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Default Re: R.I.P. Behram Dhabhar

I had once interacted with Mr BD as everyone fondly refers to him. He was so down to earth and helpful......am really sad for his untimely demise
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Default Re: R.I.P. Behram Dhabhar

Rest in Peace, BD Sir.
May the almighty give strength to his family and friends.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Behram Dhabhar

All his posts quoting anyone used to have "Dear XXX" in block letters, and one need not look in the handle to know if the post had been written by him.

And the way he quoted model years, part numbers, chassis numbers and all were mind blowing. He was indeed a great repository of all things Jeep and PAL.

Will miss him in the forum. May he rest in peace.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Behram Dhabhar

Beloved BD Sir was my inspiration to be what I am today in the Auto Industry. Had taken some advise on how to start my career in this industry and the amount of detail in his replies are just unmatched. I hoped to meet him one day, but this news was really unexpected. His recent posts about safe driving was so much respect fetching and I hope his colleagues will keep up his tips and advices. Sad to know that he passed away this early. His recent posts about safe driving was so much respect fetching and I hope his colleagues will keep up his tips and advices. My condolences to his family and kin. I hope they know how big a community is sharing the grief.

Dear Behram Sir, you will be sorely missed. Please return to this world in some form and enlighten more people with the kind of knowledge and experience you had gained. I shall still think this thread to be a lie since I cant take in the fact that this has actually happened.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Behram Dhabhar

BD Sir: May you RIP and we will miss you. One of the Navaratna in our Team Bhp Family. Your greatest creation the Thar really touched a lot of peoples lives. Every word you wrote oozed of passion and knowledge on the subject. I will miss you. Such a loss.

Cyrus: May you get the strength to deal with the loss in this trying times. My condolences to you and your family. Be strong!

First and only meeting of BD sir was in the Great Escape when the Thar was still being tested. He was there in his favorite ride and took Gogi bhai and Viper for a ride. The joy and smile on his face when he took on a obstacle with no effort was to be seen to be believed.

Thank you for your contribution.

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Default Re: R.I.P. Behram Dhabhar

Originally Posted by anjan_c2007 View Post
He was seated in the co-passenger seat and was quiet for about 10 minutes.So unusual,the one driving asked him "why are you so quiet today?" Only to realise that Behram had bid goodbye to the world for his eternal bliss.
Now that is a royal way to leave this world. Only good people go this way. That he had a positive impact on so many people can be gauged by the number of pages created in this thread in one day.

I loved reading his posts and a recent post on safe highway driving got me thinking about having workshops in schools on traffic sense and rules. I wanted to enlist his help in creating the curriculum but sadly that will not happen anymore.

Rest in Peace Sir
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Default Re: R.I.P. Behram Dhabhar

A beautiful ode to Behram by Mr Adil Jal Darukhanwala , famed auto journalist

Guys, I am writing here regarding the sad demise one of our very own - Behram Dhabhar who loved cars, loved them even more to tinker with, loved them greater than that to restore and resurrect lost cases and if it was a Fiat so much the better for it. I heard today from my friends in Tata Motors that he passed away on his way to work, suffering a mighty stroke that snuffed his life away. Behram was truly one of a kind. Focused on the one thing he loved as much if not more than his family and friends which were cars of any and every type.His life was all about cars and how to make the good even better. Some might say he had an eccentric streak but pray tell me which passionate Bawaji doesn't have that? He was truly a gem and I liked one other trait of mine he had in himin even greater measure than me: his ability to call a spade a shovel! I also do not know how many know this or will also care to acknowledge it but Behram was the spiritual and real father of the Mahindra Thar, full stop! His work on creating this epic vehicle has gone unheralded for he created it out of nothing and only due to his enthusiasm. Guys like him are a rare diminishing breed. I will miss him for sure. My thoughts are with his family and I hope they have the strength to take it in their stride. Knowing the way he was built, I am sure Behram will start tinkering the Lord Almighty's favourite set of wheels up in the big blue yonder for he was like that and we all would wish him to be like that in his new abode. Godspeed Behram and thanks for the memories.

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Default Re: R.I.P. Behram Dhabhar

I cannot for the life of me, believe that Behram is gone. To all of us of the Mumbai Fiat club- he was a friend, a mentor, a teacher and much more. We lived our Fiats in the shadow of his towering presence.

Feeling terribly orphaned today.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Behram Dhabhar

Shocked and Saddened by the news. His love and enthusiasm for Fiats was unmatched and reading his posts always made me smile

He was truly a selfless man in the way he helped people with the car issues without expecting anything in return

RIP Behram

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Default Re: R.I.P. Behram Dhabhar

I've never had the pleasure of meeting him, but have read most of his posts. The warmth, passion and patience with which he wrote, made me a silent fan and an ardent admirer for life.

RIP Sir, you will be missed. My deepest condolences to the family.

John Francis.
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Default Re: R.I.P. Behram Dhabhar

RIP BD Sir!!! Never felt taken aback so much after losing someone whom I have never met but have just known through their writings and posts.

