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Old 28th March 2009, 11:29   #121
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man !! in a matter of 3-4 days more than 20 pages filled in.
Do you think Skoda cares for this ?? i dont think so. they are busy with winning the case and will put all their efforts into it and try to win hook or by crook. then one day they will put up a huge ad in every paper that they won the case and they are the most customer-friendly company and what not !! the way the corporates work is different. they dont care a DAMN about us and our sentiments.

that is the case with most services. u r the god till u buy their product. once that is done then u r the begger who has fall at their feet for every small thing.

But TBHP is doing is correct from our perspective. And if we are able to have a effect then it is a BONUS !

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Old 28th March 2009, 11:31   #122
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Originally Posted by diffsoft View Post
@ Vahanpujari and others:

After your posts, it seems clearly there is more to it than meets the eye

1. There is a Meghna Choksey, who is Head of PR and Communications at Skoda Auto India as mentioned above

2. There is a Meghna Choksey, who is Director at Autobahn Enterprises Pvt Ltd. Autobahn is the Skoda dealer at Mumbai. Check out Autobahn

So if the two are the same person - and it is highly likely, is Meghna who claims that "not all facts are represented in the forum", herself representing all facts?

Meghna, can you please clarify the above? Boy this seems yuckier than I thought!

Meghna Choksey of Autobahn is of the Mumbai Choksey Car importer fame. I beleive that she is the daughter of the owner.

Now, I am not sure if she is the same as the PR head of Skoda. I think this is mere coincidence, but at the same time could be an overzealous dealer trying to take things into their hands who has ended up putting their foot in their mouth.
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Old 28th March 2009, 11:33   #123
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GTO and other modes, Great that you have stand up against this type of atrocity. Shame on the corporate image of Skoda.

Please add to two more cancellation of Skoda products i.e. Fabia and Superb. My friends were supposed to buy these from Skoda in next fifteen days. After reading this thread, we are cancelling this option.

We are with T-BHP and will support at any extent.

PS: Please remove that Skoda car from the header of the forum ASAP, it irritates a lot.
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Old 28th March 2009, 11:37   #124
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Originally Posted by vkochar View Post
Also you could have come out here on this forum and typed out an apology in public - that should have solved the problem to a good extent.
Haha, but they chose to show their strong arm!
'INSTIGATE' the whole community in the court case, LOL, whatever that means!
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Old 28th March 2009, 11:40   #125
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ill never ever buy a skoda in my life, and my relatives and friends who take advice from me (to buy cars) will never be recommended a Skoda. we're with you on this, GTO. let them sue. all the skoda owners will sign a petition and file a class action law suit against skoda.
as for skoda corporate, its better if the PR skills are best left out of team bhp.

as a mark of protest, lets change the main photo of team bhp from a damn skoda to something else!
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Old 28th March 2009, 11:41   #126
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An automobile manufacturer Threatening a Family of 40,000+ members (Automobile enthusiasists + potential customers)?
@ Skoda : The more negative stunts, the more potential customers you loose . You have lost one in me (planned to purchase an entry level skoda).

@ GTO and mods : Thanks for starting such a beautiful family called Teambhp. We are proud to be team bhpians and we are proud of teambhpians.

Long live TEAM-BHP .

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Old 28th March 2009, 11:46   #127
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Disgusting attitude from Skoda .. Really has undermined the Right of speech & effectiveness of Internet media. IMO i feel we should launch multi-level response to propel public opinion thru
PR - fellow bhpian's with media contact to explore all medium's ( Auto Mag's , NewsPaper's & Electronic media (like citizen journalist in CBN.)

Legal Team- members from legal faternity can advice Mr.Harish's counsel and form a team .

and e-mail links as already done by members . The flury of response and negative publicity should bring Skoda on its knees .

I have decided against buying Fabia and atleast one of my friend is cancelling is booking for fabia and will also keep away from VW Polo when it is launched
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Old 28th March 2009, 11:49   #128
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Feel really sorry, being a true blue car enthusiast, that a great car like the Skoda has such lousy after sales (non) support ! After reading about all fellow tBHPians comments and experiances, I definitely won't want to buy one in India now !

