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Default Re: Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review

Hyundai gives quality and features like nobody else does at lesser price points. Maruti needs to up their game styling wise, quality wise and feature wise.
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Default Re: Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review

Excellent Review GTO, the attention to detail in this review is amazing, another 5 star rated. Yet another city friendly commuter in the list. i10 Grand might dissolve the sales of both i10 and i20.
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Default Re: Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review

I have an i10 Auto Asta (2010 model). Actually apart from the new styling and the availability of a diesel powerplant, from the original top end i10 model, the Grand has very little more to offer.

The problem, is that there aren't too many top end i10 Astas on the road, and people are not really aware of what is in the top end model (previous to the Grand). In the car I have, I have practically everything feature wise that is on the Grand, except for the rear AC vent and the in-build 1GB memory in its ICE.

Of course there wasn't any diesel engine for the original i10 so that's new.

And yes - I agree that Hyundai has great value and features for what you pay.

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Default Re: Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review

Start the i10 diesel and the cabin shakes, as the engine moves about on its mounts. Once the motor is running, refinement at idle is at acceptable levels. There is a small amount of vibration felt, yet it's well under control. This is one of the few giveaways that there is a 3-cylinder under the hood. In all other areas, the mass market won't even know about the missing cylinder.
The diesel's clutch is light (think, petrol light). The gearbox is smooth to use and has well-defined gates. For a 3 cylinder car, refinement on the inside is excellent. The common man won't even realise there is a missing cylinder under the hood. This engine is in complete contrast to the unrefined, turbo-lag laden 3 cylinder diesel of the Polo. When driving about in the city, engine sound is mild & unobtrusive. At cruising speeds of 100 kph, there is no engine sound at all. Wind noise is also well controlled, the only thing you hear is the rolling of the tyres. Near the redline though, the U2 diesel feels strained & coarse, and is nowhere as likable as the Swift 1.3L. The steering is vibration-free, while the same on the pedals is at minimal levels. The engine isn't too noisy on the outside either. Except for the rocking motion when starting the engine, there aren't any rough edges left out by Hyundai.

Overall NVH insulation is top class!
Sir, thanks for your amazing review of an important car to the indian market.Rated 5 stars. Many small petrol car owners would be upgrading to the U2 diesel. How is the low end torque & driveability compered to 1l petrol hatches? Say the maruti K10B being used on A-Star, Wagon R etc. The poor low end torque makes the A-Star a lazy performer in bumper to bumper traffic which is a very good handler otherwise. Thinking to get rid of the A-Star soon which has been with us & replace with a car having very good driveability & very compact dimensions.Is the Grand i10 a worthy replacement for the A-Star.Also please do a comparo of the NVH levels of K10 & U2. Waiting for your reply Sir.

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Default Re: Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review

Nice review and a well deserved five stars to the thread.

However it would have been nice if a diesel engine startup video was included.

I personally checked the i10 grand last week on display at the T3, Delhi Airport while travelling to Mumbai. It is a nice contemporary looking car and will give Swift diesel a tough competition with its diesel heart.

i10's interior were always good as compared to its competitors and this one got even better.

It's a good move by Hyundai to keep producing the last gen i10 with iRDE engine.

Here's the pic I clicked of the Grand i10 @T3.

Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review-dsc_0138.jpg

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Default Re: Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review

excellent review GTO!

As a long suffering owner of my i10 AT's bumpiness, have a couple of queries:

1. Does the suspension layout differ from the i10? It sounds similar to me.
2. Is there any possibility to improve i10's ride by fitting in specific components from the Grand?
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Default Re: Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review

I forgot to include this in my earlier post, and now the time limit to edit it has lapsed.

GTO, do you have an exterior picture of the car in the "twilight blue" colour? The petrol car whose engine was photographed seems to be wearing this shade. I'd love to see how the car looks in this shade of blue. Thanks!

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Default Re: Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review

Great review GTO and Stratos.
The car indeed feel worth the money and YES Hyundai has ensured to maintain its top notch quality. I just hope those severe rattling issues do not prop up in this car as well.
I just wish Hyundai would stop its current production of its i10 and plonk its 80Bhp motor in eon and expand the eon's portfolio. Eon anyways beats most of the A+ segment cars too.
An ideal lineup would be Hyundai eon (50 Bhp, 80 Bhp), Grand i10, i20, Verna, Elantra, Sonata and Santa fe.
I also wish Hyundai could bring out a turbocharged petrol variant in the near future. Now that will give its petrol competitors a run for their money (if placed right in the market segment).
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Default Re: Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review

GTO, Excellent review!

Originally Posted by GTO View Post

Chevrolet Beat

What you won't:
Some goodies missing (keyless entry, height adjustable driver seat)
Now Beats are equipped with height adjustable driver seats


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Default Re: Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review

Hyundai are doing a Maruti here and how! They flood the hatchback segment with offerings at level minute level and then price is just right to have something for everyone while exceeding quality and features offered by Maruti. This try shows that they are here to compete with Maruti and not bothered about others. There does not seem to be one deal breaker this car has as of now. Another 6-8k per month car for Hyundai. Now, lets wait for the compact sedan!
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Default Re: Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review

Excellent review as always from GTO. Thanks for that. I think the heat is now really on in the B2 segment. i10 has been doing very respectable numbers month on month even though it was a pure petrol option. Now with a diesel motor- that too with a complete redo - not just face lift, but more like a work over, I think it is too good an option for Indian consumers. I happened to see the TD car driven around Indiranagar 100 ft road, and boy it looks gorgeous. I am already waiting for the first month sales report (Monthly Car Sales & Analysis)to be published on TBHP.
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Default Re: Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review

That was a superb review and for which I was awaiting for all these days. Thank you Team BHP.
As I am looking for petrol version of Hyundai hatch, I am still confused if I should go with grand i10 sports or i20 magna(O) as both cost the same for onroad after discounts discounts.
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Default Re: Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review

Great review, was waiting for this to come up! Our family owned a Santro for 5 years. Gave us a complete fuss free ownership. Hyundai has certainly grown from the Santro. The interior fit and finish, the gadgets for the increasingly geeky customer, and the wide dealership makes it a sure shot success.

Oh and is this is a Korean brand? The styling is absolutely brilliant. The rear end looks stunning in my eyes. Kudos to Hyundai.
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Default Re: Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review

I have taken a test drive of 1.1 U2 CRDI Asta Trim and would like to share following concerns:

- The body shell is too thin, Hyundai Grande i10 is now competing with Honda / Maruti / Toyota Etios. Though it adds to the power to weight ratio numbers, but I am sure for many of us safety is more important then these numbers.

- Safety features in lower and middle variants are missing, not even optional trims are on offer.

- Side impact bars are not their in Indian launch. Only one single thin pipe is welded inside the door panels. The recent European launch is different car altogether and would be confirming to the NCAP safety requirements, while Indian version is certainly not. They have not done this while launching i20 in India.

Other considerations

- Auto Climate Control in Asta

- No auto lock doors, even the boot / trunk is vulnerable if the doors are not locked and can be opened from outside anytime

- Fixed head rest
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Default Re: Hyundai Grand i10 : Official Review

I like this design and the car looks really smart, especially from the rear. The interiors are top class like all Hyundai's and its good to hear that the suspension & steering is better that the other Hyundai's.

People who've driven the diesel version, how does it compare to the Figo / Micra (performance wise) ? On paper these 2 cars are the least powerful but actually move quite well.
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