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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

First of all, Thank you Omkar and Aditya for the excellent and detailed review within short span of time.

Some observations from video reviews available on YouTube:
  • Manual Lumber support adjustment via rotary dial on side of driver seat.
  • Tyre direction view in instrument cluster.
  • Dual zone climate control AC with memory function.
  • Plenty of options for ADAS features
    - Lane keep assist: Off, Warning only, Warning+Assist
    - Auto Emergency Braking: Off, Forward Collision Warning (with warning levels), Auto Emergency braking.
    - Set distance for adaptive cruise control
  • With ADAS enabled, the vehicle safely decreases speed at turns without accelerator or brake input and get back to set speed once get back on straight road.
  • Fun with XUV features Power, Torque, G force, Lap timing features - but haven't seen these features in working stage.
  • Plenty of options available with 360 degree camera:
    - Different camera angles
    - 3D view
    - left/right front tyre view
    - dynamic guidelines for front tyres
    - wide view option for different cameras etc.
    - Screenshot capture.
  • Key: Long press unlock button opens driver side window, sunroof and turn on the blower for quick cooling. Similarly long press lock button closed the driver side window, sunroof, however if any other window is opened, it will not get closed from key.
  • Under vehicle setting: Selective door unlock option is good safety feature.
  • Sliding sun visor is a nice addition.
  • No 3 point seat belt for rear middle passenger, only lap belt.
  • Offline Alexa voice commands which works without connectivity. E.g. open sunroof, set temperature etc.
  • 2 types of pop out door handles:
    - first one is manual and have to push on the side to pop out, pull to open the door and retracts after the pull.
    - Second type is automatic which pops out once car is unlocked and pops back in once you drive away or lock the car.

I will try to answer some queries of fellow BHPians to the best of my knowledge. Apologies in advance if any incorrect/incomplete information.

Originally Posted by Pulse500 View Post
2. Good to see some physical switches and controls for HVAC, panoramic sunroof etc. However, other than on the steering wheel, I could not see any physical audio controls in any pictures. In my family, my kids decide what songs to play and control the volume or audio source! So I guess they will have to depend more on bluetooth streamed audio from their mobiles than using the native player on the ICE.

4. Does the ICE play any videos from the USB ports or support streaming over chromecast or ay screen mirroring? Any Wi-Di support? Can I run a power-point presentation from my laptop or mobile for all occupants in the car?

5. I could not find any 12V cigarette lighter socket anywhere to connect an inverter or other electronics. Is there any alternate 110V/220V socket anywhere to charge a laptop?

6. Do the USB charging ports support fast / high voltage charging protocols, or has plain 5V/2A regular output? Ideally, this car should provide atleast one USB Type C port with 100W (20V/5A) "PD" mode to charge modern laptops.

Ans 2. The rotary dial can be used either as Volume control or browse option. So you have option for audio control other that steering mounter control.

Ans 4. On the official site, Mahindra has mentioned BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) feature, which support screen mirroring from mobile.

Ans 5. 12V/120W socket given for 3rd row passengers.

Ans 6. One fast charging USB A port is given below infotainment, but exact specs not available.

Originally Posted by Kashi053 View Post
2. What exactly zip, zap, zoom does? Do you have the power/torque details of each mode?
Ans 2: Zip = Eco, Zap = City and Zoom = Sport mode. Surprisingly, Autocar has mentioned 155 HP in zip mode and 185 HP (maximum output) in zap mode. But then how engine response is altered in zoom mode is not clearly explained.

Originally Posted by rpmmachine View Post
1) ESP is standard or optional? The top variant which you got your hands-on was equipped with ESP or not?
2) Lumbar support, I can't see anything for Lumbar support and no one talked about it in any of the reviews on Youtube. Can you please shed some light on this?
Ans 1. As per official Mahindra site, the ESP is shown as option. It is unclear which variants are getting it, but top variants will surely get ESP.
Ans 2. Driver side manual lumber support is present via rotary dial on side.


Dear mods, I am mentioning below few points as feedback only. Kindly do not consider these as complain or negative points. I do not mean to disrespect the efforts put into this otherwise excellent review.
  • I would have liked more details and pictures of instruments cluster and Infotainment with some important features explained in detail. These dual screens and ADAS features are highest talking/selling points of this vehicle. Although understand that the UI of infotainment is still in beta stage and this is not final version and many of the features were not working (e.g. Android auto/Apple carplay).
  • There is something different with pictures in this review. The camera angle could have been better as we are used to perfectly aligned pictures taken at perfect distance/angle. The pictures (specially collage) look tilted and out of alignment.
  • Abrupt ending without conclusion. Maybe because only one variant tested in a controlled environment (MSPT track) and final verdict will be given once vehicle is received for testing on public roads, but it would have been nice to mention any closure note.
  • Any reason why only Petrol AT review is out by Team-BHP?
  • It looks like biased allocation of vehicles between reviewers. As some reviewers received only one variant (that too on test track only), some reviewers received multiple variants but allowed on MSPT track only, while some reviewers were allocated multiple variants and were allowed to drive on public roads.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by fakenews View Post

