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View Poll Results: Will you burn crackers this diwali?
Yes 262 35.26%
No 428 57.60%
Maybe 53 7.13%
Voters: 743. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 15th October 2016, 22:32   #376
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Default Re: Will you burn crackers this diwali?

I think we need a "forced" change in this regard and the supply should be restricted with allowable low decibel crackers. As I am growing old, am also finding it irritating with loud crackers. Unless the government puts a rule in place (if not already), the population wouldn't bother to change.

But, as a person, I'll enjoy the flower pots, and other no-sound crackers a lot more. Honestly, those gives a better visual delight as well (save for the sky bursting multi color / pattern crackers).
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Old 15th October 2016, 22:51   #377
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Default Re: Will you burn crackers this diwali?

Oh I didn't know that there was a thread in teambhp for this as well! I have stopped bursting crackers after my sister got burnt in her hands while trying to light a flowerpot! Its been 20 years hence and not bought firecrackers and I will continue to not buy/burst crackers. Well earlier it was about being scared, now its more of social issues like not wanting to cause problems to elders, animals & yes against pollution ( though its an irony talking about pollution on a automobile forum).
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Old 16th October 2016, 00:49   #378
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Default Re: Will you burn crackers this diwali?

Well, It is a Yes/No situation for me.

Speaking personally, I don't like to burst crackers for multiple reasons many of which has already been described in the previous posts.

But I will buy some crackers, because my son loves to burst crackers. Most kids loves to burst crackers and they will soon outgrow this. Let them enjoy these while they are young. But with strict supervision and safety gear. So Yes, there will be crackers, this year.
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Old 16th October 2016, 01:14   #379
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Default Re: Will you burn crackers this diwali?

As a kid i did indulge in firecrackers. But as i grew older i realised it was not the right thing to do. Considering the harm done to the environment and the menace caused to other living creatures, i stopped bursting fire crackers. Its been more than 20 years now. I feel its a waste of money and time. Also I hate things like these which cause a menace to others. For example , people celebrating and bursting fire crackers on the road. Even today whether uneducated or educated, its still shocking to see how ignorant they are to the fact that bursting firecrackers on the road is dangerous.
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Old 16th October 2016, 11:42   #380
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Yes, we will burst crackers for sure as its a rarity for our family. I am unsure how my young daughter will react to the loud sounds and dazzling lights. For sure the type of crackers would be more kid friendly and less noisy. Happy Deepavali to all in advance!!!
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Old 16th October 2016, 12:04   #381
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Default Re: Will you burn crackers this diwali?

My fascination with crackers wore off at age 13. I'd have burst crackers 2 - 3 times at most before that.

It was mostly because there were more interesting things like video games etc. I used to find crackers a '70s thing.

Anyway, most millennials IMO have formed a strong resistance to 'Cracker-mania' like behaviour.
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Old 16th October 2016, 12:28   #382
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Default Re: Will you burn crackers this diwali?

I had asthama when I was a child and during Diwali I had no choice but to wear a mask because of excessive pollution and smoke at night time. Now imagine, a 6 year old child wearing a mask on his face while all other children merrily enjoying burning crackers and roaming here and there with their families and friends.
I can understand what harm this smoke and pollution causes to others having similar problems and most importantly, to our environment. Hence I've taken a vow to be among those few to not cause further damage to our environment and people's health on this auspicious day.

But frankly speaking, these things should be banned. I feel we go too overboard in the name of celebrating something.

I wonder what's the take of NGT in this regard?

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I realised the evils of fire crackers and the pollution they create, at 15 years of age. Have not burnt any crackers after that and am teaching my daughter also the same thing. Private crackers should be banned, but if a community celebrations can be organised, in an open area, then it should be allowed.
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Old 16th October 2016, 23:51   #384
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Default Re: Will you burn crackers this diwali?

This topic is a cause close to my heart and so I decided to compose this at a time when I could gather my thoughts and express fully what I need to express, those who feel differently about not bursting crackers or even feel mildly irritated at the constant posts of crackers not being good can stop reading right now.

Why is this close to my heart? Well because I've been a part of both sides, the time when I did burst crackers (including loud bombs) and the time when I completely stopped as I entered the 20's, its been 10 years since and I'm happy that I've grown to hate it, personally. Of course technically 90% of the time I've only done seemingly harmless crackers like flowerpot and chakras along with the usual sparklers, maybe 3 of those years I indulged in heavy noise-making bombs, I feel guilty for that today but at least I had the sense to do it in an empty field nearby my house where everything was cordoned off and there was very little scope for collateral damage as it was just known people who co-ordinated. I'm guilty nonetheless.

