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Originally Posted by Shan2nu
Once, cars like the Toyota Aygo and the Honda Jazz hit Indian shores, the Swift is bound to lose a hefty lot of it's customers.

well i don't think thats oing to happen anytime soon , and both the japanese manafacturers will have to price their products carefully as it is a very sensitive issue in the small car segment .

and about the swift , i think its just an awesome package , and it would definitely be a swift if i would be buying a car anytime soon .

manson .
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I agree with some of us BHPians, i have also noticed a large no. if Hyundai GETZ turning up day by day on the roads of Mumbai and Thane. The main reason being the streched delivery period of the SWIFT which some of its sellers are proud to boast about.

And who says Maruti's A.S.S. is the best, i have had two maruti's in my family and only god knows how i have managed to get along with them. They are sometimes a nightmare.

Maruti ASS are sometimes so dumb that they dont understand what problem you want them to notice and rectify but they will very easily shrugg their shoulders by saying ( woh to aise hi hota hai, usme koi problem nahi hai ).

So please dont rest assured on your decision banking on Maruti ASS, be wise and choose your car on its build quality and strong points. And YES also the resale value of your vehicle two to three years down the line.
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Originally Posted by BuRnT RuBbEr
there should be some compromises on profit to evolve compitition and market standards, and as the largest manufacturer of indian sub-conti, maruti should make the first move....and its not a bunch, its a whole fraternity.

however this is business
& unfortunetly money matters

it is pretty similar to celebrities making ads of soft drinks, cigarettes, liquior morally wrong but that is where money is!

the common guy u are talking about, will have to switch over to whatever they are being provided....
again thats what companies want
they want to sell their product at their cost & expect you to be happy with it

this can only be changed when common guy becomes aware of these things

its bit on similar lines with "why the heck we care only about FE" topic
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Originally Posted by Surprise

Why do you get irritated with something with which we are no way related. Liking and disliking is agreed, but what is the need to get irritated because of the design.
Irritated because of all the hype over its looks, dude.
Just my point-of-view, anyway.

Originally Posted by Surprise
I am not able to get this point
A person's choice of a car reveals a quite a bit about his attitude/personality. When torn between 2 cars of nearly similar specs/cost, a person will choose based on his personality.
Thus, you'll have the person who's willing to sacrifice space and build quality to cash in on the "new look" of the Swift and vice versa for the Getz.

Take a look around. See if you can spot the exhibitionist or the careless chap or the perfectionist by their car/accessories.
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Originally Posted by Surprise
My rear back door got jammed for no reasons. One fine day, I found that I could not open the rear door even manually. The problem was first reported to Autocap. They said that they got nothing to do with the problem as the original specs itself comes with Central locking (Swift VXI version)

Since the vehicle clocked 1000 kms, I thought to get this right during the first service. Left the vehicle for first service with the dealer. Got a call from Maruti engineer saying that this needs to be attended by Autocap guys. I detailed the whole the conversation, I had with Autocap on the problem. Maruti guys stick to what they had said.

Got back the vehicle after the first service & called back the Autocap guys. A service engineer from Autocap inspected the car and said this needs to be resolved by the manufacturer. GOT FRUSTRATED.

I made both Autocap and Maruti engineer to discuss on this to come to a conclusion, who's problem it was. Finally the Maruti guy asked to bring back the vehicle to the showroom. I checked with him on the possibilities of attending the problem at my place and got a big "NO" from the other end.

Ok. I made my mind & asked the Maruti guys to pick the car from my place. They said if I want Maruti team to pick and drop the car back after rectifying the problem, it could be done only after a week’s time as all of them are already engaged.

I decided not to prolong the issue and leave the car in the showroom on my own.

This is my first car and Maruti is the first vendor whom Iam dealing with (though I take care of all the cars in my office, this is my own vehicle), Iam not happy.

