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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Brilliant review as always. I must say, the 700 definitely lived up to my hype. It is a worthy replacement to the blockbuster 500 in 2011 as they have given it superb powertrain options, and they have completely fixed the shoddy handling and stability! That's two of a car's most important boxes ticked.

Space is good as always but sad to see that the third row isn't as big as it could be (however that didn't stop the Alcazar/Hector+ from selling). If I were in the market for such a car I would pick the 5-seater anyways.

To be honest, I'm relieved that Mahindra cut costs on certain features and some interior part quality rather than the chassis, engine, and safety, which they are adamant about showing off. The car seems to be well-engineered, and at that price, it makes it the best package in the segment IMHO. There is nothing significantly disappointing about this car

Now its time for Mahindra to iron out any niggles before deliveries begin
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Thank you for a well written review. Kudos to you guys.

What a product. It really takes a leap of faith to power an SUV with a gasoline engine. My reading is that they are expecting the 10 year diesel ban to extend to other cities and have hence taken this decision perhaps.

Congratulations to M&M to even work on and develop ADAS technologies. Even if they the first gen takes some time to sort out its niggles, this would certainly be a kick in the backside for the other manufacturers who don't even offer digital instrument clusters, let alone ADAS systems.

Pop out door handles are a large pain to maintain, have complex mechanisms and are still not niggle free with even established manufacturers. The overall exterior design & side profile is not to my personal tastes but I don't matter in this. Overall I see it having very good acceptability.

The interiors have been done with a touch of class I must admit. The videos showed the panels having quick feedback. Replacing that panel in case of damage or electronic fault could come at a very high cost to the manufacturer. M&M I am sure know this and would have put in significant amount of software and hardware testing along with vibrations etc. Time will tell.

The spare wheel would be so hard & clumsy to get out. I have always had a huge dislike for such systems from the time I got a very bad gash with a similar system on the Tata Estate.

Since M&M went all the way with the ADAS, they should in subsequent trims offer a rear view mirror that will take feed from a camera and also provide a front facing camera inbuilt.

For those who have a need for this size of vehicle, this would be a brilliant offering to consider.

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Looks very impressive and kudos to Mahindra for again raising the bar as a domestic manufacturer.

I'm in the market for a soft suv'ish vehicle upto 20L, but in all probability I'm going in for the Hyundai Alcazar diesel manual. I expect the waiting for XUV 700 to be long and there to be niggles aplenty for the first year or so.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by sudharshan View Post
As per Autocar Review, Drive Modes (the famous Zip,Zap,Zoom) are available only in Diesel AT.
It's available in the diesel manual as per Gagan Chaudhary
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Arrowhead LED tail-lamps look fab and feature sequential turn indicators. The blinkers look classy! Notice the sharp edge on the tailgate and tail-lamp. This sharp design of the tailgate is one of the reasons why Mahindra decided to use plastic instead of metal:
Plastic tail-gate has multiple cuts and creases with ‘XUV700’ and variant badges placed on the bottom right. There is no badge indicating the type of fuel the car uses:
Can experts provide their opinion if plastic tail gate affects the safety of rear passengers ?
In a country where rumours can be spread easily, this can be used as negative publicity for the XUV7OO.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Superb initial 5 star review.

Price and Tech wise this is ground breaking moment for Indian Auto Industry.

This review is like trailer and am now curious and looking forward to know the detail on everything from ride quality over bumpy roads, ICE, ADAS functioning etc.

I don't mind not having Auto IRVM or ventilated seats, but sliding middle row seats is such a boon that you need to experience it to believe it. This is such a big miss for XUV 7OO

I have Hexa and can easily accommodate 6 med size built (including driver) adults and 3 kids for 2-3 hours drive just courtesy of sliding middle row.

While going around the city and visiting nearby places with relatives this sole feature comes so handy and helps to travel around in relatively more comfortable way.

More details on the safety features being offered on the base version will also be helpful to know.

