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View Poll Results: Which is YOUR car of 2020?
Nissan Magnite 143 7.40%
Tata Altroz 322 16.67%
Hyundai i20 17 0.88%
Hyundai Aura 4 0.21%
Kia Sonet 143 7.40%
Mahindra Thar 794 41.10%
Hyundai Creta 47 2.43%
Honda City 49 2.54%
Tata Nexon EV 295 15.27%
Volkswagen T-Roc 28 1.45%
MG ZS EV 8 0.41%
Skoda Karoq 34 1.76%
Kia Carnival 34 1.76%
MG Gloster 1 0.05%
Audi Q2 1 0.05%
BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe 8 0.41%
Range Rover Evoque 4 0.21%
Voters: 1932. You may not vote on this poll

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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2020. EDIT: It's the Mahindra Thar!

Tata Nexon EV is the car of the year for me!

A genuine attempt by TML for our market.
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2020. EDIT: It's the Mahindra Thar!

Voted for Altroz.

5 years ago, in midst of Maruti and Baleno fever with i20 close second in the segment, no one would have believed that the one of the two hottest premium hatchbacks in India in 2020 will be a Tata. Altroz has created its own space, doing good numbers, super safe, premium inside out and undoubtedly best looking in the segment. Only Kia can maybe overtake it is the looks department with upcoming Rio but that remains to be seen.

What Altroz now needs is a petrol turbo, with two new gearboxes, an AMT with 1.2 NA for city commuters and a DCT mated to 1.2 Turbo to justify the Red color and make it a red hot irresistible beauty in the segment.

Hope it works. Come on Tata, take my money!

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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2020. EDIT: It's the Mahindra Thar!

I haven't driven any of the cars in the Poll except test driving the Mahindra Thar and sitting in the regular Nexon in the Tata Showroom. The Thar was definitely a lot of fun when sitting in the driver's seat, but things were not so good in the second row of seats and the non existent boot space. I have voted for the Tata Nexon EV because it is a good effort by Tata to bring a usable EV (range wise) in the market after the limited range/city only Tigor. Also made by an Indian manufacturer is an added bonus.

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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2020. EDIT: It's the Mahindra Thar!

Voted for the City. Kudos to Honda to provide a well rounded package in a shrinking segment. Matches up well to the Creta and Seltos both in terms of features and mechanicals (for variants in the 12-15 lac range) and provides a good option for people who still desire a sedan but want all the latest features.

Also, I feel need to have multiple categories for these awards -
1. Most VFM
2. Segment disrupter
3. High on future tech (EVs, Hybrids etc)

Something on these lines. COTY can be the main one but it would be interesting to have a few such slightly more specific categories.
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2020. EDIT: It's the Mahindra Thar!

I voted for the Altroz. This is one of the cars high on my list of first car to buy ,mainly for the features it offers and the safety features on offer.

I am not overtly concerned about the weak 1.2 Petrol since my driving style tends to mirror that of James May (Captain Slow) and the lack of an A/T is also fine since I like me shifts manual.

The Thar came close but sadly, it's not a family car and when I settle down (which is expected to happen soon), it won't be enough since I'm sure the future missus won't appreciate the 2 doors.

The Nexon EV was in P3 for me, but again, I'm really not convinced if we have the right infrastructure for a EV especially regarding highway driving.

Best wishes to all the contenders. Hoping to see the results

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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2020. EDIT: It's the Mahindra Thar!

Voted for Nexon EV. EV is where the future is and as a product Nexon EV has demonstrated good quality.
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2020. EDIT: It's the Mahindra Thar!

Among all the vehicles in the poll, I like Thar, Nexon EV, Tata Altroz, Skoda Karoq and Volkswagen T-roc.

But if we go with monthly sales charts, Kia Sonet and 2020 Hyundai Creta are leading.

Team-BHP's car of the year will definitely go to The new Mahindra Thar for the all new design, improved ride quality, interiors, Engine + Gearbox options and improvement in pretty much all aspects compared to the previous Thar.
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2020. EDIT: It's the Mahindra Thar!

Voted for Nexon EV.

Tata has done something truly amazing with the Nexon EV.

Mahindra could have done this a long time ago when they acquired Reva.

With THAR, they have done a good job, but somehow the design still reminds me of a Jeep, and not something original. And for that reason, the Thar doesn't really appeal to me.

OT : Before voting, I was guessing that Kia Sonet would be one of the the top 3 contenders, however it wasn't. Probably due to the recent crash test results of the Kia Seltos.

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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2020. EDIT: It's the Mahindra Thar!