I may be wrong, but I don't agree that Maruti is the best in after sales support. I felt Hyundai, Ford and Honda are better than Maruti. This is purely based on my experience with these manufacturers. I really don't understand how Maruti holds the crown for best after sales and support (may be because of their low recurring cost?)
You are correct in the sense that Maruti dont do home pickups generally...they dont do it for their big cars either.....on the other hand I have found the staff to be generally very accessible and ready to help...
Part of the ASS deal is that if you are touring in a remote village..you will still find a Maruti Authorised service centre....That is a gr8 relief for someone like me who does lots of exploratory visits including confluence point search and more than once...have landed up in the middle of nowhere.
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replyin late but following quite a few posts.
I agree the car is overhyped and the only plus point is the looks.
The engine to is awesome but look at thecar from a practical point.
It ain't that big on the inside as GETZ an Palio, It ain't as well built as Getz and Palio,
It feels very very Claustrophobic inside andf the ride is not as great as that of the Palio IMHO but it is selling because of a good job from Maruti.
As a B/B+ segment car it is there on the Top 3 overall but def. not the best.
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Originally Posted by xezas
Take a look around. See if you can spot the exhibitionist or the careless chap or the perfectionist by their car/accessories.
Noted. However, big to differ. Finances do play a very important rule too. I have used a 1988 Padmini for 8 months because of severe cash-flow restrictions. Does that reflect the type of person I am? Honestly? There is more to life than Cars/accessories and I feel that judging people by their material possesions may be as unwise in the long run.

As our very own Mahatma Gandhi had put it -

"Let your thoughts be positive
for they will become your words.
Let your words be positive
for they will become your actions.
Let your actions be positive
for they will become your values.
Let your values be positive
for they will become your destiny


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[CODE]For e.g. look at the door trim shoulders on which the power window buttons are fixed, they look so flimsy and you can almost peel the cover of that trim shoulder to expose what’s inside. When i questioned about this to the dealer, he said it has been abused since that was a demo car, so i took him to a brand new swift which was to be delivered that afternoon, same condition there, then upon looking at every car I found the same condition of the arm rest / trim shoulder.[/CODE]
i had the same problem with my swift zxi; took it back to the dealer after delivery to get it fixed; still looks fragile; but the car is superb!! i don't mind overlooking the minor flaws 'cause it gives me a dream ride

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Thumbs up well said sailor man..

Gud thoughts of wisdom from the mahatma eh! wonder whether he actually said such heavy and meaningful words of wisdom.

Judging ppl by their posessions maybe unwise in the long run..i guess u r right..maybe that is not a rule..i guess...

The premium hatchback segment will become interesting in the year to come for sure..

The exclusivity of the SWIFT owing to its huge bookings maybe a dampener to the ownership factor.

Still, it doesnt deserve the hype though..

Hurry Home

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if i list the flaws i found in the fit and finish on my accent and my sold 6 month used santro the swift will look flawless to you trust me.
The best part being hyundai dealers all over said theyll fix it everytime the cars were sent for servicing but every time it just comes back they way it was and all they had to say was sir it will be like that only we tried but cant do it i mean *** is that "tried and cant do that" i still try to get the accents flaws done everytime i send it for servicing but i know its of no use i just do it to frustrate the life out of them.
Maruti has good ASS hahahaha its only because of the easily and cheaply available spares and the large number of service stations that they have thats it.
Maruti dealers not only **** in ASS but also in before sales service!!!!!!!!!! when i had booked my Swift Vxi i was promised the car in 4-5 weeks and i was told ill be given preferences for test drives and stuff, that was all crap the dealer didnt even bother to give me a call when the car came down to his showroom forget giving me preferences for a test drive and if i wouldnt have got one of the Maruti incahrges on their ass i still wouldnt have got my car as everytime i used to call them all they said is "Sir we have no idea about the car as our bosses have not given us any information". I asked them for the accesories list of the car once my delivery was confirmed and my payment made the reply was " Sir there is no accesory list for the swift" and on delivery of the car the sales executive is asking me"Sir you did not opt for any accesories??" i felt like giving him such a tight slap right across his face but some how i controlled my self as i didnt want to mess up my mood as i was really excited.The list about Maruti's Before Sales Service can go on but i think its a total waste of time bitching about these dealers because they just dont care for customers as they have so many of them litreally pouring into their showrooms so why the heck would they care what one customer thinks !!! and as far as Maruti ASS goes its all because of the large number of people buying it and also the large number of service stations its got thats it nothing more.

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Originally Posted by camry93
I don't think so. The average-joe Indian does not think so much before buying a car.
beg to differ. i am one of the average-joe indians you mention. but i do look out well and research before buying anything high value, even more so if it is a car. you are assuming an average-joe indian is average in all respects. that comes across as elitist.

Originally Posted by camry93
Getz will not be able to out-sell the Swift. Not by a long way.
quite possible that the GETZ never sells as much as the SWIFT. but this thread originally was about the SWIFT being over-hyped. It unfortunately developed into annother comparo.

Originally Posted by camry93
Not to the extent that connoisseurs might. There's a seat, my in-laws can manage to sit on it. Hmm, how much did you say its for?

