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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

Was the car also an AMT ?
A new driver + new car + AMT might be a contributing factor too.
Seems like he slotted it in D instead of R and hit the gas and then panicked.

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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

Originally Posted by mr_robot View Post
Tata Punch Creative AMT Tropical Mist
Booked at: Siva Sankar Motors, Vizianagaram.

Thanks in advance.
I am waiting for white color. At my nearby dealerships Punch Creative is available in Blue, Mist, Grey & Bronze, and Atroz XZ+ available only in Red.

No update on availability of white color, sales person say will take at least 4 weeks.

Hoping for early availability.
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

I had faced the same issue as Mr Robot.
I had pre-booked on 11th Sept and after unveil on 4th, had told dealer I need a creative AMT in Tropical mist.
Understand from them that there was a booking window opened that week when dealers had to bill the first lot of vehicles. They select some variants and colors randomly. Once prices were announced, I told dealer again, I want same model without the iRA. He advised that this model was not there in the initial lot that they had booked so we need to wait for the slot to open again.
I waited for a few days and realised in this way, I will only get car post Diwali. I called them again to check which cars were available in the first lot, for which he checked and replied manual is available , brown is available and an iRA version is available which is dispatched from factory and if required I can get it as mine is the first booking in the showroom for Punch. Or they will allot to a subsequent booking which is for that variant.
Initially I said iRA is not worth the charges but after a day, I called them and asked them to allot to me. My internal justification is that Tata may over the period of time bring in more features in it.
The car was alloted to me, it arrived 2 days back in yard, did PDI and got it billed.
However, deliveries in Bangalore has not started yet anywhere as officials at RTO are still waiting for their part of creame to be received from dealers.
They are only expected to start registering by 2-3 Nov and deliveries may happen by 5-6 in Bangalore.
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

Got my Tata Punch delivered on 28th Oct

Adventure AMT Tropical Mist
Ex showroom 6.99l
On road 7.8l
59k RTO, 22k for Insurance (1+2)

Attachment 2227061

I would like to thank everyone from team-bhp for their valuable inputs which helped me navigate through my first car buying experience.

Though I wanted to pen down my experience and my choice on the day of delivery itself, I thought to myself that I should drive the car atleast for a few days before posting it.

Firstly where many people struggle and I did too.
Why Tata Punch?

Our Requirements:
- Car with all basic features
- Automatic (Parents don't want the Hassel of a manual)
- Budget which was 7l strictly

TBH we as a family were going to buy Ignis and it was my dad's first choice on the other hand my mum was quite adamant on Tiago. Tiago wasn't as peppy but had better handling, driving dynamics and better safety with a sublime 1.2l revotron engine.
The peppy 1.2l k series engine, better service network and spacious interiors were some pointers why my dad was pushing for Ignis.
While they left the decision on me and I decided that we should buy Nissan Magnite the only reason we did not was no provision for an automatic transmission. So we did check out kiger and ultimately dropped the plan because of the 1l engine which feels lacky. If our budget was around 10l we would have definitely bought Magnite even over the Punch.

The budget was a big factor in the decision making so even after the Price launch of the Punch we were about to buy Ignis/Tiago whichever would be delivered first. It was 18th when I asked my dad to atleast visit the Tata showroom once and have a look. He did entertain my request finally asked the prices and the SE quoted 8.04l which was a lakh over budget. I could see it on my dad's face his mind was made. Luckily as we stepped out of the dealership there was an Ignis parked on the road. I told my dad look there's your car he looked at it and then went back inside to checkout punch one more time and I could see a slight smile though he wouldn't tell me but now that we have the Punch at our home now I know the meaning of that smile.

So, how I convinced my family to buy the punch though it was way out of the budget?

- It is a bigger car
- It is a better looking car
- It is the safest car in India
- It is something that no one else has right now.
- It feels better to drive (comfort handling)

In 8l we could have got the swift amt as well but both my parents did not wanted to buy swift somehow. The punch is actually slotted to go against baleno, swift and kuv apart from ignis or nissan renault cars. The lack of AMT on magnite made it easier to chose Punch.

My delivery experience
We did an unofficial pre booking with 5k at a dealership and a 21k one at the other dealership. 5k which was done at Commercial Automobiles was in constant contact with my dad though we had to call them everytime but they did what was important and got us the car at which the other dealership failed miserably Frontier motors has still not given back the booking amount they even booked the wrong variant on the wrong date. Frontier had booked a creative amt white in my name while we paid the booking amount on 6th their booking details showed the booking date to be 17thoct.

Anyways coming back to the hero's of commercial Tata who got our vehicle in the second lot and provided the car on the same day as it came in the city.
My dad got a call from them on 21st congratulating us on the allotment of the car but my dad did not understand what that meant because of the bad experience at Frontier we actually started to look for other options and we did find an Ignis ready white delta amt and we were going to buy that car. So went to Frontier and told them there's a car ready and will you be able to deliver and SE at Frontier told us that he will be able to confirm by 24th so after an hour of discussion we did not cancel there, dont forget that dad has already got the allotment call by this time. So we thought to ourselves ok let's cancel the other booking these fellows are swearing to do to the right thing. Once we reached commercial automobiles everyone started to congratulate us and I was shocked "*** is happening". Then one of the SE told me that our car has been alloted and will be delivered by 28th he gave me the chasis number and other details. Surprised and shocked I asked him "why did you not inform us before" (because if we knew we would have cancelled the booking at Frontier and also wouldn't have gone through the trouble of looking for other cars). He replied that I did call your dad and I looked at my dad and he was as surprised as me at everything.

