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viper 21st October 2005 08:38

Hey Stratos,

Buddy the car looks hot though orange is not my favourite colour. You are just too good.


navin 21st October 2005 09:54

Stratos, your turnaroudn time is fantastic. I hope you are pro! My ego is very bruised as I cant even resize an image from my digicam. :-(

autopsyche 21st October 2005 11:26

Great job stratos, love the red continuity of the tail light design... might incorporate that into some swift ill do in the future :)


islero 21st October 2005 15:50

Awesome work, man Stratos, Ill be submitting my design in the weekend I have absolutely NO time now to do anythign like Pshoppin'

Damn Cant wait to get my hands on a Swift pic!!!!!

Hey stratos, can I have the original pics of the Silver swift youev been working on? I dont have any pics.....

lucky_lee 21st October 2005 17:51

good work with the swift.....i have a design of my own which i will be submitting soon...

Stratos 21st October 2005 17:54

Here is a original pic in red.

RobertClive 21st October 2005 19:31

These are japaneese versions. The first one is called Swift Sport and the next is Swift 1.3XE.

Swift Sport is recently launched and boasts a 1.6L 92BHP VVT engine with 195 R16 tyres. Here are the images:

Swift 1.3XE is a more classy version with beautiful interiors. I am posting only the interiors.

Stratos 21st October 2005 19:55

Nice pics Robert. Loved that White one!

RobertClive 21st October 2005 20:19

How rude of me not acknowledging some good work...

Great design Stratos... I really like the rear modification of the swift. Quite simple but catches attention immediately. The colours you chose were pleasant.

RobertClive 21st October 2005 21:15

I had some idea on Swift modification. I liked the detailing in Mini cooper - the black side lining. I just love yellow and black combination.

I am very clumsy in photo modification. If you guys had done anything similar, can you post it.

v12 21st October 2005 21:55

Stratos 22nd October 2005 00:36

People here is a small work I did on the Hyundai Getz.

Aditya 22nd October 2005 00:42

Good job Stratos! How about trying a black wire mesh grill for the airdam? Hyundai could do well to launch such a version.

lucky_lee 22nd October 2005 05:57

Heres my swift. Complete with veilside type kits, intercooler and carbon fiber parts. Waiting for feedback from you guys.

islero 22nd October 2005 08:02

Nice work Lucky Lee, I like that bumper. Only the wheels look a bit wrong ( misaligned? I dont what the problem really is)

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