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Can anyone confirm this, Price increases for Punto?

Originally Posted by samsan02 View Post
And BTW, todays update is that they have extended the Diwali offer on Punto till the 31st. So Punto enthusiasts have more time to cash in on discounts
I came to know from dealer that the offer of free Insurance,RSA and Extended warranty has been furhter extended till 14th Nov, not sure thou. At the same time he also mentioned that there is a price increase since yesterday (Nov 7th 2009).
Now thats surprising, why a sudden increase in price? Can anyone confirm if they have found out? You know how dealers make vague statements orally.
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Fiat Increases Punto prices

Got it comfirmed myself at concorde Bangalore. Prices have indeed gone up for Punto, by about 10k for Emotion Pack Variants effective Nov 5th.
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what is the price of i10 AT in Bangalore. Any discounts and freebees on the same?
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Guys help me out

What is the current price of i10 AT Kappa and Magna in Bangalore?

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Old 14th November 2009, 13:27   #35
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Is this a good deal on i10 Magna 1.2 Kappa?!

Dear Frenz:

Gud day!! I would need your help & expertise to get a good deal on i10 Magna 1.2 Kappa. I'm based at Chennai.

I did enquire in 2 Hyudai Showrooms [DSC / KUN]. Here is what they had to offer!! I'm planning to enquire in HMP as well.

We are already a team of '4' planning to buy this car [Nov end or Dec 1st week].

Ex-Showroom price [Metallic] - 396148
Insurance - 14648
Lifetime tax
Safety tax
Basic accessories
Remote - Keyless
3M Sunfilm
DVD Player [Xenos] + 4 Speakers
Mats & Mud Flap / Car Cover - 41000
Total On Road Price - 451796
Dealer Discount - 20000
Corporate discount - 4000

Total On Road Price - 427796

I would like to know whether I can ask for more discount? How much should I bargain more on this?

As I was not that much impressed with DVD Player, I asked for discount on price and the dealer was willing to waive off 6k for that. Is that a good option?

What would be the best price considering factors like I'm buying this car in Nov / Dec and I do buy this as a group of 4 to 5?

Is there anybody from Chennai who has got the best deal? If so, Please do let me know from which showroom you picked up your car and the contact details? If possible you can refer me as well.

If anybody is willing to join us who is based at Chennai, please drop a mail to, I will share my contact details to avail the best possible deal at Chennai.
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Since my thread was in a wrong place, it was deleted & hence replying here now!!

Originally Posted by mkh View Post
wow...this is fantastic- dealer discount of 20K is unheard in bangalore they give dealer discount...ZIPPO...and its only 500 kms away from where its made...after all s/w engrs earn a lot...crap!!!!
Congrats in advance for a superb deal
The deal started off with free Insurance for the first year which was around 14k. We bargained it further with the dealer to make it 20k & corporate discount of 4k.
There it stands now... will try much more & let u know man...

Originally Posted by vkochar View Post
Interesting - If I understand clearly - you say that you are 4-5 people who plan to buy i10's together ?

You actually built an E- Mail ID so more people could join you and increase your buying numbers so that you get a better deal !! Innovative & Bizzarre - But might work - you never know !!
Thx for your compliments. My cousin & myself started on with our car hunt. I wanted one of my colleagues' to join in as well, thou he was not planning for a car. He became interested & joined in!! I spoke with some dealers and told them we are buying 3 cars in one shot... That had them interested always... So i just thought why wouldn't I invite some more to this group, & get a good deal by EOD.

Created an e-mail id & started posting on forums & 2 of them has already joined in, since its the best deal they could get...
That is how our mission started!!

Originally Posted by vkochar View Post
The DVD player + speaker is a good deal for 6k, Sony would be twice that amount. Ask yourself if you really need a DVD player in the car. Do you plan to attach screens in the headrests later on ? Wait a minute - this is the i10 so no head rests - it's got different shaped seats right ?
Yup!! You are absolutely right, Screens can't be attached to the seats!! Quite confusing... didn't give it a thought or two since it came as a surprise package for us when we bargained for discounts.

Originally Posted by vkochar View Post
What you could do is try & get a Hyundai Loyalty - 10k if you can. You get it if you own/ have owned a Hyundai previously.
Nope, We are not eligible, since it wud be first car for all of us!!

