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Default Re: Jeep Compass Facelift unveiled

Here's a quick look at how the Jeep Compass facelift lines up against its rivals on the price graph.

Jeep Compass Facelift unveiled-fb_img_16117591991260702.jpg

Source : Autocar India
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Default Re: Jeep Compass Facelift unveiled

Originally Posted by Arjun Reddy View Post

B)The diesel automatic has to have a 4*4 option. So for a person who wants a diesel and an automatic and does not want a 4*4 has no choice. In the end he ends up paying approximately another 2.5 lakhs for something he does not need. Hence the Compass looks very pricey compared to very other car on the market. The Compass diesel AT is around 3.5L ex showroom costlier than the equivalent MT.
+1 to that. I am one of the potential buyer who would happily let go 4x4 and save 2.5 Lakhs (But go ahead and still buy S AT trim). Jeep offers 4x2 variants for MT and puts forward 4x4 DNA argument only for AT. This clearly is an argument they use as per their convenience.

Leaving 4x4 aside, usually we have seen price jumps to the tune of 1L or facelifts. Facelift = Minor visual changes + Dash layout + infotainment upgrade + extra features (No engine upgrade, no gearbox upgrade, no space upgrade). It is really hard to justify the premium of >3L for the Facelifts (28.29 vs 24.99)

>1-2L premiums have usually been for the cases where there is everything changing, including engine and gearbox. I must say, Jeep continues to amaze us with their products and pricing strategies and that too for a non CKD, non CBU product manufactured locally and even exported.
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Default Re: Jeep Compass Facelift unveiled

Originally Posted by scarezebra View Post
The dealer insurance rates are so reasonable. The dealership in Mumbai hai 1L+ for insurance even for the pre-facelift variants!

Also attaching the brochure with details on all variants.
Thanks for pointing this. The insurance quoted by Landmark Jeep in Mumbai for 4x4 Limited and S is in the region of 1.55 - 1.65 lakh. That is absolutely ludicrous.

And how can insurance vary so vastly for a similar priced car between Mumbai and Bangalore. I think buyers would be well advised to negotiate getting their own insurance - I don't anticipate a Thar like run on this vehicle where they can dictate any terms on buyers or have long wait periods.
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Default Re: Jeep Compass Facelift unveiled

Originally Posted by dragonfire View Post
The old longitude had them and more at a similar price, but hardly anybody bought them. Even the new sport variant, nobody would buy. People usually skip the entry variant.
It was there in the 2020 base variant which is Sport Plus(there was no Sport variant in 2020) and it's still listed in the Jeep Website, you can check the same here.

Jeep Compass base variant is not a cheap offering, it's a 20 lakhs+ car, so personally I would expect it to have similar features, especially when Jeep says it's a premium offering.

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Default Re: Jeep Compass Facelift unveiled

So the cheapest Compass diesel AT will be 30L plus in most parts of the country. Jeep has suddenly made Seltos/Creta more value for money and in the process it seems they are definitely contented with whatever they are selling.

Also, Harrier/Safari now have more room to play. Less work for Tata sales guys.
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Default Re: Jeep Compass Facelift unveiled

Originally Posted by Axe77 View Post
The insurance quoted by Landmark Jeep in Mumbai for 4x4 Limited and S is in the region of 1.55 - 1.65 lakh. That is absolutely ludicrous.
The insurance quoted by the dealer in Kerala was around 1.5 lacs and said that there won't be any discounts or price-matching. Had a word with the United Insurance agent and he quoted around 75k for zero-depreciation insurance ( Similar quotes when I checked policybazaar's website ).

