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Default How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

how much you all have driven your cars before getting your first scratch/dent. One of my friends who drives an NHC did 4500 KMs before getting one on his front bumper. And mind you this was no fair-weather record. He lives in Faridabad and used to drive to Okhla daily via Badarour border, one of the worst roads in Delhi.

I intended to break his record, but alas only after 450 KMs, my car got kissed :-(
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2000 kilometres for me. I was banged by a cyclist. The irony!
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Originally Posted by typeOnegative
2000 kilometres for me. I was banged by a cyclist. The irony!

Hahaha...holy moly...that just reminded me of the first time my car got hit.

It was a week old, and i was parked on the side of the road at night, and suddenly i hear this WHACK noise and feel a little bump... i look behind and there is a cyclist lying on the road.... i was just like WTF?!?!?!
I had been parked there for a good 5mins and my lights were on!!! i was really so amused and confused as to how this could have happened that i just got out of the car and asked the guy how in hell he managed to do that!! He claimed he just wasnt paying attention.... anyway...just a tiny scratch so i gave him a few friendly gaalis and sent him on his way.

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well i think i will win this one.
I got my car from Han Motors opposite to citi mall.Came out of the compound, took a U turn and gave the left turn flasher to get into the pump at lokhanwala signal when a cyclewala scratched the rear left side.
i had driven 1km and shifted only till the second gear.

pankaj t
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Almost 4800 kms for my car...that too last saturday :-(...with the missus scratching the bumper in a car park... of course I had broken the left mirror already prolly thats the 1st bump, (after maybe 1.5k kms) when a stupid truck had broken down at the entrance of my building and the guy told me there was enough space to go behind him and even more stupidly I went and the mirror got stuck !
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Took delivery of the car on a friday evening. Saturday took it out for a short spin, no damage. Sunday morning took it to church. Came back and saw a big scratch along the length of the new car. Someone had purposely scratched with a sharp mettalic heart. Less than 50 km on the odo. Broke my heart.........
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My Merc got the first scratch after 14300km... A Kid in my building scratched it with his bicycle...
Till then no bangs or dents ...
And then one day in Mumbai someone with a key or a nail had made tons of small srcatches on the car on the doors ... Damn @#(*%(^&%^$........
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Default 25 mins!

Took delivery of my Baleno and went for a short spin with my SO.
Then she wanted to drive and gave me hell for holding on to the hand-brake. She has driven (Camry/Mustang in the US) much longer than me and is a very sensible driver most of the time. Well, got caught in a jam, had to take a legitimate sharp right, stupid bike wallahs came in from the right and instead of stopping wanted to zoom (into the jam) on to the left of the car. Banged right into those 2 chaps and since I was too shocked to do anything, she slammed them TWICE at 2-5kmph. No one was hurt. Physically at least. Parked the car about 20 ft ahead and got out to inspect the damage. Imagine this if you will, a brand new car (with ribbons on the bonnet etc.) with a beyond-repair dent in the left bumper.
The look on my face (extreme sadness mixed with extreme anger) was enough to make the two bike wallahs get up off the road and zoom off without a whimper. The auto guys nearby (who are generally the first to intervene in such sitiations) also gave me a wide berth. My exteremely contrite SO went and sat quietly in the passenger seat. I took the wheel, didn't speak for about 20-25 mins and finally got my cool back. S*** happens, right?
At least I was far more gung-ho about driving the car after that since the FIRST SCRATCH was already in place.

I have given the car for servicing and have instructed the mechanic NOT to change the bumper because my SO wants to drive

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at 11 kms, on the delivery hit by a rikshaw from left side
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I took my BLACK Swift to fit the music system, Sun control film and Security system. It has completed 150 kms then. The guy who opened the door pads to fit the security system did scratched on the top of the door

Though it is not visible at first shot, it pained me for a minute. My friend reminded him it is brand new car & requested him to take care. He does not seemed to take his words and continued his work.
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about 900km, got a visible scar on left front door from a Motorcyclist.
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Breaking all records : My 800 got dented on delivery itself!

I dont believe in all that superstitious crap, but that car did seem to be jinxed. Signed papers and Papa opened the drivers door to start it for the first time when T-H-U-M-P - A flower pot from a balcony above falls on the roof. It went straight back in for a paint job.

This particular 800 (Registration no. 6568) had 11 accidents in a 2 year duration from 1991 - 1993.

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I did 25kms and when I had parked my car in the signal,a damn FREAK AUTO DRIVER banged into my car.I got so mad, used the worst language I had ever used(even though my dad was with me).
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Well, i havent' done a lot of city driving, most of my driving has been on highways... done a lot of driving, been a year since i've been driving, no scratches, no dents as yet..(touchwood)
As for the cars, well, our 800 back in 92 got scratched within 500kms... when mom was learning to drive...
The Zen later in 96 got pretty soon within 500kms again! That time thanks to a autowala.
The Accent till date hasn't been scratched by us as yet (touchwood)... but since it is sec-hand it already had a few scratches on the rear bumper. Dont know how i got there.
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My first car got its damage at 19k kilometers. A lady driver practising in the building rammed our 800's RHS rear door.

My Matiz received its first scratch right outside the current Pizza Hut at Powai. Car had barely done 2500 kms. Was waiting for traffic to move when a motorcyclist decided to try n squeeze between our car and the road construction sign on his left. Left a big scratch on the LHS front door.

My current day Zen got its first scratch at the 8000km mark. Car was parked outside a restaurant. A rickshaw kissed the RHS front fender.

The Wagon-R received a bump on the bonnet even before it touched 1k kms. An errant motorcyclist braked at the wrong time and place.

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