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Re: TVS Jupiter or something else?

My bad. Read your first post properly again.

Your post saying maadam wants you to purchase when she's around made me goof up that it'll be her ride.

For the requirements you stated, Swish/ Access it is for now as they are easily the most powerful scoots available now, fairly comfortable and decent around the corners too.

Activa 125 can turn out to be worth your wait.

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Re: TVS Jupiter or something else?

Originally Posted by D'Artagnan View Post
Drive the aviator for a long time then decide on it. It's not worth the money you pay.
I am surprised at your experience, as I too have been using a disc brake version of Aviator from past 3 years, cloaking some 20k kms. I have not felt anything that you have written. The engine is 110cc, and the pickup is less than Access125. However the quality is high, there are hardly any rattles or anything. The disc brake is very useful in sudden braking, and I have ridden as rider as well a pillion to my wife for long tours of 100kms on the same. I have never felt such experience. Only thing is the seat is bit hard, but it can be solved in 300rs by adding a bit of foam from any seat maker.

Now that you are comparing 125ccs, I will recommend you to go for Activa 125. Honda products are not renowned for nothing. The quality of Honda is very pronounced in a long term experience. Also buy the topmost version with disc etc, as you can't add it later.
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Re: TVS Jupiter or something else?

Folks, I am in a similar quandary. I am thinking of swapping my bike for a scooter, so that the mrs can also use it occasionally.

After test driving the Jupiter, it seemed to be far superior to other scooters in terms of space, comfort, handling and braking.

However the dealer where I TD'ed the vehicle (Kaggadaspura, Bangalore) was quoting 2 months waiting for the vehicle!!! Wego delivery was immediate but Jupiter is overbooked.

2 months wait doesn't cut it for me, would have to look at a Yamaha/Honda otherwise. Is it the same situation in other places as well?
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Re: TVS Jupiter or something else?

I have bought new Jupiter yesterday and just want to share my initial thoughts.
I wanted to buy new scooter just for small home related usage and after reading various reviews etc, decided to go for TVS Jupiter.
As my preference was Grey color, started calling various dealers and came to know that its almost impossible to have immediate delivery of that color. All dealers in South delhi were saying about 20-25 days waiting. Then one of nearest dealer called be and told me that one Grey Jupiter is available but with accessories only.
I was thinking to buy the Scooter without accessories but then left with no choice. Went ahead paid 53800/- vitamin M and completed all formalities.
Main observations:
1. Pathetic quality of seat cover and helmet provided by dealer "TVS Ahinsha"
2. My Recommendation is to avaoid delar's accessories and get those outside.
3. Ride Quality: Absolute pleasure. Big tyres and experience taken from Wego is clearly visible in Jupiter.
4. Engine sound is smooth and power is more than enough for city driving.
5. Like Hero Motors, they also have 5 year warranty program but you have to pay about 750/- for that.
6. Low fuel indicator is hardly of any use when you have separate fuel indicator. Just a hype.
Few Questions:
1. Is it wise to change the tyres just now as i am not so confident with stock TVS tyres?
2. What is the normal way of closing the seat lock? I mean just by leaving the seat from upright position should work or i have to put some power after putting it on correct position? Currently second option is working for me.
3 What type of petrol i have to use?
4. Do we have option to set "lockable" box just front of leg from market?
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Re: TVS Jupiter or something else?

This time I wanted to buy a gearless scooter with more manly and strong looks compared to the unisex Wego look and narrowed down to purchase of Jupiter. I was told

that the wait period is 60-75 days in Mumbai. Luckily for me since I wanted white as compared to the matt-gray I did get the delivery including the registration number
within 35 days flat.

Some of my observations post 500 km and 1 service while driving in city and on navi mumbai palm beach road are as below

1. Engine- Same as Wego no change but refinement in handling high speed(more than 60kmph) and also smoother uphill drive. Have received a decent mileage of 45kmpl plus in city. I have driven wth maximum speed of 80kmph too without any major vibrations and any issues
2. Comfort-Great leg room compared to Wego due to removing the front storage box (which I hardly used ever)
3. Seating-More comfortable seat specially for people who need lower back support
4. External Fuel cap-Most useful feature
5. Wheels-12 inch black alloy wheels with tubeless tyres works smooth on good as well as rough roads
6. Suspension-Good and gives a smooth ride in the city
7. Some other features
Pass by switch-good but I do not use it much
Econometer-good to have feature and keeps you in check to gauge your driving style
Low fuel indictor-A great feature to remind you to refill
Key Shutter lock-I do not use it much but good to have
8. Under seat storage-Same as Wego, yes you need to press a little for the lock to click which is good as you get confirmation that the seat is now locked