Originally Posted by AirbusCapt View Post
A question for all the voters. The Thar is a much improved Mahindra jeep, agreed. However it is still a semi baked product and is really not a practical or a usable car filled with niggles like a leaking roof etc. Does it really justify becoming the car of the year?
Agree with you. Although a great design and departure from the old model, I don't think it can be judged COTY. Also, I don't see Tiago on the list. Nor the XUV300. Both are fantastic cars and have set standards in their own segment.
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2020. EDIT: It's the Mahindra Thar!

Thar it is! For being a wonderful aspirational product and being a better fit for any garage today. Also, because I too have booked one.

Thar - I don't think any product has garnered so much interest in the Indian auto scene, as Thar. That too when you think about lifestyle offroader vehicles. What Mahindra has done with the product is indeed commendable and the 4 star rating is just brilliant. Many homes have seen serious discussions to get a Thar in the garage. Something that wasnt a near opportunity with the older Thar.

Altroz - Guess Altroz really needs a special mention to bring safety as a mainstream for the Indian auto story. For the first time safety has been a prime feature of advertisement for a car and that says a lot. Barring the lack of a good auto and a powerful engine, the product is wonderful and lovely to see Indian manufacturers coming up with such marvelous products.

Also, good to see that 2020 TBHP COTY is being led by Indian cars for the top 3 positions. We surely have come a long way. Kudos.
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2020. EDIT: It's the Mahindra Thar!

For me it's 3 way tie between Sonet-Thar-NexonEV

Sonet propelled Kia into profitability and massive market share. It was easy for Kia to loose track after Seltos success but they didn't. Sonet is a smashing car however you dissect it.

Thar pretty much saved Mahindra (bit of a stretch I know) in the middle of Kias on slaught (and Tatas resurgence) and convinced over 20,000 people to drop 16L on a two seater, in the middle of Global Pandemic while the country is in recession!!

NexonEV is a proper EV that's made in India. Tesla who?

Altroz could've been in top 3 if it was launched with turbo and CVT. Magnite launched little too late in the year.

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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2020. EDIT: It's the Mahindra Thar!

THAR it is for me!
Mahindra has provided an excellent package with all the desirable options at an acceptable price.

Other contenders for me -

Hyundai Creta: Only if they hadnt spoiled the looks and Crash test ratings were taken care of.

Tata Altroz: Only if Tata had given the AT options (non AMT) and 6 airbags in the car.

Tata Nexon EV: Only if Tata had provided sufficient range, on par with ZS EV and Kona to be able to do inter city travels.
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Default Head-over-Heart analysis of TBHP COTY 2020 Contenders.

Voted ‘Kia Carnival’, but first off, my perspective on each car
For me it was between these cars:

Nissan Magnite

Likes: Great looks, premium-esque package, almost 3 times more car for your money - aggressive pricing, and great looks.
Dislikes: Dealerships and service stations, unbelievable price which makes me think of cost cutting, safety concerns, ride quality experience (haven’t been in one, but trusting reviews)

Tata Altroz

Likes: Safe, competent hatchback, great looks too.
Dislikes: No turbo petrol, lacks features.

Hyundai i20

Likes: Engine, features, Hyundai’s reliability
Dislikes: New Hyundai styling, too pricy for a hatchback.

Hyundai Aura

Likes: Engines, features, Hyundai badge value
Dislikes: Ugly, Ugly, Uncomfortable, Ugly, Ugly (ugly repeated as describing all four sides of the car)

However would still consider this if I’d buy a compact sedan, due to its all rounder nature.

Kia Sonet

Likes: Premium car, gives more established CSUVs a run for their money.

Dislikes: Design language too sharp, does not grow on me. Too expensive, claustrophobic interiors, cramped.

Mahindra Thar

Likes: Exceeds other cars (the other car, actually) in its rather limited segment (Gurkha and itself). Capable both on road and off road, desirable product for many BHPians, worth the price.

Dislikes: (Definitely a well deserved upgrade over the old one, a great ‘lifestyle product’) but only as a secondary car that too as a two seater. I find it too overhyped, impractical and does not fit everyone’s requirements. Mahindra’s ‘hit or miss’ A.S.S. is another major negative.

Hyundai Creta

Ugly, expensive although the well built, badge value and premium feel. Adding another ugly for more emphasis. I’d consider the Seltos over this.

Honda City

Fresh, clean, looks like a Accord-Civic-Amaze in a positive way. VTEC, VFM, competent car. Apparently all positives.


VFM EV; but lacks features, Tata A.S.S, supposed incredibly low range. Gave this a miss because of my lack of confidence in EVs.


Likes: VW Solid Build, Great design not overdone like rivals.
Dislikes: Boring and small. Hence given miss.


Likes: Range, features, simple styling.
Dislikes: none, actually. Range accounts for a strong positive.