Your posts will remain an encyclopedia about automobiles and Thank you for the many wonderful posts for mere mortals like me to understand the nuances that go behind in the designing of an automobile.
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One of his most epic replies ever:

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Default Re: R.I.P. Behram Dhabhar

A very sad news.
Rest in peace Dhabhar Sir , you will be missed forever !
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Default Re: R.I.P. Behram Dhabhar

Two guys who made me a TBHP fan are Sam and Behram . RIP Behram .
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Post Re: R.I.P. Behram Dhabhar

Behram Tehmtan Dhabhar (BTD), fondly referred to as BD Sir in the automotive industry and among friends. A man who was born to do only one thing - work and be with cars. Surprisingly, even his name has resemblance to Bottom Top Dead Center, an automotive jargon. I know him since past 9 years, and can very safely say, he came on this earth to do nothing but work on cars.

I joined M&M in August 2007 as a trainee and had the privilege and honor of working with BD Sir for 4 years. My first project - Thar Export & Domestic versions were created under his sole vision & leadership. In 2007 I was the first trainee reporting to BD Sir who was then GM R&D at Nasik, that gave me an opportunity to know him very close as a professional and as a person. Perhaps that was also the reason why I got to learn so much from him as an engineer. I got to work with him in Reliability & Vehicle Testing, Vehicle Development and 4WD Center of Excellence at M&M. After a few years, situation was such that people started calling me "Chota Dhabhar". Although I'm nowhere close to his knowledge and skills, I still felt proud when I heard it.

Behram Dhabhar, the very name used to cause people sweat, wet in their pants with fear - juniors or senior executives alike. Imagine my plight as a trainee, when I came to know that I would be a direct reportee to him. But soon I realized that BD Sir was like a coconut, hard from outside and delicate from inside, being from Kerala that was an easy one for me. In those 4 years he taught me things which people working for decades in the automotive industry never get to learn. He taught me how to sit properly in a car, how to feel a car, how to break a prototype while testing it, how not to break a prototype when testing it, and most importantly what to do when it breaks. He taught me how to test cars, drive fast, safe but not rash. Your sketches of clutch engagement and fuel starvation problems in Premier Padmini still remain etched in my mind. You have been for me a boss, guru, mentor, good friend, a father figure and above all a very kind human being.

People who know him closely could go on and on telling things about him, his energy, his passion and enthusisam for whatever he did. I would also like to jot down a few incidents, which flashed across my mind when I woke up to this tragic news today morning.
  • I still remember the glow on your face when we made the first prototype with Vincent Sir in the Protoshop, an army green colored 4wd thar with NEF Non Crdi engine - this was the donor car for the legendary MH01V521.
  • I still remember when I ruined a perfectly running engine 1 day before the EXAM/AKC challenge and you did not say a word to me. Someone else in my position would have got a lot of flak for it. True to his rallying spirit he said (at 5 p.m.), we need to get the car up and running before tomorrow morning. At 1'o clock it was ready -- 3 hours before our departure time to Lonavala, the next day you created history.
  • I still remember how you used to bug me when you first asked me to make a sheet metal instrument panel prototype. I've got cheezed off at you at times, but then I realized that thats the only way you work. "There is only one way of doing things, and that is the correct way" you used to say. Needless to say your finickiness about perfection has made me at ease when I work with the Germans here.
  • I still remember how you used to fight with the canteen wala to give you an extra cup of curd, the way you used to pester the hotel/restaurant guys when your fried eggs didn't come out as you wanted them to be.
  • I still remember when we met with an accident at 2'o clock in the night while testing a mule. We reached Nasik at 4:30 a.m. you punched in the next morning at sharp 0800 a.m. and released an accident report email at 0900 a.m. with complete details of the test and accident. I remember you asking in the email when do you get to complete the rest of the evaluation on another car. Such was your ruthlessness and devotion at work.
  • I still remember seeing you wash your cars when they were dirty- the Scorpio and the Bolero Storm (sorry Sir I forgot their numbers, I can't catch you on this front). For a GM, a call to the admin was enough to get this done, but you did it yourself - RESPECT !
  • I still remember, how you knowing that a silent and shy character I was, asked me impromptu to speak in front of 350 odd Engineer Trainees, just to kill my fear.
  • I still remember when you caught me at work posting on Team BHP as Spike Arrestor and the mighty laugh we had together. It was you who introduced me to the forum.
  • I still remember you granting me a days leave to go to Mumbai and buy myself a helmet when you saw me arriving at work on my RX100 without a helmet. I tried dilly dallying, saying that the helmet I want is not available in Nasik. No goofing up with DB Sir, the next day morning I was on my way to Mumbai.
  • I still remember to the minutest details every moment I spent and the huge amount of learning I got from you. Whatever little I know about cars, whatever little I'm today , and that now a few people know me in the automotive industry / 4x4 circle - the credit goes to you.
  • I still remember how visionary you were, when no one in the company believed in you, that this product will sell, you believed in yourself and see how you have proved your naysayers wrong. Your vision for setting up a 4WD track in Igatpuri - you started it, see where it has come now, all credits to you Sir.
  • I still remember how you danced on the day when we celebrated Thar's Domestic launch.

I talked with the Thar Team today, and we all are of the same opinion that there was / would be never a team like the Thar team. We didn't work under you, we worked with you.

I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me and what you have made out of me. If there is life after death, and if there is one person I would like to meet, you would be up there on that list. I'm sure you have your gurus Dada and Anil Patel for company up there.

May God give strength to Veera Madam, Cyrus and Darayus to cope with your untimely loss. We will miss you Sir.

On behalf of the Thar Team

Pratheesh Raveendran

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