Installing bi-LED projector fog lamps on my Honda City

Benefits being instant start up (no warm up time), lower power consumption for similar output and longer life.

BHPian city2491 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hey guys, here I am going to document my latest and greatest install in the lighting department, that is of course, the new iPHCar Bi-LED Projector fog lamps in my quite modded 2016 Honda City VX(O) BL.

A bit of background:

I had upgraded my headlamp assembly to an aftermarket one that had projectors and a very beautiful DRL. These are famously imported from Taiwan as claimed by accessory markets in many places.

But the performance of the projectors were abysmal. Tried changing bulbs, alignments and what not, but it did not seem to help. After plonking 35k in the whole setup I was quite disappointed. What's the use of such headlamps if you can't even see the road properly?

The compromise:

I could revert back to my OEM Headlamps, and maybe jazz them up with projectors, DRLs and the works but that would mean losing my new headlamps, and nothing on the market looked better on my car than these.

So to strike a balance, I put projector fogs as a kind of alternative to using these, instead of using high beam on HL and blinding all the other road users.

The product:

Commonly known as iPHCar, these projectors are quite famous in the accessory market. But beware, there are loads of fakes, and in a few days your highs won't work and the HID will conk off.

This one is LED though. Benefits being instant start up (no warm up time), lower power consumption for similar output and longer life. Drawbacks are scattering during rains and low penetration in fog (ironical I know). Hold on and let the pictures do the talking during the iconic Mumbai rains.

Bulbs are 5500k temp, I was told it's gonna be 35W in low and 40W in high but I doubt that since high is just the shroud of the projector going up.

Disclaimer: I am not a promoter of this brand, this is a review after using this product bought from my own cash. Attempting to install this product may void your vehicle warranty. Doing it yourself may hurt you if you don't know what you're doing. Please do not use high beams in places where it may blind/dazzle oncoming traffic/pedestrians. Use fog lamps responsibly.

Installation of these fog lamps have been covered by many BHPians on this forum and this one isn't much different. The one difference here is that the bulb is fixed inside the assembly and cannot be changed. There are just 4 wires coming out of this, +, -, HI+, HI-.

Let's look at the output. (Pictures clicked in heavy rain)

Only Fogs low beam

Full high beam (HL + Fog)

Low Beam from outside, I am standing far left of the car.

High beam from outside

Low beam pattern up close:

Long range (Lights Off)

High Beam On

Fitting and looks

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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