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Default Re: The 2017 next-gen Suzuki Swift. EDIT: Revealed in Japan

Suzuki releases the specifications of SWIFT SPORT and pricing for the Japanese market.

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In 6 MT pricing ranges from 10.7 - 11.6 lakhs in ₹ (conversion).
- 6 AT ranges from 11.09 - 11.93 lakhs

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The 2017 next-gen Suzuki Swift. EDIT: Revealed in Japan-img01.jpg
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The 2017 next-gen Suzuki Swift. EDIT: Revealed in Japan-img03.jpg

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Default Re: The 2017 next-gen Suzuki Swift. EDIT: Revealed in Japan

Auto Express selects SWIFT SPORT as one of the best cars of the Frankfurt Motor Show -2017.
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Finer details of the SWIFT SPORT,

The 2017 next-gen Suzuki Swift. EDIT: Revealed in Japan-06.jpg

- New swift sport's inline four-cylinder DOHC 1.4-liter direct injection Turbo K14C-type booster Jet engines. To achieve precise and stable fuel injection control, 7 hole injection nozzle employed.
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-The variable fuel pressure control than high atomization of fuel spray to ensure that both increased cleanliness of exhaust gas emissions and high output.

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- A turbocharger uses small ones rising from the low-rpm boost. Better response to the accelerator pedal operation.

-Giving the opening and closing of the west gate valve to adjust the exhaust gas flow to the turbine wheel, depending on engine load control proper function. By increasing the response to accelerator pedal operation

-Review of the dual of the Sub muffler and muffler structure due to produce sporty exhaust sound. Finishing as engine speed increases exhaust volume is turned up on the linear sound characteristics

-By the size of the radiator, heat dissipation performance predecessor swift sport 34% better than. Double single from electric fans to further change. In addition, uses the ring to rotate plate to the radiator fan. Improve, thereby acting on the radiator air flow 38%.

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-Variations in transmission 6-speed MT with 6 speed AT that. And did the test in various combinations to determine the gear ratio that gear ratio with a swift sport as preceded as a result. However, 3 speed gear that changes in the Double Cone Synchro predecessor sui to sports was a single cone Synchro.

-6 speed MT car clutch, from low speed high torque engine to fit the clutch disk size enlarged. Improved lever to work the clutch disc, clutch is increasing.

-From transmission to shift knob parts specially designed for the operation of the shift. Is achieved by tuning in this short-stroke of the lever, do loads of smooth and direct shift feel

-Has been based on 6 Vitara 1.4-liter turbocharged for speed at the swift sport to adopt the gear ratios and torque characteristics have changed toward sporty.

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-the basic skeleton of the vehicle platform uses Lightweight high rigidity of the new platform HEARTECT. Underbody rigidity is enhanced by turned smooth frame was bent on legacy platforms. In addition, body structural ultra high strength steel 17% body with. Compared to the predecessor sport it is, is about 3 times that amount.

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-Equipped with large front streak, engine under-cover, main floor cover underneath the floor, lift and air resistance is reduced at a higher level. Air resistance compared to its predecessor about 10% reduce.

-Completely revamped the suspension front McPherson strut and rear torsion beam, front coil spring spring constant up 33% from the new swift. Further improve the bending rigidity of strut as a 50 mm up strut case outer diameter 5 mm. Incorporated in the shock employs a sports model made in Monroe. The new swift sport is also hub exclusive products and the bending stiffness of the suspension system has been improved 15 percent.

-Rear, coil spring spring constant up 30% from the new swift. Torsion, torsional rigidity up 30% from the new swift new swift sport-only. Shock absorber is made at the front as well as Monroe

-With the ground change of tyres, turning tires hung large lateral G. Predecessor toe stiffness is approximately 1.4 times the swift sport than have camber rigidity about three times.

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-To adopt forming molding's 17-inch aluminum wheels, but after casting stretch on the rim in the new swift for 16-inch aluminum wheels and keeping the weight equivalent. Tire size is 195 / 45 R17

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-Brake employs (the predecessor's 15-inch) 16-piston sliding calipers at the front. Compared to its predecessor is the thickness of the disk, the thick 2 mm and 24 mm. A result of this, better fade resistance and braking power. In addition became a brake control feeling of rigidity

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-Interior design offers the parameters involved in driving, steering, seat, pedals plate to swift sport-only products. Meter is in characteristic tachometer is red, speedometer is silver and configure it. Both are small scale and even the enhance the mechanical effect of this.

-The steering is in a special leather wrapped instrument dimple grip. Shape is at the bottom is a straight D type. There's also a swift sport traditional red stitching. Shift knobs and boots and even putting red stitching

Name:  26.jpg
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-Seat is a semi backed sheets using special epidermis and design. They use the latest material strength in a lightweight skeleton of the seat also predecessor per sheet one leg than the swift sport, 7.6 kg lighter. Also, having the form instead of the torso and thigh support proprietory pipe frame support, too out of shape, have become one of the afore.

All improvements are expected to take the Swift Sport in a league of its own and a few notches higher than its predecessor.

Source:Suzuki club/ CW

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Default Re: The 2017 next-gen Suzuki Swift. EDIT: Revealed in Japan

Just get this thing to India already. 140 bhp in a car that's not even a tonne, I'm drooling. And finally it's a turbo, so the tuning potential will be great too. Will be a true blue competitor to the Abarth.
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Default Re: The 2017 next-gen Suzuki Swift. EDIT: Revealed in Japan

Wow!! They just nailed the design on this one. I already feel sad for the other hatches in the market. When this gets launched, even in a diluted form, it's probably going to obliterate the competition.
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Default Re: The 2017 next-gen Suzuki Swift. EDIT: Revealed in Japan

LOL, enthusiasts have been drooling on Swift RS from a decade! For each iteration of Swift, there have been posts praying to get its RS version here, only to be presented with sticker job limited editions. Don't hold your hopes high, its Maruti. It will give multi colour options on same tired 1.2 petrol/1.3 diesel and come up with fancy names. Baleno RS was launched a year or more later than normal Baleno. I think the probability of this getting launched here is very very small, if not zero.
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Default Re: The 2017 next-gen Suzuki Swift. EDIT: Revealed in Japan

For all the talk of having a finger on the market pulse, the colossal failure we call FIAT and the much-maligned Skoda have more conviction than our market leader when it comes to providing a niche product for performance enthusiasts. I say 'performance' and not 'auto' enthusiast because not everyone cares for outright performance, and it's an opinion I respect.

It's a shame that a manufacturer who'll probably suffer the least (if at all) from a niche product failing, is also the most risk-averse. If someone asked me to rate manufacturers in the order of probability of catering to niche enthusiasts, Maruti will be bottom of my list.

Nothing wrong with purely business decisions, but a manufacturer not offering their best products in their largest market (even to the admittedly select few willing to pay for them) speaks volumes, and is probably a big reason why Maruti hasn't been able to shed the 'cheap mass-market car maker' tag.

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Default Re: The 2017 next-gen Suzuki Swift. EDIT: Revealed in Japan

Economics notwithstanding, Maruti can very well afford to bring this beauty here. I mean, come on Maruti, you guys are making pot loads and pot loads of cash from your bread and butter products. How much can it possibly harm you to bring the Swift Sport to India where it will be a halo product and definitely picked up by quite a few enthusiasts!

PS: That thing looks absolutely stunning in the race blue colour and even the red, what with those gorgeous alloys giving it the extra oomph

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