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Did not notice any rush or out of stock boards on any bunks on this side of Bangalore (Padmanabha Nagar).

And what the hell is the government doing, still trying to pass the "Nuke" deal! AAAahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....
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Well, the Nuke deal is to lessen our dependence on Oil for energy needs!

And reg the fuel shortage, it looks like a artificial shortage made-up by Oil Cos/bunk owners to push the premium fuels.
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Old 2nd July 2008, 00:21   #48
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Whatever it is the things are looking grim. Not a very good day to be stuck up somewhere on the highways.

My closest friend had to go to coimbi from hyderabad. Airlines were quoting astronomical prices (all inclusive 4000+ one way). So he decided to take the car. He called me up from somewhere near Anantapur (AP). He had run out of diesel and all the 10 bunks he tried said they were without fuel. It was a scary situation since he was not carrying a spare jerrycan of diesel with him this time around (normally we do). Ultimately he got lucky in a bunk 50kms ahead of Anantapur. By that time the car was literally running on fumes. The bunk guy there initially gave the same "no diesel saar" line. However soon my friend discovered that he is a tamilian (just as my friend) so he explained his piquant situation to him and the guy ultimately agreed to sell him 20 liters.

He reached bangy and is staying put there for tonight before he resumes his journey to coimbi tomorrow morning. He searched a few bunks in bangy and there also they had no diesel. Ultimately he got lucky in a bunk where he got to get the tank filled up.
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at 130am, there was a huge crowd near the BPCL bunk in venkatnaryana road, T nagar. Looks like a scene out of those zombie movies.

Madan, if you are still cycling, dont forget to carry a Red Bull
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Old 2nd July 2008, 03:18   #50
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People rushing from my office to search for fuel as everyone mentions that there will be no fuel tomorrow due to the truck strike.

Any ideas about this guys?
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there are two things
1. the truckers are on strike to protest the fuel price hike and the Toll tax. in 2004 when they went on strike - the govt made promises which apparently they have not honored, hence this is another tick in their ointment.

2. the fuel truck suppliers, vegetable and essential trucks (like milk, eggs etc) cannot go on strike as it falls under the essential commodities and services act, so if they strike- they can be jailed, anywyas- the fuel trucks are also apparently joining- because they are claiming that the oil companies are pushing them too hard.

Wonder what that means
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Old 2nd July 2008, 09:04   #52
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Bangalore heading for fuel shortage

Bangalore: Is the city heading towards a dry-out scenario? It is already facing a fuel shortage of 30%. Plus oil companies have “unofficially’’ asked bunk owners to go slow on “regular’’ petrol/diesel and focus on “premium’’ products.

The rationing has started and regular petrol is out of stock, say many consumers.

Confirming the shortage, Bhushan Narang, president, Bangalore Petroleum Dealers’ Association and Akhila Karnataka Petroleum Dealers’ Association, said: “The reason is purely economical. Oil companies are unable to source sufficient quantity of oil. This has led to a 30% decline in supply, while the demand for fuel is growing day by day. It’s a matter of time before the shortage scenario turns worse in the city and across the country. This could be avoided if the gover nment revises prices.’’

“Under the current scenario, they want to sell less oil so the losses are less. Bunks are unofficially instructed to sell more of premium products,’’ said an industry source.

“The fuel shortage has hit many cities, including Chennai. Some secondary cities of Karnataka, including Bellary, are facing a dry situation,’’ said Narang. An official at BPCL said, the shortage is due to bulk fuel procurement of companies/industries from bunks. “Instead, they should buy from oil companies directly, leaving bunks to serve motorists exclusively.’’ BK Saha, sales officer, HPCL, said, “There was probably a fuel dryout for a couple of hours in some bunks in the city. As customers do not want to wait, they may have been offered other products.’’

“High-end products normally give additional mileage. But these days, they don’t take me that extra mile. So I wonder what’s actually going into my fuel tank,’’ wonders Sridevi Rao, a consumer.
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I went for a fill today morning and the situation is quite grim.

Almost all petrol bunks are offering only premium fuel, but I didn't see any rationing going on. I was lucky to find a IOC bunk which was selling normal fuel with a long queue of cars. I filled up full tank.

I was planning on a long trip this weekend. But looking at the current situation, is it advisable to go for it or postpone it till the truck strike ends?
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Just coming from HP petrol near DRDO. Waited for 40min to get premium petrol (Normal is normally not available )
Just before I was about to fill, the tank was dry and were asked to leave.

Only earned couple of scratches in my vehicle because of one frustrated car guy and nothing worth for the 40min wait period.

Reason (as told by bunk guys) Usually they get > 3 loads per day. but now a days they get only one load. So, not sure how long this is to continue.
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Old 2nd July 2008, 09:51   #55
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Have not seen any fuel shortages in cochin yet. Or is it that I've not noticed?
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No problem in Bombay either. Refilled yestterday, my pump says no problems.
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Old 2nd July 2008, 10:05   #57
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Situation in Bangy is scary. Both my cars are due for a refill. Was planning to put petrol this weekend. Keeping fingers crossed.
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Old 2nd July 2008, 10:21   #58
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is shortage only inside city or the shortage is also seen in outskirts and highways too..?

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Old 2nd July 2008, 10:30   #59
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The scene is scary in Chennai..
was talking to a bunk owner here.. and he was saying that he's got 3 days worth fuel(normal buying conditions) and with the panic buying going on.. it's going to last only a day or so.. Hence all the pump owners are trying to save their fuel hence the "no regular petrol saar"
And the cops are not helping on top of that.. when they came to "handle the situation", They also asked for couple of lts of free fuel in jerry cans!!
Finally I asked politely and got both my to bikes topped up.. and got diesel for the car..
So finally, being a regular at one bunk pays off
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Old 2nd July 2008, 11:10   #60
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Originally Posted by speedmiester View Post
I was planning on a long trip this weekend. But looking at the current situation, is it advisable to go for it or postpone it till the truck strike ends?
Best time to go for long drive since you will have almost nil disturbance from these guy
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