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Originally Posted by cool.aquarian View Post
My first major(read noticeable) dent happened due to a rickshaw yesterday.

Can a riskshaw-tyre (just the rubber part) cause dent+scratch in side door ?
That is what happened to my Ritz yesterday, when a dumb rickshaw-puller decided to hit my car from side-on as I was taking right turn.
It has caused a noticeable horizontally linear dent about 10 inches long and 2.5 inches wide on side door.

Is the sheet used for car side-body so feeble ?
I think all MSIL cars are like that. I had to replace the entire bumper when a low life two wheeler hit my bumper and speed away. My speed was about 5kmph as I was crossing a road hump, the two wheeler was about 15-20kmph.
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It was until Friday evening 5pm that my Fiesta was scratchless for six long months until some moron biker decided otherwise and handed me the first scratch. He did not stop at just that and even broke the right OVRM. All I could do was just tear my hair in frustration.
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Bought my brand new figo yesterday and scratched it yesterday
while parking near my home, just touched the concrete electric pole.
thankfully very small scratch.Nevertheless got a good scolding from wife !
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My dad scratched my brand new car within an hour of delivery.

My banged the car twice during parking.
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1212 kms to be precise, scraped the rear wheel arch of my Figo while taking it out of a tight parking spot. I came out of the car immediately to check the damage and literally broke into tears when I saw the 15 cm long scratch, it hurt bad, really bad.
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I managed to get a biiig 6 inch crack on the bumper while parking my ivory U-VA in a hotel basement. She was without her registration number.
Next day I went to the dealer and my sales rep covered it without any additional charge for me.
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

980 Kms, a 1/2 foot scratch while trying a tight parking manouver between another car and the side wall.

Ironically, was telling my wife just before i left for office that the car is gonna clock 1000 today and we should celebrate. And immediately after this incident when i called her up, she was like...ok..that's the celebration then huh
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

My friend: bought a brand new blue Alto (1st car, new driver). Went next door to fill gas. Smashed into the fuel dispenser median (that big concrete block on which the actual 'pump' sits). 200m? Maybe. Reversed into the showroom and into the service bay.

Me: Day 2, 6km on clock. Parking the very nimble Opel between two cars. Optimistic estimate of the distance to the bumper. Scratch on the numberplate (that I never cared to remove, ever). The next week, a tree falls on it (Mumbai monsoon is when I bought that car) and squishes the LHS fender into a series of valleys.

It must've been an omen of some sort. I ended up with a total of 25-30+ accidents, nicks and scrapes over the five years the car was in Mumbai.
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

I was near Maduravoyal in the outskirts of Chennai and I was returning back home after paying a visit to a temple. I was on a bridge (don't remember which one) and was going pretty slowly at 50 odd kph. There was a truck honking behind me for a long time so I moved to the left to give him space to leave. But he was still honking and going at the same speed. Suddenly, he veers to his left and hits my Alto and leaves a big dent all through the right side of my car and I looked at the ORVM to find that he was sleeping. First accident in my lifetime. The car had run 9000kms.
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

I scratched the front bumper of my new Swift VDi on the third day after taking delivery. Two days later, I scratched the rear bumper! On both occasions I was reversing from my garage.
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

The first has arrived.A mark on the back bumper of my Ritz and its just 175Kms young.
This happened while my Dad was reversing the car from the house parking and touched a Mesh covering a small plant opposite our house.
Though the mark on the bumper is not much visible, the first scratch has happened.
My Dad's reply: All these are common while driving a new car, I need to get adjusted to this after driving the 800, leave it.
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

Had my first scratch last week - a good 32,700km later. But that is only speaking of scratches. Have had two decent-sized collisions on the highway. The first occured at 6500km. The second at 31,000 km.
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

My first scratch was a day after I purchased my vehicle. Did a wrong thoughtless maneuver in a hurry by attempting to exiting a narrow double-parked lane straight out to the right instead of reversing out and parallel to the rear car then moving forwards. Lack of rear left mirror did me in.

This sunday I scratched my front left bumper badly when I suddenly changed my mind and reversed sharp left instead of the planned sharp right for which I had maneuvered when exiting my home. Hit the gate which rebounded into my fender badly ...
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

Three Major ones till date,

1) New Car, one week from showroom. My sister had just come from Delhi. (She lives there, drives a Santro, which deserves to be put on display to show how Not to take care of the car). She is driving mom to the station to run some errands near there. A minidor van banged into the left front door, pretty much damading the ORVM, door etc. was forced to claim insurance (estimate was 16K for repairs) The car was just 125 kms old!
2) Asked a friend (girl - what was I thinking) to back the car out of our office parking. She drives a Palio and is a good driver. I was going to go down in 10 mins and we were in a rush. It is an open parking with one large Firefighting box in the centre of the parking. My car, was nowhere near it. She managed to back the car INTO that box! Lost my rear windscreen. Ended up spending 8K for replacing it!

3) Me - Had just finished a dinner party at a restaurant. (NO drinks, I am a teetotaller). Was getting the car out of the parking, it is a tight right hand turn and I took it too early (small barrel was placed by a guy who was doing deliveries 'for 2 mins') and ended up scratching the entire right rear door, fender and bumper). Total expense was 5K!
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Default Re: How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent

Yes Guys all these two months I was infact because there was no scratch on my new roaring TIGRESS.
But today exactly after 86 days I got it . all because of a idiot delivery boy of a udipi restaurant with his shitty Kinetic Honda, he was trying to park it in front of my car, His parking stand gave way and before he could hold on the falling scooter on my car this FIRST scratch came into being.

I lost my cool and told him to get lost before anything happens to him or his scooter's body ,He was told to go without the delivery he was to make and I made sure with the security that he must not come back.
I will touch up with a brush tomorow.
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