Some more observations
1. Jupiter is priced at INR 2000 lesser than Wego mainly because the body between the headlight and the front mudguard is fibre as compared to Wego which is all metal body
2. For a 5 year warranty cover you need to give INR 650 extra during the first servicing which is common across both bikes Jupiter and Wego
3. The standard accessory kit does provide you with good guards but pathetic seat cover. Make sure you check the seat cover before you buy the accessories kit, else buy only the guards
4. Matt gray is definitely a good color compared to metallic gray that other competitors provide but it has a longer waiting period
5. No option of getting disc brakes similar to Wego which now has disc brakes for front tyre
6. For people who want front lockage box no option for that either

Yes due to TVS production delays there is a wait period but then it is again dealer and color specific. Overall apart from the standard accessory package pathetic seat cover and no disc brakes I feel for 61K (including accessories) the bike is a very good deal for Mumbai.
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Re: TVS Jupiter or something else?

Activa 125 is available now, and the waiting period is also not much. But the Showroom guys will make you believe that it's more. Pathetic attitude of the Show room guys. Same thing with the Service guys. I guess - Honda is watching this.

Bajaj was in the same position as Honda is today - Bajaj was punished severely by the public, but luckily they came out good with the Bikes. I hope Honda will realize this sooner or later.

Suzuki is the same as is with Cars. Customer Care is better. If you've backache problem, never go for Honda products. They're still following the same age old suspension set up, except for Aviator and Activa 125. But still their rear suspension is very hard.

I guess, TVS Wego & Jupitor have gas charged rear shock.
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Re: TVS Jupiter or something else?

I was in the market for a gearless scooter. So after reading the many reviews and keeping my requirements in mind went for a TD of the Yamaha alpha and the TVS Jupiter. Both are similar in looks, price and most specs but I settled for the Jupiter because
1. Better ride quality
2. Better pick up.
3. Very easy to put on main stand
4. Comfortable and well cushioned seat
5. Hand brake like thing on rear brake
6. External fuel fill

Didn't like quality of plastics in front and below seat and waiting period 7 - 10 days dealer is on ORR kamannahalli
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Re: TVS Jupiter or something else?

Cyborg did you finally buy?

I was in the same mode (scooter for wifey) for the past few weeks - and on Saturday we decided to invest the whole day in arriving at a decision. We went around town and evaluated / tested the TVS Jupiter, Suzuki Access and Swish, Honda Activa and Aviator and Hero Maestro.

Initial views:

1. Hated the Honda service - nobody at the dealership cared to talk properly, one lady was on her mobile all the time, answering my queries while still on the phone, in fact they were so arrogant that they told me "If you want a test ride, ask any of your friends - there are so many Activas on the road". So even though wifey was inclined towards considering the Honda twins, dropped them straight from my book.

2. Suzuki twins - very good sales staff, and good product(s). Easy handling and good ride quality. I liked the Swish more than the Access, and my wife preferred the Access. Talk about compatibility Only problem was availability. The colours we were looking for were not in stock, and the dealer was not sure if it would take 15 or 20 days post booking for the preferred colour to arrive.

3. Hero Maestro - Outstanding handling and extremely smooth engine. I loved it. I felt the Maestro is a bit under appreciated, especially on this forum. Dealership experience was good, the product was nice and the colours were also available. The suspension was a bit hard, but this one was definitely a strong choice. Wife was not as convinced, she still preferred the Access and was willing to wait.

4. TVS Jupiter - this was the last stop on our day long sojourn and what a stop it was. Absolute love at first sight. Excellent looking vehicle (especially the alloys), beautiful ride and just a brilliant all round package. Availability in all 4 colours was instantaneous as well. So overall it was clear 2 thumbs up. Paid the advance on the spot, and documentation was given. Registration should take 2/3 days and by this weekend, she will hopefully be home. Haran TVS, Lamington road was well informed and gave good service. Now fingers crossed.
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Re: TVS Jupiter or something else?