I still feel Mahindra could do a iPhone moment but chose to go Jio way instead. They have become leaders in bringing out new features, engines, etc and had a chance to write a new chapter in XUV branding by spinning out a new brand logo (done by them) and new showrooms and move up the luxury ladder and give unmatched luxury feel to their customers. And, then pull all XUV offerings under this new branding. This also would have been first in 12 - 30 L range.

This is my only grouse, as sometimes I feel our manufacturers had a chance to grow up the luxury ladder and compete with big boys in total experience, but somehow kept missing that boat/opportunity.

This is not just for Mahindra, I felt the same when I bought Hexa, TML had a chance to built up a new brand and image with Hexa by giving different experience to their customers (they did do their best by organizing outings and had separate teams to look at Hexa customers). They could have easily accommodated Nexon, Altroz, Harrier, Safari and EV offerings under this and kept Tiago, Tigor, HBX and other small cars under TML.

Different management, different thinking and different experience which as a common man I yearn to experience which I think can only be provided by our homegrown manufacturers in 12 - 30 L bracket.

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Wonderful, to-the-point review team, Great job.

The logo does look a little off on the big Mahindra SUV.

Something that I would have done is
a. Partially covered the bow-tie logo with stickers to make it look an aggressive M.
b. Glossy/Satin Vinyl on the vertical chrome lines on the grill.

Mahindra XUV700 Review-xuv700close.jpg

Mahindra XUV700 Review-xuv700front.jpg

Mahindra XUV700 Review-xuv70034.jpg
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Originally Posted by Omkar View Post
The front seats provide excellent support and are comfortable.
Can you confirm that this generation (XUV 7OO) has corrected the slight left alignment of driver seat from the earlier versions that resulted in you facing slightly angled direction to the steering wheel? I am not sure, if this was already corrected in later year variant updates already, but I faced frequent back aches on long drives due to this in my 2016 variant.

On a separate note, from the videos and reviews, it seems the beefy wheel arches and bonnet lines have been dialed down and it just takes away the macho character this Cheetah had. It somehow seems they managed to convert a macho XUV into a Xylo (Exaggeration). I understand in person this may change my perspective, but again the wheel arches somehow seem like the new Creta wheel arches (I hate that).

On the interiors also, this seems too much of a Mercedes rip off (sans the quality) on the design side. I really hoped our Indian manufacturers do not go down the Chinese ways and offer some originality otherwise what's the point of having a highly paid inhouse design team and owning a majority stake in one of the world famous design companies (ref- Pininfarina) when you end up inspired (copying) from others for your products.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Mahindra XUV700 Review-2021mahindraxuv70006.jpg

Originally Posted by Omkar View Post
The 10.25-inch instrument cluster has excellent visibility. The design layout is conventional with the tachometer on the left, the speedometer on the right and all the other information is displayed in the middle.
The tachometer is on the right and speedometer on the left. This looks unconventional to me (comparing it with my VW Polo's cluster layout).
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

That's a rather short review. I understand the constraints around the review, so that is fine. Nevertheless, you always get a fantastic understanding of what the car is all about. A little surprising aspect is that M&M have not revealed the dimensions officially.

Coming to the vehicle itself, it is fantastic. There are small things missing (like no auto dimming IRVM, ventilated seats etc.) but if M&M has their eyes and ears on the ground, they will definitely sort this sooner or later. When the XUV launch was discussed here and the possible features, I don't think anyone guessed it would come loaded to the grill in terms of riding dynamics. Have to appreciate M&M for such a long list of very useful and safe features. It has got all the aspects of a great product. Nice engine, huge variant (in terms of pricing) and the safety as well. It should be an automatic choice for people looking at the Seltos, Creta, Harrier or the Safari. I am not sure folks from the MPV segment (Innova/Fortuner) will look at it right away. I think it will click right from the word go. The chip shortage issue will be short lived as it is affecting the entire segment altogether. I just hope they do not have waiting periods of over 5 to 6 months like the Thar. That would allow customers to book and shop for another vehicle which is not very good for a market that has cut throat competition. I personally love the interiors and the infotainment system. I hope M&M gets this straight out of the park. Would be very satisfied to see Indian brands venturing into high ends cars and delivering on the promise too! Good luck Mahindra.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Loved the "to the point" crisp review. As we all are keenly reading, watching, observing all that is available online about XUV700, nothing much really excites us further. That being said, the review has given a lot of additional information.