Originally Posted by pk1972 View Post
You might want to wait for the VW Tiguan to be launched in few months. It’s a size bigger (not too big) and will have solid build and creature comforts.
Tiguan allspace is being sold for about 42 lacs on-road. It's way beyond the budget. Even if the budget could be extended, I will still reject Tiguas due to the pathetic after-sales support of VW in Calicut, Kerala. I owned a VW Polo until a year ago and dealing with the dealership in my hometown is a horrible experience. I had to write long emails to the email addresses given on the website even for minor replacements like ABS sensors.
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Default Re: Jeep Compass Facelift unveiled

Originally Posted by navaneeth View Post
The insurance quoted by the dealer in Kerala was around 1.5 lacs and said that there won't be any discounts or price-matching. Had a word with the United Insurance agent and he quoted around 75k for zero-depreciation insurance ( Similar quotes when I checked policybazaar's website ).
Guess I will have to take my own insurance. Looks like a 50K savings at the very least. Any recommended insurance provider for Jeep? Or would any do?
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Default Re: Jeep Compass Facelift unveiled

With this pricing, I suspect Jeep won't see 4-figure sales in India anytime soon, especially with the Korean twins, homeboys (Harrier/Safari/XUV), Chinese and the upcoming launches from the VW/Skoda stable as competition. Just to put the OTR pricing in perspective, I know someone who got one of the last few BS4 X1s in mid 30L range (others have reported on this forum, as well).

Jeep is an aspirational brand like Honda and Toyota (in India, not other markets), but it is not a luxury brand. I don't know why the Jeep management doesn't realize this - I was watching a few Jeep related videos and statistics from the UK and Australia, and even in those geographies they sell below 500 cars / month.

Dear Jeep management in India - please copy+paste strategy from the Koreans. Or learn from Nissan. Or learn from Tata. Or learn from ONE 90th percentile+ SA from a Maruti dealership. Does it have to be so hard to understand?

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Default Re: Jeep Compass Facelift unveiled

Good to see the “upgraded” Compass since it was long overdue. However, disappointed with pricing. Not surprised though since Jeep does not believe in aggressive pricing.
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Default Re: Jeep Compass Facelift unveiled

I agree with a lot of opinions stated above. Jeep is an aspirational brand, but with the pricing, it became an irrational one. I, for one, was looking for a manual 4x4 in the S trim ~24 lakhs ex-showroom(might be far-fetched; was hoping for introductory pricing), but that is a laughable dream now. (Quoting myself from earlier)

Originally Posted by Harjot37 View Post
It seems Jeep India is going the 'MG' way. They would be giving an introductory pricing, initially, and as per my local sales guy, one can expect a price hike from March. Price hike can be expected in the range of ₹80k - ₹1.5 Lacs, depending on the variant. Indicative pricing- ₹16.5 to ₹23.5 Lacs ex-showroom.

Not-here-not-there is not the case with the Jeep Compass facelift now, it's competing with full size SUVs on the higher side, and/or trying to establish a segment the other body types have already dissipated from. I wasn't trying to be price-sensitive before this, but you have to agree the pricing is ridiculous (except for maybe the limited (O) AT 4x4). I went from wanting it all (the bells and whistles) to having nothing at all (cancelled the booking), as now the Toyota Innova Crysta seems so much more tempting (it is the one my father wanted, anyway). Might even wait it out for Skoda Octavia's indefinite launch. Not considering Tata Harrier/Safari for the moment, but looking forward to future launches- Citroen C5 aircross and Mahindra XUV 500.
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Default Re: Jeep Compass Facelift unveiled

Per me- FIAT is one Car manufacturer with amazing design and engineering teams Only to be let down by a mediocre Management and Marketing team. Not sure if they have an analyst team to study market needs and feed back , in case they have ,those folks should be given a basic 101 training on how not to wreck a brand(Sorry ,FIAT brand is already wrecked, so how not to wreck a brand twice!)

I happen to be a hard core Fiat loyalist and have been waiting for a while to upgrade to Compass from our now 6 year old Punto 1.3 MJD Sportz. Was eagerly waiting for the facelift price reveal and have to say FCA India have their own unique way of deeply disappointing any one who trusts them to do any good.

in Early 2015 our Wagon R K10 was about to complete 5 years and already clocked 90k and we were in the market for second car for my office travel. Had already decided that we will not go with Maruthi and Hyundai was never on the list , test drove Polo. liked the driving dynamics but didn't quite like the cramped rear space, that's when we casually strolled into Ramkay FIAT Showroom Chennai to check the 2014 facelift version of Punto, liked the build and design; decided to take a test drive and we absolutely Loved it.

