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Old 18th November 2021, 15:58   #226
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Re: Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview

Skoda Slavia looks really good. Few points that I noticed:
  • Looks beautiful ( personal opinion ).
  • The ground clearance of 179mm may have taken away some stance, but it is a lot more practical on Indian Roads.
  • Rear seats can be folded for more cargo space. I'm not sure if the competition provide that.
  • Interior looks good. I hope the fit and finish is as per VAG standards and not like Kushaq. Especially those circular air vents. I hope they don't turn out to be like Kushaq.
  • That digital cockpit is an eyesore. I hope VAG gets a better one in India soon ( before my next purchase )
  • 12v charger position looks odd. Usually its towards the front

If the interior fit and finish is good and pricing is below Kushaq, it will be a serious contender in my list.
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Re: Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview

The outward bulge indicates potential cost cutting on the inner rim width - a smaller “J” size than the optimum.
Attached Images
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Old 18th November 2021, 16:24   #228
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Re: Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview

2022 Skoda Slavia: The FABIA SEDAN!

Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview-1.jpg

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Old 18th November 2021, 16:32   #229
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Re: Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview

Plenty of parts sharing between the Kushaq is evident. Hope they get the pricing right. Loved the rear more than the front. Didn’t quite like the circular vents - feels out of place in a German car.

Rapid getting the sunroof while the Octavia doesn’t!

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Re: Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview

What came to my mind seeing this was MINI OCTAVIA. The rear is so much like the new Octavia. I feel this the Slavia is going to sell well. However imagine if they launched this with the 2L diesel engine. Now wouldn't that be absolutely desirable. I am sure the Slavia would kill the competition with the diesel. I am really disappointed that VW Group have discontinued their diesel offerings in India

The petrol engine performance is also great but for a heavy user it does not make economic sense. I had once driven a friends Skoda Superb petrol and the real world fuel efficiency in Mumbai traffic was close to 6-7 kmpl and a tankful costs an eye watering 8 grand. The same in diesel would deliver 11-12 kmpl and the fuel cost would also be 10-15% cheaper.
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Re: Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview

Looks like a stripped-down, small size, raised-up Octavia.

Given the overall package, I am sure it will be 2-3 lakhs dearer than Rapid/Vento cousins and almost at par (if not more expensive) with the crossover cousins.

How it performs in terms of numbers will be a wait-and-watch game.
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Re: Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview

Skoda Slavia Interior pictures

Several interior trims and switchgear are shared with the Kushaq, like the two-spoke steering wheel with mounted controls and knurled buttons.

Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview-fb_img_1637233330762.jpg

There’s a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system and AC vents right below it.

Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview-fb_img_1637233332965.jpg

The climate control panel is a touch-based unit, as seen on the Kushaq. However, unlike the Kushaq the Slavia gets round air-con vents on the sides.

Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview-fb_img_1637233335173.jpg

Ventilated front seats buttons and a wireless charging pad ahead of the gear lever.

Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview-fb_img_1637233337334.jpg

The Slavia also gets a digital instrument cluster like Taigun

Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview-fb_img_1637233339857.jpg

Source : AutoX

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Re: Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview

If I was in the market for this price bracket (including CSUVs) this would have been my pick at the top-end trim. Skoda has tried to do a jack-of-all-trades here and mostly works from the specs and the pictures.
This would be an ideal premium car for a family where this is the primary/ only vehicle considering the size, cargo space, features, et al.
Being a very satisfied Rapid owner, I hope this does well in India !
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Re: Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview

This looks slightly odd?
Attached Images
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Old 18th November 2021, 17:00   #235
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Re: Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview

While I liked the interiors, the exteriors is mixed feeling. Guess its more to do with the stance and tyres look skinny. I am sure it will be a hoot to drive with 1.5 TSI DSG / MT.
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Re: Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview

I'd say a fitting replacement for Vento/Rapid.
Looks good and it's well-kitted (could be different for people. I consider my Vento to be sufficiently well-kitted).

My only gripe is that the rear somehow reminds me of the Amaze.
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Re: Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview

Definitely impressed with the car (won't say the same about the unveiling event though)! The exterior looks really nice and like a proper VAG India car, should age well! The overall proportions should make it feel 'somewhat' of an upgrade over the Rapid/Vento.

The interior on the other hand is a bit of a hit or miss. While familiarity will definitely be appreciated by VAG users who are looking for an upgrade, the cabin yet feels a bit passé. However, if the quality of the cabin is carried on (if not improved) then overall it seems a good place to be in. On the plus side at least from the first few photos there seem to be no glaring omissions owing due to cost-cutting.

Without a doubt, the 1.5L is going to win the hearts of enthusiasts in this segment, the only bummer is that the notorious DSG still remains. Hopefully, they price the 1.5 AT keeping in mind the notorious gearbox, if priced well I'm sure many enthusiasts would take a gamble.

Considering booking one of these as we speak! Excited about what this car holds for this segment, should breathe a bit of new energy and life back into this part of the market.
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Re: Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview

Was just showing these pics to my 7 yr old. His first reaction, is this updated Octavia in new colors? We recently got one at home hence his reaction was bound to be towards that tangent. Had to explain him minor differences.

Typical Germans, controls are left hand oriented. I will be warry of allowing kid to be sitting on the front passenger seat and fiddling with these buttons.

Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview-slavia.jpg

Position of MID AC vents in salvia is higher than Octavia and it is much practical here. Octavia vents in the middle are placed so slow that it feels like they are cooling leg areas rather than upper body.

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Re: Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview

The Slavia looks handsome, no two ways about that!
Unnecessary creases are minimal and the design is a lot more palatable, compared to others in this segment.

I have one big grouse though - why remove the manual heating/AC/Vol control?I see this to be a common trend these days - shifting preferences may be.

Same goes with the omission of 3.5 mm jack on smartphones.
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Old 18th November 2021, 17:38   #240
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Re: Skoda Slavia First Drive & Preview

Lovely looking car! The stance however, reminds me of the Linea Facelift and SX4. Narrow and high off the ground.

Was looking at the dimensions (4,541 mm long, 1,752 mm wide, 1,487 mm in height with a wheelbase of 2,651 mm) and the width seems really low.
8 mm lower than the Kushaq, despite being 300 mm longer? Combine that with a high GC and it doesn't feel like a great stance.

Interiors seem ok, but nothing game changing here. I know I'm comparing apples to oranges here, but how would the Slavia 1.5 DSG compare against a Creta 1.4 DCT? Skoda needs to better Hyundai's game in the interior quality department; if they are to snatch some customers from their stable.
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