I guess we will get next good kick via full price reveal in coming days!!

While going through reviews and close up pictures, I am starting to not like the large tail lamps, the way it wraps around the sides of car + the protruding design elements on tailgate seem a bit overdone.

The petrol FE could be scary. But then if you need more power, a big car (not a crossover), then you got to take some hit. I personally feel my petrol bill may go for 2x. But then I am making a lower CAPEX for what I am getting at 20-22Lakhs mark. 2x petrol OPEX is acceptable!

The logo isn't that attractive. For SUV segment they should have gone for something bold / attractive. I guess they rushed on it. Logo looks small on this large car. (XUV 700 written on tailgate like SKODA is written on Kushaq / Octavia, would have looked good. Aftermarket maybe?)

One macro concern - M&M went for new logo to place itself in premium segment and shun the rural market focused brand image. For M&M to really attract the Koreans, VAG, Toyota, Tata, etc. prospective buyers, how soon will M&M be able to change its image. The perception is hard to break in short term. Though with the features and quality offered in XUV700, I believe M&M is entering new phase!! (If MG could enter and create an image in short term with 1 car, I am sure M&M can also do the same by being consistent in offering higher quality cars henceforth.

All said and done, it is the best VFM car, made in India, for VFM craving Indians!!
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

At 11.99L, XUV700 is probably the cheapest 200HP car one can get in India(Globally too may be?). For an enthuasiast who like to drive, 200HP motor and 6 speed manual sounds like a perfect recipe. Given this is a barebone variant, should be reliable and niggle free than higher variant too!
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Kudos to the review team again for such a detailed initial review.
Still awaiting the comprehensive review though this review is more than enough to make the mind for anyone shopping for a new car in this segment.

Looking at the review and the car itself, for me, it's more of an evolution than a revolution.

So I strongly feel that is an upgrade of the 500 platform and not an all-new platform. Because why didn't Mahindra focus on the third row. In terms of 3-row space, I don't see any significant difference between the 500 (suited only for kids) and 700.

And another important point that makes me think that it is not an all-new platform is the surprisingly shocking price range which starts from 11.99L. Seriously? For XUV700? Just wondering what will be starting price of the next-gen Scorpio when it is launched - 8.99L?
When every carmaker is on the price hiking spree, wondering how M&M can launch at such a disruptive price?

I definitely want ventilated seats & auto IRVM at least as an option in the top-end model. More electronics (especially in an Indian brand) means more niggles and more visits to the SC. I hope M&M deals with the niggles with utmost commitment and aggression and sorts it out.

Overall, it definitely did not disappoint me. In fact, the XUV700, as a product, is miles ahead of its competition including the lower segment cars/SUVs. But I do see that the wow factor is missing (like how it was when the firstgen XUV500 was launched in 2011).
And definitely, M&M has a winner provided the niggles are sorted within the first 6 months.

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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

I think for me, who gets to read such detailed reviews, free-of-charge (relatively speaking), it would not be right on my part to have any complaints.

But as a feedback,

My opinion is, even a single post of say 15 points of "Things to Keep In Mind"; "Niggles & Problems", and "Observation" would much more preferred than a superfast review to meet embargoes.

I would say forget about hitting deadlines, take a week or two more if need be. The car is not going to available anytime soon.

This review, it just feels a bit skin-deep.

Teambhp always has an eye for details, like that door-cladding design. I have not seen it mentioned anywhere else.
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Re: Mahindra XUV700 Review

Been following the XUV700 launch closely ever since the price shocker and it really got me excited and the desire to book one without needing a car is at an all time high, however I can't get over the lack of Auto IRVM, cooled seats, Ok, i can let go, but manual IRVM in otherwise such a premium packaging just doesn't make any sense, there can be no justification to it, Mahindra can just ask for couple of bucks more and add it, I hope all reviewers, including Team BHP gave this as a feedback and Mahindra will launch it with one. If not, we must tweet out to them and make it happen, i hope they listen.
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