Originally Posted by car.lover View Post

I was in the same mode (scooter for wifey) for the past few weeks - and on Saturday we decided to invest the whole day in arriving at a decision. We went around town and evaluated / tested the TVS Jupiter, Suzuki Access and Swish, Honda Activa and Aviator and Hero Maestro.
Good choice there mate. I too was in the same dilemma, but then it was between the Access and the Jupiter. I got the Access, but now I think I should have gone for the Jupiter instead. Apart from everything else, the bigger tyres on the Jupiter is definitely a plus point.
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Re: TVS Jupiter or something else?

Well got the delivery of the Jupiter on Saturday - smooth process, Haran TVS was very helpful.

The scooter is extremely refined and smooth, enjoying the rides as of now.
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Re: TVS Jupiter or something else?

Would like to know which one Cyborg finally got.

I own an access and its fun to ride with decent power. Gives 40+ mileage in city with tyre pressure of 30(rear) and 20(front). Uphill climbs,overtaking etc are all done without breaking a sweat.
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Re: TVS Jupiter or something else?

Originally Posted by saion666 View Post
Would like to know which one Cyborg finally got.
Hi Guys,

Sorry for the late reply! Somehow I missed the last couple of posts.

I have not yet bought any two wheeler. Something or the other kept coming up and now am dilly-dallying between a bike and a scooter.

Will update after I purchase.

Take care and ride safe!

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Re: TVS Jupiter or something else?

Thanks to everyone who posted their experiences in this thread. Helped me very much in deciding our second vehicle. We already have 1 aviator and wife didn't want to buy another one. So decided to choose from Jupiter, Maestro, Access and Mahindra Gusto.

Access was ruled out due to less mileage than others. Due to bad experience with cousin's Hero Pleasure we were skeptical about Hero quality after Hero and Honda separated.

We didn't find any Mahindra Gusto owner nearby, only 1 Rodeo in our society and owners not look so happy. So that leaves Jupiter.

Booked one with Kushal TVS, near Premlok Park, Chinchwad. Have taken delivery today but RTO documents will take 7-10 days to come. Had taken test ride on Jupiter of bhpian tushar_j (ya I know his status is newbie but he is bhpian by heart).

Ride quality of Jupiter is pretty good. I don't know what body balance is but if stability is what it meant then Aviator is also quite stable. The Eco indicator and low fuel indicator are very helpful. Comparing with Aviator there are 3 positions of main light, ON,Dim and Off. Also pass light switch is provided but a separate switch would have made things better.

Jupiter engine is super smooth and ride feels very good. Even double seat with heavy pillion is not a problem. Overall I feel its a good deal at 58,000/- without accessories on road Chinchwad city.
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Re: TVS Jupiter or something else?

Hello All,

I bought the Jupiter a month ago and totally love the scoot.

Colour - Matt Grey,
Delivery - Instant within 10 days as I paid full amount
Average - 47 Kmpl (Tankfull method - I got the scooter at kms reading 40 on the odo and I topped the tank and after 172 kms again filled the tank at 212 kms on the odo with a total of 3.6liters of petrol)

The experience with the scooter is really very good. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for an Activa alternative.

Kapoor motors sion is the worst in handling the customers. They show all the interest and enthusiasm till you pay the cheque. After that its the worst attitude they display. I was promised the scooter in 4 days as it was in stock and needed only registration but I got it on 10th day which is not bad but the attitude in which they spoke and treated me with such dis-pleasantries which was horrible. The phone response is bad for old customers but very good if you are interested in buying something new. Also if you buy it on loan then you are their best customer, again only till you get the delivery.

The watchman was literally forcing me to sign the delivery challan without even letting me inspect the vehicle.

Fast-forward to first service and they started whining about the date of purchase and 1st service has to be done at 1 month or 500kms and I was apparently late only by 1 day with the odo showing only 300 kms. Also they charged me Rs. 1012/- for first FREE service:

Breakup -
Rs. 240/- Engine oil
Rs. 60/- Gear Oil
Rs. 279/- 3m Engine Flush
Rs. 283/- 3m Carb Clean
Rs. 150/- Electric bill for pressure wash and other consumables

She (the service staff receptionist) herself didn't know why the 3m engine flush or 3m carb clean was used and was confused telling me that if we don't use this then the engine might cease.

All in all the experience with Kapoor Motors Sion Koliwada is the worst I faced. Hence its like a caution for my fellow TBHP brothers if you are considering to buy from here.
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Re: TVS Jupiter or something else?

I wanted to buy a scooter for my parents for their market and temple visits.Zeroed in on TVS jupiter. On road cost for Jupiter is 63K. How much does the activa cost ? My parents liked red colour,might book that one.
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