A little prank on my dad
So they had the dealership launch on the very same day. I had to leave but they asked my dad to attend the event also promised to drop him home my dad completely unaware what's going to happen stayed back and then after an hour, I got a really angry call from my dad. My dad is a recluse who doesn't do public event never something where he had to hold a cardboard key and people taking photos. I played a prank on him cause I was aware of what was going to happen and left. )

On 28th we got a call around 3 pm that the cars have arrived to the dealership directly. we reached the dealership around 5 and by 7 we got our car 2 other cars were delivered before us a harrier and a Nexon. The dealership had actually planned an event on 29th where they were going to deliver 5 punch but we insisted to take the delivery on 28th and they obliged.

Initial driving experience and reaction of the family and random people

The few things I did not like
- The pick up is slightly low than MT
- The steering is very slightly unresponsive as compared to other Tata cars
- The lag from 1st gear to second is almost annoying not on the other gears on the 1st car revs till 3k RPM and then lags for a good second second and a half.

Rest everything is great with the car.
It's festival season and a lot of family is either visiting us or we are visiting them and everyone loves the car from its first look. We have received so many compliments about the colour of the car that It gets to the brink of being overwhelming.

Random people come up to me to ask me about the car how is it? What the name? Is it an EV (mostly because there is no chrome on the car and people are not used to looking at this car also the color maybe)

All in all it was a great experience and initially I did feel that the car is overpriced, the launch price could have been set low like its base variant which I think is the most VFM variant if we were not in the market for an AMT Pure would have been the variant of my choice.
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

Tata Punch falls short of the expectations in terms of volumes.

Posts 8,453 Units In Its First Month.

With an aim to sell over 10,000 units of the Punch monthly, Tata is expecting the sub-compact SUV to rake in volumes greater than even the popular Nexon.
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

Originally Posted by volkman10 View Post
Tata Punch falls short of the expectations in terms of volumes.

Posts 8,453 Units In Its First Month.
On the contrary I feel it is a spectacular debut! Has any TATA car dispatched more than 5K units in its debut ever? I don't think even Indica would have done that when it was launched.

Of course one has to understand a huge amount of these dispatches are display and TD cars. The price definitely has not made most Bhpians happy. Let us see how they sustain in the next 6 months.
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

Maybe a slightly off topic question, but having watched the Punch TV AD Tata have hit it out of the park.

There is a minor miss though, the Orange Punch skidding to a halt during the ad doesn't make sense for an ABS equipped vehicle. Maybe the Tata team just missed the minor detail, or am I reading too much into nothing.
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

I believe the 8K numbers will also include demo cars dispatched to showrooms. Nevertheless, this is really good numbers. Almost as much as their best seller Nexon on monthly numbers. This should only improve over the holiday months and hopefully Tata hits the 10K on this one. And if they time the release of the Turbo version early next year right, they can keep getting 10K+ on this for the near term. I see this launch as a big win for Tata!
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

PUNCH drives straight into the top 10 list in the debut month itself beating direct rivals and tailing the SWIFT. Clap!
Tata Punch Review-img_20211103_055252.jpg
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

Here comes the Punch ! 8500 units sold in October, squashing all the concerns about the 1.2 L engine it delivered a big blow to competition.
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

Tata Punch waiting period goes up to 4 months

The Tata Punch made its debut in the Indian market last month. Pre-bookings for the sub-4 meter crossover had opened on October 4, and Tata had confirmed there was enough inventory to meet pre-launch bookings.

Now that Tata has delivered the initial batch of cars, the waiting period for the Punch is slowly creeping up. According to a media report, customers in Delhi will have to wait up to 4 months for delivery. Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata customers can expect delays of up to 3 months, while customers in Bangalore and Hyderabad will have to wait for up to 2 months. The cars are readily available in Chennai.

The Punch is available in four variants - Pure, Adventure, Accomplished and Creative, with prices starting at Rs. 5.49 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

The Tata Punch is based on the Agile Light Flexible Advanced (ALFA) Architecture. The crossover is powered by a 1.2-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine featuring an automatic engine start / stop function, as well as two drive modes - City and Eco. The engine puts out 85 BHP and 113 Nm and is mated to either a 5-speed manual or 5-speed AMT.

Source: Zigwheels
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

Originally Posted by TorqueIndia View Post
PUNCH drives straight into the top 10 list in the debut month itself beating direct rivals and tailing the SWIFT. Clap!
Attachment 2227299
The interesting thing to note here is how little the cannibalisation is within the TATA Stable! Tiago, Altroz & Nexon still doing healthy numbers (Tiago and Altroz a little lesser than before though). Does this mean it surely is stealing footfalls from the competition?
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

The Tata Punch was always going to be a good seller with those mini-Harrier looks. The only fly in the ointment being the anaemic engine. Let's see how long this momentum is sustainable. I hope that the higher powers in Tata Motors learn from this initial success to add a turbo-petrol to the Punch line-up.

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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

According to the TATA dealer in Gurgaon, the top model (Both manual and Auto) are readily available.

Adventure variant has a minimum waiting period of 6-8 weeks. The max waiting period is on the Pure variant running into around 4 months.
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Default Re: Tata Punch Review

Originally Posted by model-t View Post
According to the TATA dealer in Gurgaon, the top model (Both manual and Auto) are readily available.
Are all color options available in creative trim?
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