Choosing the right car, Choosing the right route to my destination and good places of stay (Need to point out here that some of the reviews on TravalGuru/Tripadviser aren't authentic).

Emotionally, great place to hang out, in the process learn a few things on the way, get connected to folks who are like minded and might have faced similar situations, can discuss general problems in life (Heck, there is even a thread on parenting), in short i just feel better after spending some time on Team BHP.

Education and Career, there are threads which give you right advise on what what kind of openings are available where.

Safety, this is the first place usually where i get to hear if there is a scam, some folks have found a newer way to rip off folks. Hence keeping me and my near and dear ones safe.

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