Looks like Mahindra haven't given ambient lighting a miss

Here is a screenshot I grabbed from Gagan Choudhary's video:
Attachment 2195098

The green arrow shows LED lights that wrap around the sunroof and map light panel, similar to the outgoing XUV500's

The orange arrows show two downlights (my best guess) which will probably project a dim, cool white light on the centre console.
I somehow believe both your observations (green and orange) are incorrect.

Please check this pic from our own review on page 1.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Noticed in EVO India video, Sirish claimed that he did 197.4km/hour in Petrol automatic XUV700. Good to see TC getting good feedback from reviewers. Though not as good as DCTs but for sure will be reliable. Only 1 channel called it out as more like CVT, for its gradual response.

Good to see indian manufacturer getting good reviews for driving dynamics, something Europeans have been famous for.

Third row as per most reviewers is not that roomy. It is same story as any other 7 seaters. Though I would anyway prefer larger boot with 5 seater car. 90% of time is spent with 2 people inside car.

Diesel is prone to vibrations and is noisy at higher Rpms. Overall petrol is getting rave reviews!
Attached Thumbnails
Mahindra XUV700 Review-screenshot_20210818215814_youtube.jpg  

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by SDP View Post
I somehow believe both your observations (green and orange) are incorrect.

Please check this pic from our own review on page 1.
Those weren't my observations, they were pointed out by Mr Choudhary himself in his video at 25:54 & 26:05 :

One can just about see the glow of the wraparound ambient LEDs, but no details about the lights in those two holes have been given (other than the fact that they are indeed lights)
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

One area in which XUV700 really excels is active safety equipment onboard. We have seen this type of safety equipment in those cars which cost north of 40 lacs. While some manufacturers are still struggling to provide proper passive safety equipment even in the 10-20 lacs price segment, M&M surely did surprise the industry. Now let's see how long the top two manufacturers survive, as TATA has already become offensive.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

How much mileage can we expect from diesel engine?
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by fakenews View Post

I've found 2 videos that present the details of the AX3 variant, which will undoubtedly be in high demand.
While I love the look of the white leather seats, these black fabrics would be more practical.
I'm also not the biggest fan of the faux wood on the door panels, which has been dropped for the lower variants
Somehow the darker fabric seats look good and will certainly be easier to maintain. Any idea if the AX5 too get these dark fabric upholstery? It won't be the white leatherette in the AX5 as it seems to be offered only on the AX7.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by naru80 View Post
Till then, this is the most honest review so far on Youtube, highlighting both the good (engine, performance, etc) and the bad (laggy screen, notchy gearbox, missing features, etc):
In this review, I have got almost all of my answers.
I found it helpful and yes you can always ignore the part which you don't like, as some fellow Bhpians don't like him shouting and so on.

Originally Posted by RachhaMan10 View Post
I got a call from Mahindra again (second time) asking for my preferences.
Petrol or Diesel, 5 or 7 seater, AT or MT.
Apparently there is no 5 seater offered in AX7 trim, but there is a choice of MT or AT.
Looks like they are polling data to judge the market requirements and response.
I think MODS can open the Poll for Diesel as well as Petrol with all the variants listed. We will also get to know which variant will be in demand.

Originally Posted by Pedalmasher_20 View Post
According to one of the sources, got to know that the Ventilated Seats and Puddle Lamps would be introduced at a later stage as an option accessory. The source was not able to predict a time-line as for when these features would be introduced but told that it would arrive in form of accessories after the prices for all the variants are informed.
As soon as I heard this, a question arised in mind that how can M&M introduce Ventilated Seats as an accessory?
Good to know that they will provide ventilated seats, But I doubt that dealers will be able to fix it. Let's see how will they fix it at a later stage as an accessory.

Originally Posted by romil.shroff View Post
6. Adjustable headrest for the rear-middle passenger
7. Front parking sensors

Interestingly, Mahindra used to offer the rear-middle adjustable headrest, ambient lighting and hydraulic struts (for the bonnet) but these have been removed now. Even the front parking sensors (black colored) were offered as optional accessories in the XUV 5oo. Let's hope, they provide most of these features in some or the other way.
I hope they will provide the front parking sensors in accessories and will be able to integrate them into the present infotainment system as XUV300 shows it in the tachometer.

