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Re: MG Astor Review

So turn out an LED element has failed on my 1 year old Astor. Anyone else seen this so far? Am yet to go and check this at the service center.

MG Astor Review-img_20230304_222511.jpg

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Re: MG Astor Review

Hello Astor Owners,

Found below status updates on Whatsapp of ICE specialist of local MG dealership in Pune. Thought might be useful for you hence posting here.

MG Astor Review-87ad52c60c2c430f8c56390ced5ada24.jpeg

MG Astor Review-7ec8a8637f964c8494339cff1aaef858.jpeg

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Re: MG Astor Review

Hello Everyone,

Greetings. This is my first post.

After patiently waiting for 1 year, for my xuv700 AX7L, I just cancelled my Xuv booking and Scorpio N launch booking and booked an Astor Savvy CVT. What I loved in this car is, the ADAS LEVEL 2 and sangria red seats ( exact same as my 2015 Audi S3).other common parts include the turbine vents and door lock units. Sort off made me nostalgic. I m ok with CVT as in India one can barely do 0-100 sprints. ( used to do often in 4.5 secs in S3 with launch control,limiting the max speed to 267. Pics and videos on readers request) Now being a family man with 3 kids I’d rather do 0-60 in 10 secs.

Somehow I convinced myself away from 7 seaters, Mahindras and diesels. I do love the torquey nature and fuel efficiency of diesel ( have extracted 39kmpl on my 2014 city MT diesel during the no income COVID days ) I hope I took the right decision?
Comments are welcome. Also these models are 6-10L more than Astor. I know they are full size SUV. I did find NVH a little harsh in XUV D, and some back lash in transmission. Not the smoothest. Regarding Scorpio N, loved the seating height, felt like sitting on a 777, brilliant car but lacks a lot of features, like split 3 from row. ADAS is a must for me as my driving would be 50-60% in highways and I live outside city. I feel every car should have it. (Again in 2015 I couldn’t wait for Adas options on s3, as it would have delayed my delivery by 3 mo. I didn’t have a car in that country back then)

I’m expecting a monthly fuel efficiency of 10-12 kmpl for 1500 kms. Hope it doesn’t fall below to single digits.

My question, to you all experts is:

I have been allocated a FEB 2023 vehicle. Will it be E20 compatible?
Will the price of E20 be/is cheaper than petrol ? Some states have already stated vending E20.

Many thanks.

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Re: MG Astor Review

Originally Posted by rkmunjuluri View Post
Rationale is simple, we wanted to shift to electric when we thought of getting a new car. It would be the only car at home and should be used for both in-city and out of city travels without range anxiety. When I started the search in December last year, only one car could fit the requirement, it was MG ZS EV. After enquiring with MG we learnt that they are not accepting any new booking as there is a new version which will be launched in 2022 and it will be atleast 2 lakhs pricier than the current version. We were stretching way out of our comfort zone and that additional 2 lakh meant, death of our EV dream.

Your line of thoughts are very interesting. Infact, I booked a Nexon MAX and cancelled it at the last moment. Initially like you, I was comparing apples to oranges i.e. EV to Astor. Later on, when I compared Apple to a glorified Apple, things became clear. i.e., Astor to ZS EV In present scenario.
Astor is a fully loaded ZS (EV) shell with a bigger boot, better thigh support (lower floor), better looking interiors, AI assistant, full fledged L2 ADAS for at least 10L cheaper (plus the cost electricity) than ZS EV. One can happily fuel the car for 5-7 years with that money.

On the other hand,One has to have a very high usage to break even. Yet he will only get a stripped down version of Astor.ZS EV makes perfect sense For fleet owners/cab operators.

IMHO for now, ZS EV is ridiculously over priced. Tata EVs as well, but not as much as MG. On the whole, EV prices should come down in future.

What turned me off during Nexon Max was, the Battery range went from 50 -25 in a 18 km ride. The car had 9k on the odo.

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Re: MG Astor Review

Originally Posted by samsristi View Post
Autocar is speaking rubbish here. I don't blame you; they are a big name and anyone will trust them on face value. The fact is, if you drive a 1.5 T 100kmph, it only runs with 2 cylinders at 2000 rpm. This is how it yields that much mileage. Dont believe me, test it yourself if you have time.

I agree on the reliability front but VAG has come a long way: 1 lac and 4 years warranty is sufficient to believe that they have pulled their sleeves up. Before this, I owned a Vento TSI DSG, clocked 85k in 4 years. I had no DSG issues; yes I do have my doubts hence moved to manual this time. But the impression that you buy a VAG and it's going to give you sleepless nights is a very wrong perception. MA cost is mere 25K for 60K kms.

Every brand fails. Hector caught fire, Creta had CVT failures, Honda had hydraulic steering issues after 5 years. Mahindra XUV 700 keeps getting warning lights, Harrier had multiple clutch failures... Issues are endless. It's a personal choice what one wants in their car. Reliability with cars these days have become more or less a luck factor. Hence there is no need to create panic and stay away VAG. I respect your love for MG. All the best to them. But I request you not to keep enthusiasts away from VAG putting these notions that every other VAG car will fail. Let's give them a fair chance with 2.0
I agree with samsristi. I get 20-22 kmpl on highways in my Taigun 1 TSI. Virtus/ salvia would definitely do better with better aerodynamic profile and reduced weight.

Whatís missing in these cars, voluntary deletion of features compared to T ROC like ADAS, pano roof etc. Thatís where the Astor shines. VAG engines and drive trains are by far the best in segment. In fact every time I drive the Taigun, I get the feel of my old Audi, for a fraction of price. The torque converter of 1 TSI is butter smooth, as good as a DSG. Itís a perfect match to the engine. Barring some interior quality issues, these cars have top notch engineering.

For some reasons they still have unsold 2022 stocks. And their ASS simply sucks in my region.
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Re: MG Astor Review

I was planning to replace my Baleno, It completed 7 years last week, and was on the lookout for a car around 16-18L. I am mostly a sedate driver and want a car that is more relaxed and comfort-oriented and Astor seems to fit the bill perfectly. It has all the required features and also very well built. But I am only worried about the mileage aspect of it.

So a question for the current owners. I was planning on Astor Sharp MT 1.5 and my usage is 70:30 City to Highway. How much mileage can I expect in these use cases and 'city' here is Bangalore city

I know cars in this range could have lesser mileage and I am ok with 10-12 Km/l in city, but if it is dropping down into single digits, I may have to reconsider this purchase decision. I have anyway scheduled a long-ish test drive for next Tuesday. Fingers crossed

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Re: MG Astor Review

My highway mileage looks like this in case it helps anyone. This is after coming back into the city traffic. I'm not a mileage conscious driver as I don't drive much these days.

MG Astor Review-20230330_145328.jpg
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Re: MG Astor Review

Originally Posted by aswin93 View Post
I know cars in this range could have lesser mileage and I am ok with 10-12 Km/l in city, but if it is dropping down into single digits, I may have to reconsider this purchase decision. I have anyway scheduled a long-ish test drive for next Tuesday. Fingers crossed
There is a telegram group of MG Owners (Astor, Hector, ZS all models) that I came across and joined. Anyone can search and join it on Telegram. Based on my stay in that group for 1-2 months, I have started respecting the MG cars and no longer see them as some Chinese products. There are very few complaints from the owners using these cars over there.

But, when it comes to mileage/fuel economy, the low FE given by these MG cars is literally bringing tears in everyoneís eyes. Its actually bad FE to be honest.

I again stress that I am not an actual MG owner and what I have stated above wrt FE is my genuine opinion based on what I observe about cars that I now absolutely respect.
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