After about 5 test drives we purchased the Grey Punto Evo 1.3 MJD 90 HP Sportz Emotion with all black interiors and its been with us since then, so far no Maruthi,Hyundai,Toyota or Honda could match its driving dynamics or suspension or the high speed stability and braking that it offers , spare parts were available and not that costly to maintain. When Ramkay closed out Ignite Garrage was there to take care ; Hydraulic steering is a gem and could never make myself accept/like any other car's driving feel . Punto was nearing 1.25k and We were planning sell Waggie , this prompted us to look for an upgrade and and we decided it will be a Jeep Compass, never considered any other make , just decided it will be FCA and Compass. FCA stopping the FIAT brand was never a dampener , we still love what Fiat makes.

Took the Jeep Compass test drive(MT and AT) in mid Sep 2020 and decided it will be the Diesel AT , then came the Head vs Heart tussle , Limited Plus at 30.6 L was too pricey for us from VFM perspective ,Compass was really small for that price tag, so decided to go for lower trims . Longitude was looking good with discounts but it was tad bit under loaded for a 25L car , Longitude Plus didn't justify the 2.5L premium it had over Longitude and to sum it up ,'Head' won and we held the purchase waiting for Diwali discounts, Diwali came and went and there were no significant offers , then the wait started for year end , we got to Jan 2021 but there were absolutely no offers. Then the wait for facelift started.

All this while I was reading Team BHP updates and comments from fellow BHPian's on a daily basis , The Jeep Compass event on Jan 7th was subtly irritating as the CEO went on glorifying the premium offering Jeep Compass offers It was ironic as I was of the impression that Jeep Compass sells least in India for any passenger car Manufacturer. Only solace used to be that Nissan sells every lesser but with Magnite they jumped up the slots.

Event ended rather disappointingly as there were no details of the Price revealed , left me wondering what FCA was doing , Only logical reasoning was that they were pre-empting competition with the reveal of facelift ' But' was being cautious about upcoming budget, the 'but' and that logic flew out of the window yesterday when FCA India revealed that the face-lifted version of Diesel At is available at 32.7 L OTR On-road to start with.

For a hard core Fiat loyalist who couldn't find VFM in buying their existing product but was still hoping against hopes that good sense will prevail and they will really do something good - All hopes were dashed. We have a budget of 25 L and can stretch to 30L , provided it is 'VFM'.

I like many others didn't find pre-facelift Jeep Compass Diesel AT VFM at 30L nor its starting version at 25L OTR (with Discounts) , So FCA just decided to surprise us by making the Facelift's new entry point for Diesel AT at 32+ L OTR.

From VFM perspective Compass was already overpriced and now the accessibility to Diesel AT is bumped up by 7 L (considering preface lift Longitude Diesel AT was being offered at 25 L)

Unless the car is made of Gold or some rare alloy it doesn't make sense, In contrast is TATA Motors who is manufacturing their cars from the same facility of FCA and using Jeep's engine have done a stupendous job in offering a more practical package in terms of Harrier and Safari , let it be the cubby holes or the mobile holders or charging points 'OR' the real estate it offers for that price.

For me, in no terms is Jeep Compass Diesel AT VFM now , other option is to go up and meet Endy or Fortuner , not viable ; Looking at the space below , can't quite go with Maruthi,Hyundai,Kia or Honda . For the time being I am going to make myself r consider TATA Harrier, Harrier will never be a match for Compass, a Jeep is a Jeep ! (or rather a FIAT is a FIAT!) but then again money is money! its finite and you cannot just throw it away on a an over priced but undersized car.

Will try to convince wifey to get a Harrier now and if that happens we might later replace Punto with a Nexon. Dealing with TATA could be a pain but at least there is someone at TATA Motors with a better understanding of the market. That could possibly be the end of my loyalty to Fiat,if that's the case of a loyalist then nothing much left to say about others in the market who are not emotionally attached to FIAT.

