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viper 22nd October 2005 08:38

Hey Stratos,

Cant stop praising your work. You seriously must consider tying up with someone to get your creations to life. Since the modifications are not very major do not foresee any major problems.

Would be wonderful seeing these lovely beasts on the road.

@lee & v12 - both your jobs are also superb keep up the good work fellows. Nice to know we have such excellent talent here on TBHP.

Viper cpics:

adya33 22nd October 2005 16:42

great job Stratos wonderfull
never knew Getz can look this good

islero 22nd October 2005 22:16

My entry: Hope you guys like it......... :)

moralfibre 22nd October 2005 22:51


Originally Posted by islero
My entry: Hope you guys like it......... :)

I sure do like it ... great job... would have preferred this in Black though.

muni 23rd October 2005 16:36

islero...grt job there
@islero: that was a cool job man..Those mag wheels look amazin..the color though looks gud on pc/laptop wudnt look that gud in real i guess..a or black wud make it look smashin...

Why is one of the mirror lookin blackish and the other one green..

k_ajay 23rd October 2005 23:12

Islero, fantastic job buddy... Those wheels look lusciuous... Could you please replicate the model is yellow, black and grey too... Would look smashing..... Xcellent PS work.... U and Stratos could be some team.... :)

hkanitkar 23rd October 2005 23:56

man islero...
excellent job there...
this topless thing looks cool
good work - keep it up !!!!

PS - if at all suzuki launches this colour- will they call it "SHREK special edition colour " ?? ;)

heavy_foot 24th October 2005 00:02

hey islero nice work man....i like your work more because you make the turbocharged version of the car most of the times..i.e placing the intercooler..:D

Stratos 24th October 2005 21:03

An experiment with the Indica. Not too much into it.. your views guys.!

adya33 24th October 2005 21:15

Great work Stratos,
however the color could have been better
I also think that fog lamps could have been better (may be rectangular)
also the number plate coule be lifted little upwards
overall a great design those alloys grab attationtion

all in all a wonderful job :thumbs up

SPEED_DEMON82 24th October 2005 21:25

Youve hit it just right there Stratos bud!!!

The Indica looks just right ..... not too much work and not too less, just right. The wheels have really enhanced the look of the car. Well the colour, its just a comp image so its alrite.
Can you work on the back may be change the tail light setup, add some skirts on the rear, a twin pipe setup and also meatier rubber.


Great Work!


P.S. Can you in your free time compile a 'DIY photoshop cars' document with screenshots at every stage for us P'shop fans. You could help us learn something from you.

Rishi 24th October 2005 21:31

gr8 work stratos, islero, lucky lee on the swift.

hey guys, any ideas for a baleno. would luv to c options for the rear.

viper 25th October 2005 10:12

Hey Stratos,

Like I said earlier great job simple and subtle. I would have preferred a black paint on the mesh and 5 spoke alloys, and a slightly more agressive front lip. Put in some window visors. But then again its a simple job. Not my kind of colour but you cant please everyone.


Rtech 25th October 2005 10:41

I was expecting some decent designs, but Stratos, your work has just blown me away! I like the white Swift, but it's wheels need to be made a bit bigger. That Indica is a class act!

Islero, your Swift Cabrio look's like it's designed by a well established design house!

shuvc 25th October 2005 10:59

Fantastic stuff ...
Please please do something to the Baleno's rear !

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