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Reversed into a telephone pole at ~1500KM on the odo. Cousin blocked my left ORVM for a couple seconds - two seconds too long. Cost ~3700 to repair - job done atrociously, panel looks hideous.

On the way home after taking delivery of the car after that job, got rear ended by a bike at a red light. A week later, reversed into a kerb, taking off most of the paint from the rear right mudguard. I got lost inside the airport parking lot!


I suck. My total driving experience is equal to the odo on my Civic. She's paying the price isn't she?

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Some idiot on a bike rear ended into my swift at around 2000 kms.Got the huge dent fixed for Rs 180.
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How long without a scratch? ... All of 30 mins and less than 10kms!

There I was - driving home after taking delivery of my Accent. I was motionless waiting for the signal to turn green - and SCREEEEEEEECH... a cyclist squeezes past and vanishes into a bye lane. I get down and see this lovely long scratch on the passenger door all the way till the wheel well!

I don't think I cursed someone as badly as I did that day!
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Old 2nd March 2009, 12:55   #139
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Default Dent on my new Alto

Hi Guys,

Need some Advice from you Guys. I have dents and scratches at 2 places in my new Alto. A scratch on the Front Bumper and a dent on the left back side door when a madman rickshaw driver just banged head-on. I need some suggestions on how i can get them fixed and also the approximate price and the place where i can get it done. I live in Pune. I am attaching some Pics that i captured from my Cell Phone.

help guys.
Attached Thumbnails
How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent-dsc00102.jpg  

How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent-dsc00103.jpg  

How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent-dsc00104.jpg  

How long you drove your car before it got a scratch/dent-dsc00105.jpg  

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My car went 1700 Kms without a scratch .. I was gald as I learnt driving in this car itself and still no scratches no dents .. But this feeling was short lived ..Just a week back .. Had a bad day @ office .. Went to my brother's place, while taking the car out of the parking just could not avoid the wall on the left side ... No need to mention I was still thinking of the office stuff ... Creeeeeeeeeechhhhhh ... A big scratch on the left side bumper .. Mine is a electric red i10 and this scratch is pretty much visible.. That day i did not think of anything else other than the scratch and still feeling bad about the act ... Lapse of concentration for a second and my heart bleeded profusely ... :(
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It was about two months and approx. 2000 km before the first mishap on my new car. In fast moving traffic, somebody ahead of me braked suddenly, and the car behind bumped into him. Three more cars behind banged into the cars ahead of them. I was a little lucky in that I could stop before bumping into the Ford Fusion ahead of me, so there was no damage to the front. But the Indica behind me banged into my car's rear.

But about a month brfore that, somebody had squirted some sticky substance, probably glue, on the body when I had to park my car by the side of the road. By the time I returned, it had nearly solidified. Although I peeled off most of it. there are still a few traces left, which I could not remove for the fear that it might spoil the original paint.
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My Santro, around 3000km. Was getting into my building gate which was only half-open, just about 6 inches of leeway on each side.
My OHC, around 50 km. Driving on highway at around 140kph. Tyre rotation wasn't done properly with 1 front and 1 rear rotating in the wrong direction. There was a dip in the road and the car moved around. Whole left side scratched a milk-van who didn't want to move even though I had been honking him for a minute. :(
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Default No scratch in my Swift till date - Anyone out there

Most of the Swifts which I have come across has scratches on bumpers (esp front) & rear quarter panels. Iam not taking about the brand new swifts & it's of bit older ones. Generally car getting older translates to covering more distance thereby exposing more to outside environment, where its prone to accidents. One primary reason, I guess is the body lines of Swift which is much different from other cars. There are circumstances where you do not really have 100% confidence in passing through (clarity or vision) and go by gut feel and the chances are there you get failed atleast by 0.10%. If you wanna be safe, leave enough margin & should not take chances. Above is my observation.

Anyone out here who have covered atleast 10k kms and say - " I drive Swift like yet another car and till date have not made even a single scratch on the car".

PS: Guys who have not yet completed 10k kms, but share my views, please come up with your experience

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I and a friend often discuss how we havnt come across a single Swift (of course ones which have lived some part of their life) which isnt scraped from sides.
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I was one of those ppl but not anymore. My sister scratched my bumper from the right front and a bike fell, yes FELL, on my left door!
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Originally Posted by theexister View Post
last 3 months Ive had 1 dent & 4 big scratches. The dent was due to a bike but the rest were all my own driving errors like not seeing my gate while reversing, 3 nicks on my office parking pillar.

I am actually losing confidence in my driving now or maybe age is getting to me though I am just 27.
It happened to me as well. Sudden surge in no.of such minor scratches/ small dents in quick succession. Yes, it will completely demoralize the driver, but I seldom cared about it (admit here the initial pain I went through irrespective of extent of damage). I once fixed myself a target of driving 5k kms without committing any self mistake & successfully did that. Such self tests would bring back the confidence

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Old 15th October 2009, 15:24   #147
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today is my second day with my black i20.. and you all know why i'm here .

Scene - i was waiting in a signal- cyclist hit on the front bumper. there is peel off n scratch. i think it is a deep one. and one more streak of scratch.

hurts hurts hurts a lot..
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scratch caused by me on my palio 3 weeks after i learned driving almost 5 years ago.
after that only dents have been caused while my vehicle was stationary and some imbeciles have nicked me, had been rear ended by a lorry while stationary in a signal

apart from that loads of under body scratches on the Camry due to low GC and scraping on gigantic speed breakers.
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3 weeks after I bought my first car, it got its first scratch on the front bumper. More of a scrape most likely caused by another car trying to park into an impossible space next to mine.

My dad's Corolla got its first scratch on the delivery day itself. We took delivery of the car in Thrissur and drove back to Coimbatore. On a 2 lane road very close to home, an auto coming in the opposite direction decided to overtake a vehicle in its path and in doing so, managed to nick the right ORVM. A small scratch but not easily visible.

My friend can beat most people here with the shortest time to get a scratch. He managed to get his bumper scratched while he was driving out of the dealership itself. 5 minutes after he was handed over the keys.
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Minor scratch @ 1400kms on the odo. Stuck at Malad station in a huge traffic snarl when this driver (with a microscopic brain) of a rickshaw tried to move from the front left hand side only to rub my vista's wheel arch.
With this kind of traffic & such creatures on the road I am sure this wont be my only post in this section!
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