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read on some website yesterday

"Hello, this is Radio Pakistan Sports News Bulletin, Lets start with the results of tomorrow's match"
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I guess this is gonna happen really often now that thread is some 300 pages!
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It was right in the previous page
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From a Friend's Facebook Note:

Love Story of Engineer:

I was in12th, She was in 12th...I was doin BE, She got BCA
I was doin BE, She got MCA

I was doin BE, She is doing PHD

I completed BE, She got a Doctorate

She got married, I was preparing 4 MTECH entrance

Shes mother of 2, I am doing my MTECh

Her daughter is in 1st, I completed MTECH

Her daughter passed 10th, I have joined job

The greatest irony, Today is my ENGAGEMENT & Her daughter is my WIFE

MORAL: Agle janam me Commerce lunga
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An old joke in a new avatar.

A Nano breaks down and the guy tries in vain to restart it.The road is almost deserted.
Saw another Nano coming and owner1 waves his hand to stop.
What happened asked owner2.
Owner1 Engine is not seen.
Owner2 Dont worry, I have a spare one in the boot, take it.

courtesy VW Beetle
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Picture speak louder than words. Few of them may be repeat, but still worth having a laugh
Attached Images
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For those who are not familiar with Kannada Language, i will translate.

Father and mother belssings. (the first line)
For Hire ( second line)
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Sardar ki patni behosh ho gayi

Doctor bola "Yeh mar gayi hai".

Sardar patni ko shamshan le jata hai.

Patni boli "Main zinda hoon, mujhe kyon maar rahe ho"

Sardar bola "Chup raho, tu doctor se zyada janti hai"

Sorry if a repost.
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Default Brilliant solutions to everyday problems

Brilliant solutions to everyday problems

Got this through email

No spoon?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365642.jpg
Views: 1733
Size:  31.8 KB

Seatbelt broken?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365643.jpg
Views: 1738
Size:  30.9 KB

New TV too big for the old cabinet?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365644.jpg
Views: 1707
Size:  31.7 KB

No bottle opener?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365645.jpg
Views: 1706
Size:  34.3 KB

Room too dark using compact fluorescent's?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365646.jpg
Views: 1697
Size:  30.8 KB
Fuse burnt out?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365647.jpg
Views: 1667
Size:  33.5 KB

Car stereo stolen?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365648.jpg
Views: 1655
Size:  39.8 KB
Bookshelf cracking under the weight?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365649.jpg
Views: 1725
Size:  58.4 KB
Can't afford a real GPS?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365650.jpg
Views: 1649
Size:  35.2 KB
No ice chest?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365651.jpg
Views: 1642
Size:  36.7 KB
Can't read the ATM screen?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365652.jpg
Views: 1636
Size:  28.8 KB
Car imported from the wrong country?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365653.jpg
Views: 1700
Size:  39.0 KB
Satellite go out in the rain?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365654.jpg
Views: 1624
Size:  34.5 KB
Electric stove broken & can't heat coffee?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365655.jpg
Views: 1679
Size:  44.3 KB
Wiper motor burned out?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365656.jpg
Views: 1607
Size:  34.1 KB
What the?
Name:  ATT365657.jpg
Views: 1743
Size:  27.1 KB

Display rack falling over?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365658.jpg
Views: 1688
Size:  47.9 KB

Tires worm out?

No problem-o!
Might be a little hard to steer.
Name:  ATT365659.jpg
Views: 1686
Size:  32.4 KB
Desk overloaded?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365660.jpg
Views: 1642
Size:  49.6 KB

Car can't be ordered with the "Woody" option?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365661.jpg
Views: 1660
Size:  50.3 KB
Exhaust pipe dragging?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365662.jpg
Views: 1691
Size:  43.7 KB
Gotta feed the baby AND do the laundry?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365663.jpg
Views: 1638
Size:  35.1 KB

Cables falling behind the desk?
No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365664.jpg
Views: 1630
Size:  23.0 KB

No skate park in town?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365665.jpg
Views: 1641
Size:  43.0 KB

Out of diapers?

No problem-o!
Name:  ATT365666.jpg
Views: 1646
Size:  47.3 KB
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^^Have seen some of them before. The 'Car imported from wrong country' caption was hilarious!
The solution to 'cables falling behind the desk' is an excellent home remedy, but will bruise furniture.

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Out Of Diapers!!! Rofl
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Rofl. I was tired of reading no problem-o.

Great!! I loved the What the and the out of diapers. Hahah!
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Why did the athletes at Commonwealth Games 2010 got confused ?


Because of the following sign :-

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Originally Posted by dark_horizon View Post
From a Friend's Facebook Note:

Love Story of Engineer:

I was in12th, She was in 12th...I was doin BE, She got BCA
I was doin BE, She got MCA

I was doin BE, She is doing PHD

MORAL: Agle janam me Commerce lunga
Yaar, joke theek se to post karo (Post the joke that has some sense).

Last I remember, BCA was Bachelor of computer applications, MCA is masters of the same. Where did commerce came into picture? I don't recall anyone doing Phd in Commerce.

The joke I heard was between a MD and Bcom, MBA.
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Shipnil i think you got it wrong. He must be referring to opt for commerce as Engineering is also a longer duration course as Medical. So completion time is more as compared to the Commerce stream which leads to Management or CA programmes.
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