Nissan Magnite: ASC asks me to change brake pads after just 7,000 km

I wanted to check if they can replace the pads free of charge since its a reflection of the poor quality

BHPian optimystic01 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I purchased a Nissan Magnite CVT (Auto) towards the end of May 2023. As of today(19 Jan '24) it has clocked 6700 kms on the odo.

I went to the nearest official Nissan service centre for wheel alignment and balancing on the advice of a friend who suggested that its good have this done every 5000 kms since the roads in Bangalore roads are in bad condition. Turns out it was not necessary.

During the visual inspection, I was informed by the service agent today that the brake pads are worn out and need replacement. He also mentioned that if the pads are not replaced immediately, the discs will also wear out and will need replacement.

I was shocked that the brake pads of Magnite need to be replaced so early. When I expressed my dissatisfaction to the advisor, he mentioned two things:

  • The brake pads of the CVT do wear out faster than the manual.
  • Perhaps I was braking a lot.

For 1, I would request other Magnite CVT owners if they have had to replace their brake pads within 7K which still seems very early

For 2, my counter will be this: I have owned a Maruti Alto, Maruti Baleno and Ford Fiesta earlier. I have never had to replace the pads so early. The minimum I have clocked for a replacement has been 20,000 kms.

I escalated this matter to the Nissan customer care. I wanted to check if they can replace the pads free of charge since its a reflection of the poor quality - at least in my view. I was told that the brake pads are not covered under extended warranty and I will need to pay from my pocket. I'm OK to pay as long as it is justified. Hypothetically, If I use this car for approximately 1,00,000 kms, I will be spending close to 60,000 INR just for replacing brake pads. Then the additional threat of replacing the discs. Not to mention the time and effort I will be spending.

Would my fellow BhPians have any suggestions / advice for me? I'm thinking of approaching the consumer court.

Here's what BHPian vamso.vadrevu had to say on the matter:

I think it would just be easier to replace the pads with aftermarket ones from Bosch or TVS Apache. I've read somewhere that they are better quality. They also reduce the noise from the brakes during cold starts. I too have a CVT and yes the brakes on automatic cars do wear out faster because the brakes are always in use at low speed traffic. We're essentially slowing the car down through brakes and not through reducing input power like we do in manual cars. Plus little to no engine braking as compared to manual cars.

It's a known fact that the OEM pads are not of good quality. So we'd just be better off with after market brake pads.

Here's what BHPian madmax_rak had to say on the matter:

I have a Magnite CVT which is close to 86000 km now. I had to replace brake pads twice so far. Once when it was at 40000 km and other one was at 80000 km.

BHPian optimystic01 had the following update to share:

Update: (23-Jan-'24). I went to the Nissan service centre to get the brake pads changed. However, my regular service advisor was on leave. Hence, another advisor assessed the brake pads and told me that the pads can go on for another 20,000 kms at the least. He even measured and showed me the depth of the pads which was around 13+mm. Therefore, there is no need to change the pads now.

My regular advisor just did a visual inspection the other day and told me that the pads have worn out. I'm not technically well versed so I believed his words. The Manager proactively told me that they are seeking explanation as to why the advisor suggested me to replace the pads when it was not needed.

Anyway, I'm glad that I don't need to replace the pads every 6000 km.

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