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Originally Posted by navin
My RS had a fender bender on it's first night.

A lady (I dont know) from the building i stay in decided that she would like to see what the car was like. so she took the key from the car cleaner and bumped the car into the wall. apparently she had never driven a car other than a santro before and got the gears mixed up. I wonder what she was thinking. we have never talked yet she feel free to drive somone elses car. wierd?

It has been 8 months since (oct 2005) and i am still to recieve an appology or admission of fault. I got the above news from one of the drivers who was witness to this.

Since she is standoffish and a bit arrogant and i dont have any red handed proof I have not bothered to question her.
I suppose you meant October 2004. Either ways you have a very strange neighbour Navin. Somebody who drives others cars without permission? Strange, though you don't have proof, you should confront her eitherways. I dunno what is your equation with her, but anyways it'll atleast prevent her from damaging another poor neighbour's car for sure.

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Screw this thread! Left office today, driving out of the lot and I suddenly hear this "thump". I thought I ran over a dead branch, but when I look in my wing mirror, I see the front of a lancer sticking out into my rear bumper!!

A teenyboper female driver gets out apologising profusly! She was reversing and didn't look ahead was her excuse! *&^$$^%^%^&^ arghhhh!!!!! Luckily nothing major, but its a scatch that wasn't there 5 hours ago, so I'm friggin pissed!!!

I guess it was my turn to be the hydrant today :(
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sorry to hear about that Rtech.

my baleno had done about 1500 kms and was parked where it is normally parked.this guy on the bike come and tries to park his bike in front of my car.and i dont know what he was thinking but he just get off the bike and starts walking away !! he forgot to put it on the stand so as he walks away his bike just goes bang on my front bumper and there are a few scrathes.i didnt see this happen myself but when i noticed it the next day a driver came up to me and told me what had happened the day before !!

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Originally Posted by navin
A lady (I dont know) from the building i stay in decided that she would like to see what the car was like. so she took the key from the car cleaner and bumped the car into the wall.

It has been 8 months since (oct 2005) and i am still to recieve an appology or admission of fault.
Wow Navin!

That is one of the most ridiculous stories i have heard!!!!!!
Firstly, the guy who washes your car deserves a bit of a earful (or maybe he drove it and is making up this story ? :P )

But since it has been a long time, what i would do in your situation is casually mention the incident to her the next time you see her, mentioning that you know it was her that dented the car, and then abruptly end the conversation.
Atleast that will give her a bit of indegestion and maybe even a sleepless night or two sounds like the kind lady deserves it.

Rtech, maybe you were the hydrant but she was the female

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My wife just started to learn driving. I don't know how much damage should i see on my car in the near future...
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Got my first scratch and damage at 250 km and second scratch/subtle dent at 350. I expect a lot more in the days to follow. My car is 6 days old. :-(
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We have a thread on this too..!

I can boast of being one of the most conscientious drivers and i take great care while driving that the car does not suffer.Yesterday night i finally got my 5411 km old Baleno scratched.

Silliest of things,I am leaving from a party. Talking to my friend- with me sitting inside the car on the drivers seat(alone) and he standing outside with his hand on my front drivers window. The Car engine is off..

Suddenly i hear a loud thump from the back and there's a Optra(of all cars it had to be the heaviest ) which hit my car while the Optra was reversing.
Out comes a girl(why does it have to be a gal?) who's profusely apologising and looking very nervous. Apparently she was not looking back and was trying to watch her sides while reversing(there was another car on the side). Dunno how she managed to escape the big black rear butt of the Baleno.

I suspect my rear bumper got the worst of the exchange. The Optra was reversing at high speed(trying to show off maybe)..Anyway there are two scratches on the bumper and there's a slight rattle from the right..where it's a little loose.

what can you do? If people around you do that.I wanted my car to be spotless and now it's got a blemish bcoz of no fault of my own!

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well it had been a long wait for my freinds who always kept cursing me for the way i used to look after my car..the car clocked 4760kms and after a 9.5 months from the date of delivery it finally happened and that too at a tbhp meet...aarrggghhh..and for no fault of we are in a 5 star hotel called taj residensy..

all of us read psycho,v1p3r,wolf,gray park our cars in a safe place..but this guard puts that no parking sign tucked away right next to my front left tyre(after we went inside,why did it have to be next to my car only,damn we had a beautiful baleno belonging to v1p3r also)..that bloody thing was so small and it was kept amongst some potted plants right next to the car,so couldnt see it at all among the leaves..start the car as i was unaware of it lying there and lurked ahead and "thud"..immediately psycho,v1p3r,wolf come rushing to see whats happened..sadly a scratch about 7'' is found on the left fender..was so bloody mad at the guard that i would have killed him but had to behave myself amongst the other bhpians so walked off silently cursing him for the rest of the month..still do whenever i notice the was a long long time until this happened and i hope the next scratch doesnt come as long as i live..hehe..thats expecting a bit too much now..
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My Red Getz is 8000km & 4 months old..
Dent a parking lot,a guy parks his bike next to my car,using the side stand.The handle bar hits my rear door...thud.