P.S : This happens to be my first post, Big thanks to all you here for your valuable insights and contributions. This platform is real treasure trove when it comes to any thing about Cars.
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Default Re: Jeep Compass Facelift unveiled

I believe FCA India should definitely have launched a diesel 4x2 Torque Converter AT in lower trims, instead of reserving it only for the upper trims. This would have inserted a more aggressively priced variant.

I also had expected Mr Partha Datta, MD FCA India who is very visible in the advert videos, to have had his pulse on the Indian auto market. One assumes that a company is in the business to do good business and that means getting the product strategies right. It now appears otherwise.

Jeep appears to want to drift into the 'semi-luxury' bracket (if even there is such a thing). Its a pity that a good product is being relegated to a sort of fashion statement on four wheels with a misplaced hope of igniting sales.

This thread with all the comments from the members indicates what the face-lift's future really is - a few ripples in the water and then its back to sleepy time again for FCA, India!
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Default Re: Jeep Compass Facelift unveiled

I was also looking forward to this launch but the pricing has made me write off the Compass completely. The car and the product offering is great and if they get a good, well-priced 4x2 Diesel AT trim they may still manage decent numbers but with the current portfolio mix they are hell-bent on killing the one brand which saved them in India.

There is a brand premium or discount that a manufacturer gets and you can probably charge 10-20% premium if the product is good and the brand has positive equity like Hyundai has done with the new i20. Even the 5th Gen City has done the same though i think the new pricing of the ZX is pushing at the limits. Jeep has completely blown itself out of the water.
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If you're still interested you might want to speak to dealers now if they have the 2020 Compass in stock, I know one dealer in Himachal who had 2 in stock at least a couple of weeks ago and if they come at a discount. Try to explore in your area you might get lucky if you're really serious.

With this pricing Jeep has made it clear that they don't want to dilute their 'premium' brand status just to get numbers. Seems like they're in it for the long haul. The brand itself is legendary and the Compass is one of the better built, great to drive SUVs in the market right now. They clearly want to attract the passionate buyer and the customer who seeks exclusivity. I've seen hundreds of Brezzas across the country which have the 7 slot Jeep grille on them, because the owners aspire to get the Compass but they had to settle for something lesser. So many other manufacturers have grilles that resemble the Jeep grille closely.

In the Indian market, it's almost like the case of Apple, their market share is below 2% and has been that for years but the aspiration levels are tremendous. They could've chosen to go aggressive and without doubt Apple would be seen in the hands of a great number of people, but would it have diluted the brand in the long run? Yes, I think. Would it have killed the aspiration for the brand? Definitely. Slowly and thoughtfully products like the iPhone SE2, make the iPhone more accessible but they still charge a premium over other products with even better specs, because Apple wants to be in a league of its own.

Looks like what Jeep is protecting is their brand. They're okay being a niche brand and appeal to a few people than competing with the likes of Tata or the Korean Siblings.

Having said all that they do also sell a superior product compared to all those perceived competitors, especially in terms of build quality, driving dynamics, capability, so it's not that they're just resting on the laurels of the Jeep brand.

Originally Posted by TourqeHead View Post
'Head' won and we held the purchase waiting for Diwali discounts, Diwali came and went and there were no significant offers , then the wait started for year end , we got to Jan 2021 but there were absolutely no offers. Then the wait for facelift started.
Not sure how you missed the offers, there were discounts upto 2 Lakh throughout the festive period and even November and December. And the largest discounts were on the Longitude variant. In fact dealers that I contacted gave significant discounts on insurance quotes too and without anyone asking matched them with online quotes.

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Default Re: Jeep Compass Facelift unveiled

There goes my plan to buy a Jeep. Was seriously considering this and was thinking hard whether I can afford spending 25l on my first car and Jeep made it easy for me.

For everyone who's shocked with these prices, wait for the launch and price reveal of facelifted Trailhawk. It could match that of 4*4 Fortuner or Endeavour.
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