Originally Posted by 07CR View Post
Can someone confirm if the automated door handles have proximity sensors? Overdrive review states the proximity sensors are not present. Please confirm.
Originally Posted by 07CR View Post
Not having a request sensor is one of the biggest downer for me. Push button start is only useful if you have a keyless entry and exit sensor.
I think they have done this intentionally to prevent Keyless car theft.
People were using the Signal Blocking pouches to prevent this.

"Keyless car theft (aka Relay Theft) is where the signal from a key for a so-called “Keyless entry” car is captured by somebody standing outside the victim’s house using a device."

My concern here is that Door handles shall be of enough strength and longer life to handle day-to-day operation as well as abuse.

As pointed above by someone, Mahindra shall give us the option that upon locking the car all the windows must roll on.

Originally Posted by naru80 View Post
Ans 1. As per official Mahindra site, the ESP is shown as option. It is unclear which variants are getting it, but top variants will surely get ESP.
Ans 2. Driver side manual lumber support is present via rotary dial on side.

Thanks, I have seen it in Faisal Khan's review and have got all of my answers.

Let's hope they may provide ESP in the Adrenox variant.

Additionally, I hope that they will provide almost all other missing things like Current average (pointed by someone above) and other important things like parking sensors shall tell the distance in the infotainment system during reverse mode or any other features as required/requested in a way of OTA updates.

The only concern is Mahindra shall have enough empty slots in the system to use them at a later stage to accommodate additional accessories for a seamless experience.
Example as stated above the front parking sensors(installed as an additional accessory) to show in same screen etc.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by Omkar View Post

Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by Aditya View Post
[b]Thread moved out
Originally Posted by GTO View Post
- After we get the car in Bombay, we do update the review with additional observations that went missed in the short drive report.
Thanks for the review guys and piecing together this information in the very short time available. I would love to see the more updated version of this review whenever you get more time with the car including its different variants. In particular, I look forward to learning or reading on the following as and when you get access to the vehicle or the information:

1. Diesel A/T driving impressions
2. Spare wheel well. Can it fit the full size wheel if the space saver is put to use. I hope it can because it also means someone can always buy a full size spare separately and permanently replace the donut space saver.
3. Some insight into what the AWD can actually cope with in terms of mild or otherwise off-roading. Where can one take the AWD and where would it simply fall short.
4. More insight into the variants and features. What are the optional packs. What is L (luxury) pack and what is T (Technology) - i.e. what exactly do they include. Does it have to be either one or the other?
5. More granular insight into the suspension, ride, handling etc.
6. Will the absolute top of line diesel automatics be available in 5 as well as 7 seater formats? Or will the top of lines be restricted only to 7 seat (3 row) format.
7. What all external colours are on offer. I have seen dark blue, silver and red. Any other? What about black, white?

Originally Posted by Omkar View Post

Mahindra XUV700 Pros

Mahindra XUV700 Cons

• Negligible boot space with the 3rd-row seat up. Either 5 onboard, or 7 with a roof-top carrier
• Cramped 3rd-row seat is best suited to children only. A sliding middle row is sorely missed
• Petrol AT is thirsty due to its hefty weight, 197 BHP & torque-converter AT
• Some cabin plastics & a few rough areas don't feel premium in an otherwise loaded SUV
• Missing features such as an auto-dimming IRVM, ventilated seats, paddle shifters, full-size spare wheel...
• Concerns over niggles & bugs in a freshly baked, complex Mahindra. We saw 2!
• Mahindra's after-sales service is a hit or miss. Remains a gamble
• AWD is available just with the Diesel AT, and not the MT or petrol motor
IF I consider buying this vehicle, it will be only the Diesel A/T and strictly viewing it as a two row 5 seater (regardless of whether I pick the 5 or 7 seat variant). On that basis, this is possibly a rare review where I cannot see a single CON specific to the “product” that would have a fatal impact on my decision.

If I had only TWO wish lists from the car, in order of priority, they would be:

1. Paddle Shifters: I am simply too ingrained in using them for more than a decade now since my 09 Civic & City.

2. Upholstery color: I wish some darker colours were also available. What is offered looks white or off white and is likely to be a nightmare to maintain.

My few random observations on the offering itself.

This is a brilliant offering if they can carry through the hawkish pricing right up to the top of the variant range. If the top of the line diesel A/T variant can come under 26L on road, then its certainly going to give a headache to everything from the Creta (possibly even high end Sonets) to the Tucson / Compass. Honestly, if the diesel A/T drives well, if one doesn’t need hard core 4x4, it will definitely make any prospective Compass customer think twice before plonking almost a million Rs. over the higher end variants of the 7OO. I would certainly give it a good hard look before electing anything else. Only the next gen Tucson may sway me for the sophistication it represents over the 7OO but even then its going to be hard. Can’t wait to see it first hand and also hopefully get a go in the automatic variants.

I’m still not a big fan of its external looks. I think its strictly all right although a black XUV with the grill and alloys completely blacked out might actually look pretty gangster.