I take special interest to comment wherever pollution of any sort is mentioned, be it noise, smoke, chemical or otherwise. I have worked in connection with and researched LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) processing and that has awakened me to exactly how much wrong there is in earth today. The production and implementation of every product, every chemical and every process gives out a VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) ranging from negligible to severe. VOC's are invisible to the eye but target the sinus, lungs, eyes and skin directly. Asbestos are only now getting banned thanks to LEED research.

When we take in a relatively unorganised sector such as cracker manufacturing and where they included contents such as barium , sulphur, potassium perchlorate, powdered aluminium, gunpowder, magnesium powder, antimony powder etc, all pretty dangerous on their own when ignited and inhaled in a closed room, leave alone a mix of all of them. The air directly gets filled in massive quantities with carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide (the silent kiss of death gas), sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide. People used be pretty relived that mosquitoes didn't exist during the days of and after Diwali.. there's a reason for that.. and no what's bad for mosquitoes cannot possibly be good for us. We're dealing with extremely potent, violently unhealthy chemicals here.. let that not go unsaid. The tonnes and tonnes of cardboard and plastic required to pack such crackers, the tonnes of residue of poisons left over after they've been burned and the boxes strewn across coated with such poisons.. I was truly mortified when I dug into the truth. Also those that aid in manufacturing the crackers aren't exactly all adults and will suffer severe consequences of their job in the years to come.

As a young boy who grew up in this tradition, I can understand what children of such ages today will feel seeing crackers all around them. I may have felt the same too if I weren't allowed to burst crackers at that age.. however had I been told of all these information surely I would've felt differently. Even as I stopped the peer pressure was simply too much.. people told me to do it as a symbolic sign of auspiciousness or luck, people told me to do it for the sake of prosperity and people told me to do it because.. well tradition is it not?

To me no time is too late to not only change tradition but to make new ones. Let not the symbology of darkness to light be taken literally, let this be a time for new beginnings - of the flame of knowledge, compassion and sincerity to be lit from within. Let us shine so bright from within that we touch the lives living within the ecosystem positively. Let us admit the wrongs and undo them so that the fraction of a cosmic moment called our lives can lead to a better tomorrow and a friendlier earth that sustains all that is within it.

I have written this with genuine concern and this is a cause that I truly do care about. Even if this has helped one member/reader to change their mind on how to celebrate Diwali, I'll consider this time spent well worth it and this is my way of celebrating the season.

Thanks for reading. Vasudaiva Kutumbakam.
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Never have, never will. Not because it's not my festival. I don't consider that. It's just cause of the amount of noise and air pollution with the entire festival that annoys me. Specially those poor strays that are tortured and tormented with the entire thing!
Secondly, I guess I have enough money burned with the cigarettes smoked throughout the year, I'll let this pass

P.S: I didn't intend to hurt anyone's sentiments with the above post so if I did, accept my humble apology.
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Old 31st October 2016, 21:58   #386
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Default Re: Will you burn crackers this diwali?

So looks like, it was most polluted Diwali in Delhi in past three years!

PS - I didn't wasted even a single rupee in buying crackers this Diwali, no matter if they are made in India or made in China!
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Default Re: Will you burn crackers this diwali?

Of course! Can't imagine Diwali without crackers.
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Default Re: Will you burn crackers this diwali?

I was feeling off-colour and mentally dull: I did not even bother to go and look --- but I could tell from my bed that reports of bad income for the cracker sellers must be true. It all seemed very subdued and all over by about 10.00pm.

For the children who would have been sad, I am glad that the rain held off.
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Default Re: Will you burn crackers this diwali?

Originally Posted by StepUP! View Post
Of course! Can't imagine Diwali without crackers.
Today, for many people, Deepavali and fireworks are synonymous with each other but this connection is no more ancient than 1940.
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Default Re: Will you burn crackers this diwali?

Its been 10 years since I burnt fire crackers. I like to watch them though - only the ones that light up. Bombs and such are nuisances which should be banned.

And I see people setting off loud bombs at 12 at night - it's not called being festive, its called being a moron. My Diwali's are rather simple - a Puja at home, lighting diyas and good food!
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