And its a very good car to drive! Nobody's denying that ... Its a VFM package. People like VFM.
hmm...in-laws fine. but do i want to find my parents to sit on that god-awful bench ? definitely not. the average-joe has aged parents, possibly arithritic, or with slipped discs, or with knee/joint problems etc etc. so people looking for their first car which will also be a family car might not be too enthralled with dumping the parents in that rear bench.

speaking of VFM, the TATA INDIGO is far more VFM than the SWIFT. It will also seat in-laws / parents with far better comfort.

Originally Posted by snoopy41
okay,everyone i think we are forgetting that Maruti has finally given us a car that has dynamics,ride ,handling build quality,,and design straight from 2005,instead of redesigning old Suzuki designs that had long since phased out in developed countries
Originally Posted by praveen_n77
Swifts engine remains one of the best in its class.Its not a 15 yr old engine.It came to india only in 2000 with esteem.(The one in swift is a slightly modified one)
clothes straight from 2005 hiding an engine from the Middle Ages, though a reliable and good performer, which I will accept. I think this has been explained in an earlier post by v1p3r.

Originally Posted by camry93
Er, um, what about the Getz? Its a good car, nothing spectacular.
nothing spectacular at all. but to me, its a more well-rounded package. offers more space. has A.S.S. almost as good as Maruti if not better. mind you, i would never buy a hyundai though. but if i had to choose between the GETZ and the SWIFT, i would go for the GETZ.

Originally Posted by camry93
No, I can't. Thats precisely the point. The Getz does not have any real distinction over the Swift. So it won't sell on technical merit.
now how exactly does the SWIFT score on technical merit ?

Originally Posted by tabrez02
the popularity of the swift can be heard, seen, and still strong. last when i heard it was around 25000+ bookings.
the popularity of the SWIFT was never in dispute. the point of this thread was whether the SWIFT deserved the popularity / hype. Also its been discussed in other threads in this forum that sales figures are not conclusive evidence of the quality / performance levels of a product.

I am seriously pissed off at MARUTI for giving us such a downgraded SWIFT. I don't mind exclusion of dashboard goodies and MFDs. But using the ESTEEM engine really sucks. They kept advertising and building up hype saying they are offering us a "WORLD CAR", and launched a lemon instead.

A sheep in wolf's clothing, if you will.
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Originally Posted by hell_rider
But using the ESTEEM engine really sucks. They kept advertising and building up hype saying they are offering us a "WORLD CAR", .

What exactly sucks about the Esteem engine ? It is offered as a lower variant in the UK. If they offered it here no one would pay Optra 1.6 money for a Swift. If it is a 1990 design, so what, does that mean that the Bentley Arnage is a write off - engines dates back to 1965
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Ajmat, I think what he means is that the fact that they're using an old block sucks. No one has anything against the Esteem engine (well, I don't!).
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I have absolutely no intention to start another anti/pro Fiat flame war here, but going by experiences of few Maruti and Hyundai customers here, I would say Fiat A/S/S, at least in Pune, is far ahead (should I say lightyears? ) than others. At least, they rectify any problems without hassle and provide courteous service, call up once in a month to check if eveything is going fine and let me know about any updates with newer variants. Anyway, I am sure there must have been worse stories of Fiat A/S/S, but I thought I would share my experience here.

Coming back to the topic, there was certain hype surrounding Getz when it was launched, which eventually died down. Same thing is going to happen with Swift and it would stabilize over period of next 6-8months. And did someone say about 25000 bookings? When Indica was launched few years back, it surely exceeded even that number.
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what can i say....?? each to his own, brothers....

as for the swift...

is it worth the hype- maybe, since it's the first all-new car from maruti stables in the past 6 years, and the first new one from the suzuki stables in a long time...

is it a good car- yes. for it's price, it is....

is the quality good enough- not nearly as much as I expected....but okay, nevertheless...

is it a worthy contender to the getz- yes, but both are winners- albeit on different counts- if you are an enthusiast, and drive the car yourself all the time, then the swift will be more appealing to you; if you are the family-type, and rear seat comfort is one of your top priorities, the getz is the car for you...

in the end- every car has some hype that precedes it before it's launch- be it a hyundai, a tata, or a merc. but the level of hype only depends upon the segment the car is being launched in- a 20 lac car is never gonna create as much hype as a 5 lac car.... and the swift is only creating as much hype as the indica did, about 6 years ago....

and by the way, the confirmed bookings are up to 32,000 now.....
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