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by Raghu M View Post
Exactly my thoughts. Auto dimming IRVM is like a very basic feature now.
I have a slightly different view on auto dimming IRVM. If the car is equipped with auto IRVM, it should also be equipped with auto dipping headlamps, which automatically dips headlamps when following another vehicle.
I say this because, have noticed, the practice of dipping headlamps when following another vehicle is often forgotten. Not getting those reminders yourselves through your own IRVM might exacerbate this practice.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Great review as always, thank you.

Am I the only one who feels this car is going to be more expensive to maintain than other cars at this price point (say ones south of 25L ex showroom)? Especially ORVM with camera (probably Alcazar too), windshield replacement with all its radar tech etc. - the prices of these parts would make sense to lose NCB than to pay it out of the pocket.
With manufacturers always wanting to replace (than repair), is Mahindra going to port the existing parts (camera, radar and the likes) during replacement of the housing or will require a full replacement and make profit from part sales - to make up the loss because of their competitive pricing (for now)?

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

If all goes well, there will be a 7OO standing in our garage in a year's time, possibly by Q3-2022.

From what short info I have had from some of my sources, the 3 drive modes which are exclusive to the diesels have these outputs - 155PS/360Nm (Zip/Eco), 185PS/390Nm (Zap/City) & 185PS/420Nm (Zoom/Sport). There's a 30Nm added torque punch for the diesel ATs.

AX series will most likely have a top of the line AX7(O) variant too, depending on how soon the electronic parts availability problem is solved. Likewise, the top variant of the lineup should be the AX7(O) AWD, with the L optional pack (the one which we are seeing in the reviews).

Optional packs will have the 360 degree camera view, EPB, smart door handles, wireless charging pad for 1 smartphone, Blind View monitoring and immersive 3D surround sound system by Sony. This will not be exclusive to the AX7 variant but a part of the optional pack add-on. The ATs will most likely have the L option pack while the MTs get the T option pack. Exact details of the packs will be announced very soon, most probably a day before official bookings begin.

All prices announced are for the 5-seater variants only. The sole MX diesel (base) variant is priced at 12.49 lakhs which is with the 155PS/360Nm mHawk. The prices of the 7-seater variants and for the 185PS/420Nm variants are yet to be announced. Mahindra might be targeting a sub-22 lakh ex-showroom price for the top of the line 185PS AX7(O) AWD diesel with the L optional pack. Expect some premium for the higher-specced 185PS diesels and the longer 7-seaters. Also, there will be some premium difference between the AX5 and the AX7, since the latter comes with the ADAS system and all related features.

The AX3 misses out on a rearview camera and has to make do with rear sensors only (much like the current gen's W7 variant). It also comes with a manual handbrake and manual AC controls. The AX5 gets the rear camera (and auto AC) but misses out on the 360 degree camera view, which is an optional pack feature.

All in all, Mahindra has created quite the buzz with this introductory pricing reveal for the petrols and the sole 155PS diesel entry variant, but the rest of the pricing list will be on more saner levels. Still, getting a 200PS petrol machine at 12 lakhs ex-showroom is just awesome. The enthusiasts will be a really happy lot. Same goes for those who are thinking of getting the base diesel too, at 12.50 lakhs. And what about the rest of the pricing? Let's see what you guys think of them, when the pricing is announced for the higher variants in the days to come.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Few questions about steering:

1. How many turns lock to lock (complete left to complete right).
2. Does the steering have self centering action? Or as ridiculous as Maruti. (I own an Ignis and it's horrendous).
3. How is the behaviour at the center? Too sensitive at center? How does it progress as you turn in? Sudden directness or more natural/gradual.
4. Please share more insights.

Few questions about suspension/brakes:

1. Is there a significant nose dive under normal or hard braking?
2. The car does effortless 150+ kmph. How does the brake fair to complement that?

Misc questions:
1. When is the AWD review/drive planned?
2. Any industry insights on how Tata plans to address the new competition?

I have to say, Harrier/Safari suddenly look like a bit inferior products (more so because of no AWD). And Compass feels even more over priced. Though Compass still is an extremely competent product. I think another good all-rounder would be the upcoming Tucson (if/when launched in India).

As always, fabulous review by Team Bhp!

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by anto1212 View Post
How much mileage can we expect from diesel engine?
According to Shifting Gear youtube channel they were getting 13 Kmpl on the track.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

XUV 700, probably the most awaited and hyped vehicle to launch this year. And from the initial reviews, it certainly looks like it has lived up to the hype.
Not to mention, Mahindra knocked it out of the park with the segment-killing pricing. Even though the prices of top variants are yet to be revealed, knowing Mahindra chances are it would be priced fairly just like its lower variants.

Sharing an amazing video review from fellow BHPian Zahoor23.

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