Originally Posted by vkochar View Post
I am not sure about the group discount - though it might help you save a few thousands more.
All the best and keep us updated as to how the deal went.
Thank you so much for all your kind wishes.
Will keep you all posted as & when it happens...
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Dear BHPians,

I have been shopping around for a while for a new car. While I have been a it, I have found the i10 AT to fit my bill. Moreover it has a 10k cash discount. The dealer was offering all the basic accessories free along with the vehicle depending on the variant in case I was not interested in the cash discount.

Now onto my question, all the dealers are promising me the availability of the car in 10 days from the date of booking, is this really the case in hyderabad for an i10 AT Asta variant?
Existing owners of i10 AT may please suggest realistic timelines when I should be expecting the delivery from the date of booking.

The dealers are also trying to sell me a car from their existing stock, which do not fulfill my requirements of colour and variant and transmission, citing reasons of a potential price increase.

Is it really true that the lifetax on all new vehicle purchases is going to be increased from the 23 Nov 2009?
I have been informed by the hyundai dealers that the lifetax is going to be increased by 3% thereby taking the existing 9% to 12% for first time buyers and the current 12% to 15% for second time individual/company buyers.

Is this lifetax hike really true and is it specific to Hyderabad?

Guys/HydBHPians kindly respond at the earliest.
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People plannin to buy Ritz petrol get a 10K discount in the form of accessories at CARS India. One of the dealer just called in.

Mod's Note: Please take time to go through the Announcement section to understand the various board rules and posting etiquettes. We prefer it if our members take time to type out complete words rather than SMSey shortcuts.

For now we have edited your post (Ppl#People and jus#just).
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SX4 ZXI (MT) at Hyderabad being offered with 32K cash discount and exchange bonus.

The sales guy has been making frantic calls to me and is desperate to make 1 deal before this month end. Is SX4 not selling even with the VVT Tag?

On the other hand Hyundai dealers fail to decrypt the word "discount" for i20.
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Originally Posted by funnyguru View Post
People plannin to buy Ritz petrol get a 10K discount in the form of accessories at CARS India. One of the dealer just called in.
Can you ask the dealer if similar offer is in Bangalore also?
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Verna Discounts?

My friend has booked a Verna CRDI top end and the dealer said that the delivery is within 12 days (that is by November end). I am thinking to ask my friend to postpone the delivery date to December so that he would get year end discounts.

We enquired in Advaith and Trident Bangalore and they are tight-lipped (as usual) about any year end discounts. The only offer from Advaith is 6.26% interest rate (AXIS bank) OR Free Insurance (29K) but not both. There is also a 3%--3 year--3 lakh offer for Santro, i10 and Verna (sadly, not on i20).

Verna, being a model that is due for replacement in 2010, I think that there should be good year end discounts. Any one has any information about 2008 year end discounts for Verna? This information would help my friend to decide whether it is worth postponing his purchase to December.
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Optra Discounts

Saw an ad advertising Optra at Rs 7.5 lakhs. Called showroom and they have confirmed the price, but its the ex-showmroom price for the base Petrol version i.e. 1.6 MAX. On-road would be 8.5 lakhs

Did a price check from Chevrolet's website and the Pune ex-showroom price there is 8.35 lakhs so I guess there is some sort of a discount going on.

Base diesel on-road at 9.4 lakhs (again in Pune).

All of this only on phone, without going there and negotiating so there is hope yet!! Any news on Optra being discontinued/ facelifted next year?
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Honda City

Can one bargain on out right purchase of Honda City in Mumbia. V type list price is Rs. 10,23,000/- on road individual mumbai. Can you negotiate this price?
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I doubt so.
Honda dealers dont have to negotiate the price of their cars because the sell a lot of them.
But still best of luck.
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a dealer looses money on an outright sale of a vehicle, thats why you get more discounts on finance deals, because on finance, they make more money!

we bought our accent in 2004 by paying full amount, but no discount! only free floor mats! that too from a company owned dealership!

its always better to get the vehicle financed!

bottom line is that you cannot get a discount on out right purchase of a vehicle!
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