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s0uljah 19th March 2006 13:53

Amazing thread with lots of potential designers here!!

v12 21st March 2006 11:50

PsychoLyn 21st March 2006 14:24

hey can any1 help mod this car..???:Frustrati

its my new baby in dubai....!!!please:

islero 21st March 2006 20:22

We need hi res to be of any help, please post hi res pics and then we can work on it.

islero 21st March 2006 20:23

V12, nice work mate!!! Really neat. Wish the tyres could be more low profile though, after all, its just fantasy right.....

parijnan 21st March 2006 23:04

Awesome work V12. clap: At first glance I thought it was the Mini.

SRK 22nd March 2006 08:54


Originally Posted by islero
V12, nice work mate!!! Really neat. Wish the tyres could be more low profile though, after all, its just fantasy right.....

I dont think,its just fantasy,some of the designs here are practical enough to be implemented in real life,its just we dont have the right medium and capital to get our thoughts on roads,thats why we use teambhp as a platform :ZZZ:

Spyder 2nd April 2006 13:54


Originally Posted by v12

nicely done..finally looking like the mini its supposed to take after clap:

drift_or_die 2nd April 2006 16:36

found this one on the net.done by one guy in uk......

islero 2nd April 2006 16:39

Yeah, the digimods dude is amazing. He is a true pro.

Daywalker_27 25th April 2006 09:53

Daywalkers lamborghini

thed doors are changed


Thread merged.

TributE 25th April 2006 09:57

dude...... good effort man. but all uve done are the doors. the rest is just a colored up version of the spyder concept.....keep trying and one day u might get to the islero and srk level!

triggercool 25th April 2006 13:21


Originally Posted by Stratos
Ok Guys, I am putting up 2 pics. Has some errors as I had great difficulty modifying that smoooooooth front end of the Swift. Some may like it, some may not.
1st pic has Modifed headlights and 2nd is with the normal headlights. Give me your views on them.


HOTROD 2nd May 2006 15:04

This is my first try.
The changes to the 06 Golf Gti are

1.Side skirts
3.Wheel rims

islero 2nd May 2006 18:21

Hey hotrod,

Nice work on the wheels. They look really good, suit the car well.

But you have to merge the front spoiler and sideskirts in better. They are in a different colour. Also you seem to have got them from a lower-res pic, as there is a bit of speckle and noise.

The front spoiler's shape has been set in well, although the sideskirts need a bit more merging in.

But, for a first chop, it is a good attempt. Keep chopping!!!

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