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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Nice review - nothing exciting about it, eh, GTO?
Confused whether the boot of the old Dzire or the new one looks more weird. I think both look weird in their own unique way. But the new Dzire will still climb to the top of the charts with its practicality

Btw - the first snap shouts Rudra Sen

Edit : Even I'd had the same doubt as tsk1979. What if I'd booked the old dzire and dont want to be converted to the new one?

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Minus that boot this car actually looks rather good.
This car will sell in truck-loads.
In-spite of that boot.
They are selling only what we Indians want.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Very comprehensive review! However, the design just went from ugly to worse! But, I am sure that this too will sell like hotcakes. However, as you mentioned that the pending Dzire bookings will be converted to the new one, what happens in case someone doesn't prefer the new one and insists on getting the older one? Any idea?
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Comprehensive!! Loved the bits. So looks like they have addressed some of the family guys issues this time. But as someone already stated, people who love to carry their home with them are gonna be disappointed. But I guess this car will sell well and continue to keep the bank account happy!
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Rated 5 stars definetly.
Wonderful pictures and words.

I am sure this is a better alternative than the premium hatchbacks, read i20, Polo etc.
The pricing is surely the deal maker.
For me, who is married (2 people), who stay in a metro (2BHK, 1 parking space), the VDi or the ZDi seems to be a real deal.
For around 7 lacs OTR approx, I am getting a diesel car, a modern one at that.

Leave aside the quirky styling, and more importantly teh small boot, everything else is spot on. If I were to replace my i10, this will surely be a contender, apart from the Etios Diesel.

Awesome. Also, liked the new colours.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Great review as usual. Rated 5 stars.

I actually like the looks of the new DZire over the older one. Especially, the older DZire's rear looked outright ugly, this one is better, may be due to lip spoiler and Kizashi-inspired tail-light assembly. The interiors are pretty good with respect to airy feeling, coziness. The rear legroom is certainly better in this version than the older one, again not comparable to Manza/Sunny (living room on wheels). For a person like me driving a hatch with a pathetic boot space, 318 liters sounds much better.

From pricing point of view, even though this looks really VFM, we have to remember that, as GTO has pointed out, the boot is too small and rear legroom is not great in comparison.

Overall, I LIKE the new DZire, well only in the Z variants. Glistening grey would be my favorite shade.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Thanks for such a wonderful and detailed review Going to be a super duper hit for sure. Beige Carpets!!

Now one doubt. Any new info about the tax on diesels??? the budget and this april.? Any idea guys???
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

I actually like the new Dzire, even the side profile. The big minus is the reduced visibility in rear view mirror owing to incorrect placement of rear compartment. The pricing is the killer. It seems MSL has corrected its strategy that had earlier cannibalized much hyped SX4. Awaiting market results, though key would be the reduction in waiting periods.
Rated 5 stars for the detailed review.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Wow! One of the most awaited reviews on T-bhp! Somewhere somehow, I liked the car. It has it's own quirks, but then again an AT plus a diesel option as well at this price point; looks too tempting. And the strap on boot is much better integrated. What I am surprised is that this is not a notch-back like the Laura. I hade expected that kind of a boot on this car. This car is going to generate long waiting lists like its older sibling.

Overall this one ticks almost all the squares at the right places with a few wrong ones. I would love to try the AT version though. With each passing day, the traffic conditions are bound to get worse and an AT car sure does make a lot of sense these days.

And a super review too! Thanks!!
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

The front profile looks great.
Really Surprised with how good it looks from the front. Looks better than Swifty on pictures. Now need to see this car in flesh to really feel the difference.

Would have preferred a Black / gray option along with Beige. It would have kept all happy.

A sure shot winner from Maruti's stable when compared with rivals inspite of space constraint.

Very good reveiw.

Mods: Can their be a poll for the best looking front profile in this category? This Dzire would win hands down I guess.
I am not able to decide if it's the car or the picture. Looks stunning. (Front Profile Picture in Post 2)

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Do I think a majority of those will look away because of a boot that's 150 liters smaller? No ways. The boot is smaller, but the car has improved in many other areas.
I'm not so sure about that. I think the major reason why the old Dzire set the charts on fire was due to the practicality aspect - big boot for small price. I think that aspect has been compromised in the new Dzire. Sure, the car may be better than the outgoing Dzire, but does it offer significant advantages over its hatchback sibling? I doubt. The boot space did go down on the new Swift as well, but I think the reduction was just about 10%. Here, it's about 33% - big difference.

That said, the new Dzire may retain a large majority of its existing bookings thanks to the lowered pricing. The new buyers will probably think twice.

If Maruti reduced the Dzire's length to avoid cannibalization of the SX4, I think they should now be worried about Swift-Dzire cannibalisation. Swift+Dzire has sold upwards of 25K units in recent months. Whether that trend will continue a few months down the line remians to be seen.

EDIT: What about those individuals who've already book the old Dzire LDi? Will they get their car? Can an existing booking for VDi be converted to LDi if I want a big boot?

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Originally Posted by benzinblut View Post
If they will be manufacturing the old dzire simultaneously, why would bookings be transferred automatically?
Old Dzire only for the taxi/fleet segment. Hence, simultaneous manufacturing.

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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

GTO, hats off to you and your words used in review. this is far far ahead of automobile journalism. i bet you should start a magazine of yours.

coming to the point i totally agree with your point regarding the shin area of the legs fiddling against the plastics beneath the dashboard.

i had reported this in moralfibre's new swift thread too.

i found it very pathetic while driving the car.
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

Thanks a lot for a great review GTO. Rating it 5 stars. Rudra Sen' processing is simply amazing.

Good that MSIL managed to change the front bumpers as well along with the grille to make the DZire look different from the Swift. As rightly said, except for the boot, the 2012 DZire has everything going for it when compared to the old one. Hate that beige attack though.

I am glad that Maruti has passed on a part of the excise benefit to the customers. They failed to do this when they plonked the K12M into the old Swift. Hope the introductory prices stay at that level for long. Even then, MSIL will be laughing all the way to the bank with profit on the new DZire.

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Excise benefits : The Indian Government, in its effort to promote small & fuel-efficient cars, imposes a discounted 10% excise duty on cars that are <4 meters in length, and have an engine capacity of 1.2L (petrol) / 1.4L (diesel).
Isn't it 1.5L for the Diesel?
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Default re: Review: The 2nd-gen Maruti Dzire

LoL! I thought they could not make boot uglier than old DZire, I guess I was wrong!
Great review GTO, detailed as usual.
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