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First Maruti 800: Scratched the bumper after 500 kms...

HM Ambassdor: Dad's company car...i banged it on the showrooms gate within fir st 10 meters, but had reason for that as showroom was located behind a petrol pump and had hardly a proper approach road( rather say lane) that too shared some junked police baricades, fortunately there was just a minor scratch.

Hyundai Accent Viva: After 1500 kms, there was scratch on left front door, reason Gate stopper slipped (read piece of Brick)

While other cars that i drove over the years had scratches due to my Dad's drivers...
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Originally Posted by akash_m View Post
1,20,000 Kms in my maruti 800 (1990 model)
Completely scratchless, dentless, showroom condition!
Hard to believe but, Well done.

Originally Posted by akash_m View Post
untill it got stolen 6 months ago.
Who does that ??? Stealing a 20 yr old, 120k driven M800 !!

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I drove my swift for about 600 kms before its first scratch on the rear fender. the second incident was not a scratch but a big dent on the rear bumper.

Guess where it happened!!

Right after I gave my car for its first service, I was walking towards the exit of RNS motors in Bangalore and my service advisor comes back to me running. I ask him what the reason is, and he takes me back to my car. I was shocked to see my car. Another idiotic customer driving an Omni has driven right into the back of my car.

After a lot of heated discussions, the Omni driver agrees to pay for the damages and RNS is responsible for the repairs whether he pays or not(because it has happened when it was under their custody). Finally got the car in good condition on the same day.
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Once upon a time I had a Wagon R. "Cool Silver metallic" - the first of this shade in Mumbai.
One week, and 300 Kms later, a 118 NE with non-existant brakes entered it through the hatch... sob !
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46 k.m -With the help of a biker blessed with a small scratch at rear .
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Old 23rd October 2009, 12:10   #156
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Mine is a pre-owned getz , first scar when i hit a stationary bus result scrapped & dented Left side front fender and broken headlight.Drove in same condition for next 3 months till i perfected my drive.
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Old 23rd October 2009, 14:56   #157
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My first Bump was to the rear of MY car

I was driving a little Maruti 800( My dad's car) for nearly 6 years and as you are all aware it does not have a Boot.

Fiesta does have a boot , tree did not move to the side , brain never realised Fiesta has a boot , all combined was a diaster in the making.

First Dent , Cost 7k , Heart broken for nearly a month after that.

That was when I had done close to 2k on the Odo , I think

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My First scratch was after 2500Kms and the next was around 3100 kms where some idiot had drawn lines through out the length of the car. and the 3rd one was a big dent in my office parking where some idiot had opened his door and left a big (deep) straight line on my rear right door.
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When I took my Alto for the first service exactly after one month from the date of purchase and 950 KM on the odo, the service adviser pointed out a tiny dent on the bonnet while preparing the job card. I did not know when and how it happened, it was not there when I took delivery.
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Old 25th October 2009, 09:21   #160
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5 KM... :-), on the way from showroom to home after taking delivery (my friend was driving it)
Front bumper damage - 300 KM (Again by another friend).
First scratch by(!) me - 850 KM
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damn just now, My two days old punto got a scratch 120 KM ODO and right side rear view mirror got scratched i was in stationary position, a stupid lady driver banged her closed mirror with mine open and she blamed me why i open mirrors and drive, She could have hit my back door as well, just saved by few mm's if i hadnt kept the damn horn pressed for 10 secs before she banged my rear view mirror.
Got two black scratches how to take them off??
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Old 21st November 2009, 16:59   #162
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It took the mumbai Traffic a Month to scratch My A4. She had already done 2k Kms by then though. And yes. It was a cab driver.
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Old 6th December 2009, 12:23   #163
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First Day @47 Kms.
Brushed my parking pillar while reversing, got the judgement wrong. It' s quite a bad one, bumper has to be painted.
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Old 7th December 2009, 12:32   #164
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7 days - my Swift VXI got scratched by a cycle wala - guy didnt have balance(I stopped after i saw him loosing balance in my galli) and guy didn't hesitate to land his cycle on the car. - kya kartha? gave him a look that he took his cycle and ran away.
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0 Days, 0 hours, 0 minutes. It had a scratch at the time of delivery. I got my very own first scratch after 2 months or so. I am proud of it
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