Originally Posted by cvvikram View Post

PS: Please remove that Skoda car from the header of the forum ASAP, it irritates a lot.
Nice observation, why is it still there ?? Even though it is a great car, poor after sales has almost killed the product for us here on tBHP !

Last edited by khan_sultan : 28th March 2009 at 11:55. Reason: back to back posts
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Old 28th March 2009, 11:55   #129
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Guys. We should definitely not let this go down easily.

Companies like this need to be penalised. After the ordeal even I faced with Skoda, i swore never to buy a SKODA in my life.

I went in to buy a Fabia along with my wife, and even after sitting in the dealership for 15 minutes not one person came to look at us. And after we blasted them, the sales guys asked us what cars do you drive now. !! How ridiculous. They completely lacked knowledge about their cars, wanted to buy a petrol but they gave us a diesel for test drive, despite us saying we wanted to know how the petrol was.

Anyway, the other terrible and traumatizing issue I faced was with GM Gurgaon (Apex Auto). I have psoted d thread on the same in the dealership reviews "GM - Gurgaon - Dealer Inefficiencies".

One request to all team bhp members and the mods is to make one forum to highlight everyone on how to go about filing a case in the consumer forum.

Any lawyers out here, please ellaborately in laymans terms explain the entire process end-to-end.

Please please do this
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Old 28th March 2009, 11:58   #130
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And please remove the Skoda from the Team BHP main page or better still put a photo of it with a banner across it saying BANNED
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Old 28th March 2009, 11:58   #131
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a 100% t-bhp including skoda owners will vouch for t-bhp's adherence to truth and honesty. no body meddles our famiy. t-bhp is our family.
shame on you skoda, find some thing better to do with your cars. i will never buy a skoda just for this.
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Old 28th March 2009, 12:02   #132
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Originally Posted by thedreamcatcher View Post
And please remove the Skoda from the Team BHP main page or better still put a photo of it with a banner across it saying BANNED
Totally agree with you. Either remove it from banner pic or put a label saying BANNED.

Got a few friends here, who own SKODA and have faced some or the other issues. Big or small. None of them are 100% satisfied with the service, and after paying huge sums of money for the car or for the maintainance they expect good returns in terms or service but they are not getting the same.
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Old 28th March 2009, 12:03   #133
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GTO, thanks for copying my small contribution over to this thread.

I feel that we should emphasise that the door is not shut to Skoda. They have done a huge amount of damage, and that cannot be swept away. It is like in the home when violence happens, the relationship may be patched, but 100% trust can never exist again.

As I said before, this missive from Skoda was absolutely jumping into the nasty smelly stuff with both feet, and the smell is pretty hard to wash away. Regardless of whether it is fair now, or will be in the future, people are still telling me never to buy Fiat because of stuff that happened long before I even came to India. Mud really does stick fast.
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Old 28th March 2009, 12:06   #134
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Just saw her profile ,her cars include a Mahindra and a Hyundai.
Even she knows its not advisable to buy a Skoda.

On a more serious note ,this is not the appropriate way for any company to handle a situation like this.
Instead of fighting with the aggrieved customer and then threatening an online community/forum you should have just focused on improving your dealer network and try to deliver on your claims of being `Obsessed with quality`.
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Old 28th March 2009, 12:06   #135
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Good thinking GTO, it's good posts were split here, the community has really come together last 2 days.

No point in banning the account of the person who needs to go back to school to learn marketing, skoda officials are obviously viewing this and other threads as guests.

So, lose 1 car = give to Harish
or lose thousands of cars = word of mouth from 40k people. You must have learnt word of mouth is the best marketing possible.

Also why are you not taking criminal action against the dealer?

Yes you guys suck at customer service but at the moment the dealer has messed with Harish and all you can do is break contacts with them?

What no action against the dealer that is putting the company to shame?

All Harish wants is his car back and action taken against the dealer....

Someone please please find out the skoda sales for the month
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