Dent 2....Similar dent on the left side.

Dent 3....At the windsor manor jn,waiting for the lights to turn green,in the middle of the night (I follow traffic rules strictly & this is what happens ),I hear a loud crash at the rear.Auto hits the rear,big dent + a lot of scratches on the bumper,the auto guy says "brake failure saar".Passenger inside,a white guy,says " the bloody thing just did'nt stop".I pay the price for absolutely no fault of mine !!!
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intresting thread. Here goes a list of our current cars -
Honda Accord - bought second hand. Had done 15Kkm when my dad was coming back from a haircut. Was banged by the owner of Shemaroo in his Sonata.
2nd incident - 35Kkm - getting out of the damn Westside parking lot. By driver.
3rd - By some cycle wallah.
Plan to buy a touch up and see if it works. They are still there.

Mercedes Benz E270 CDi - don't remember when but they are under the 10k mark. The first one was 2 thin scratches running along the length of the car made by someone's nail/key. Indian mentality or what but it is pissing off. If i see some one do it again i wil make the son of a ***** pay for it even if it kills him. There are also 2 small scratches on the sides of the rear bumper of which only one is really noticible. One was made by a bus and the other by a valet.
Both still there. Hope the scratches go when we send it for a polish but that ill be after 5 months after we shift.

Lancer - Done 9Kkm surprisinly fast. Only one small scratch made by some person (again as in case of merc). Along with this, one small scratch made by a taxi wallah WHILE THE CAR WAS PARKED and a smal scratch in the C pillar area which was made in Crawford market.

Corolla - I really don't want to begin. It has already had 3 accidents (not all that major), 3 scratches and the first one was in the 4th day. Also, it has some Tar spots on the car.

Palio - Well a cab has ripped the bumper out 3 times. That was about it until it was in someone else's duty and got hi by a bike and scratched whiloe parking. Also a few scratches by other cars.
Most recent was when debris fell on the car and dented the roof and the bonnet that too a day after polishing it.

So now i have to wait for 5 more months in order to polish the other cars after we shift.
How does the colour restorer work? Spray pint cans as advertised in ACI claiming to have org. colours of manufacterers and dries in minutes?
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Of all the cars I have had, there was one car that never had a single scratch as long as I had it. The 1998 Chevy Malibu LS which I drove for about 32,000 miles (51,200 KMs) never had a single dent. But then it was US traffic, this kind of stuff won't happen in India.
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Well it depends on what kind of dents you're talking about.

If it's dents in general then i'd say 3000kms.

But, if it's the dents caused when I was behind the wheel then i still have to see one. Yup, off the 45K or so kms i've done on the Vtec, i've never banged or scratched it.

The car does have scratches but, those were either caused when someone else was driving or when the car was parked.

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I got mine on the very 1st day when my friend opened the door carelessly & bang it hit on the wall :( thou its minor scratch whihc is harldy visible, i felt the pain :(
The 2nd was in my office's parking lot when one stupid bike guy scracthed my front bumper & not just scratch he tore it & it came out :((( thank full i was able to screw it in back without any issues but the minor scratches on bumper are still there :(
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800 first scratch - A lady from my building just joined a driving class (it had been only 2 days) and decided she can show off her newly acquired skills to her mom-in-law on the family Esteem. Too many revvs, no steering control, and she pops the clutch, Bang goes the passenger side front door of our car. It was parked several feet to the right, atleast two car widths from her car. She tells us to go ahead and lodge a police complaint, as driving within building premises without a DL is quite legal. We dont.
Indica - An enthusiastic rickshaw driver nicks the driver side mirror a month after buying it.
Indigo - A scratch appears mysteriously on the driver side door when parked on JM road one day. It looked as if it was deliberately done with a piece of metal like a key. This was less than a week after the car was bought.

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There is a big dent on the rear side of my Esteem. This was by a really stupid lorry driver who thought he could 'squeeze' in a very small gap.
That was about 3-4 days after I bought the car.

And again, by ruthless auto drivers in Chennai who think that roads are built only for them and for no one else..
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