Skoda Karoq

Likes: Clean, elegant, class design. Looks of a scaled down Kodiaq, then the opulent interiors.
Dislikes: Boring, Expensive, I would see no reason to even consider this car as a prospective buyer.

Kia Carnival

Now this is the car I voted for as the TBHPCOTY. Before I explain why I like the car, here are my comments on what could have been better according to TBHP.

• Massive size can make it cumbersome in the city, while parking & in narrow lanes
Massive size can be its plus point too. Mind you, this is the only MPV I know that has a third row accessible for adults. It does serve its purpose, besides there are other huge cars in segments above, where large size is not a con. GTO himself would agree that it is more comfortable than most 50 Lakh cars. I don’t think it feels like a huge car at all while driving.

• Ordinary urban fuel economy due to the 2.2 ton weight, 197 BHP engine & AT gearbox. Again, the 197 BHP engine and 8AT are superb! Fuel economy might not be a big problem.

• Underbody does scrape on bad roads & large speed bumps, especially with a full load. I too believe it could have been higher and this were fixed. This is a major downside.

• Top Limousine variant isn't sold as an 8-seater & its 3rd row access is difficult. Captain seats seems to be the premium. This is true, but I wouldn’t mind it.

• Steering is a level too firm at parking speeds & a level too light at 120 km/h. I’ll have to trust the TBHP review on this, because I haven’t experienced the car myself, nor can I drive.

• Some misses such as paddle shifters, a skinny spare tyre, no auto-wipers or front camera. We deserve all these on a car that costs north of 30 big ones. Agree with the Team-BHP review on this.

• Model is now 5 years old in the international market; next-gen Carnival is being tested. This doesn’t bother me since even the Crysta is a 4 year old car and the new facelift does not bring any major change either.

• Stylish 4x4 SUVs like the Fortuner / Endeavour / Kodiaq can be had at the same price. Cross-segment shopping is really popular in India, but this car serves its ‘fitness for purpose’, which is what I like the most about this car. So this car stands an equal chance as other stylish 4x4 SUVs.

Why this car is the TBHPCOTY according to me?

Answer: Fitness for purpose along with amazing comfort, mechanicals, Korean trustworthy brand, ride quality, ‘badi Gadi’ (big car) feeling, timeless design which is not overdone, presence as a head turner on Indian roads.

What we must admire is that it has opened up a whole new segment and has raised the expectations of the Indian MPV buyer.

MG Gloster

Ugly, dated, poor on mechanicals, gearbox failures and a sticker price by over a few lakhs of what it should have been. Therefore I give this a miss.

Why is this a head over heart analysis?

Well, rather than an analysis, I’d call it my own opinion on cars under the 40 Lakh budget barrier which is in the affordable/semi-premium range.
My choice for the TBHP COTY is not based on pure desirability and cool factor but on based on different aspects, fitness for purpose and taking into account all possible factors as if I were a buyer in the segment myself.

I knew I would not be able to select any one car instantly so I mapped down the pros and cons of my own opinion and then made a choice. It is this that I’m sharing here as an ‘analysis’.

(I’m also currently an Innova owner which explains the MPV liking)

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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2020. EDIT: It's the Mahindra Thar!

For those who are interested, here is a history of Team-BHP Car of the Year.

Car of the year: Tata Nano
Total Votes: 1058
Tata Nano got 406 votes (38.37%)
Vehicle sales: Flop. After the initial excitement, sales dropped off. Now discontinued.
T-BHP Official Review:

Car of the year: Ford Figo
Total Votes: 979
Ford Figo got 375 votes (38.3%)
Vehicle sales: Hit. Sold a consistently high number (5-6K per month) in the initial 3 years, then tailed off. Was replaced by new generation Figo, which is a sales flop.
T-BHP Official Review:

Car of the year: Mahindra XUV5OO
Total Votes: 2626
Mahindra XUV5OO got 1487 votes (56.63%) - the highest winning margin.
Vehicle sales: Super hit. Continued to consistently be the top performer in the segment until a couple of years back. Updated model is (finally) on its way.
T-BHP Official Review:

Car of the Year: Renault Duster
Total Votes: 2122
Renault Duster got 1135 votes (53.49%)
Vehicle sales: Super hit - at the time. Defined a segment, and sold huge numbers until competition caught up with it. Now feels badly outdated, and is a slow seller despite facelift, BS6 turbo petrol, and automatic variants being launched.
T-BHP Official Review:

Car of the Year: Ford Ecosport
Total Votes: 1362
Ford Ecosport got 696 votes (51.1%)
Vehicle sales: Moderate hit. Unique offering in the compact crossover segment, carved a niche for itself. Good sales numbers despite new competition. Facelift appeared to continue the success, but now it begins its slow decline. Best selling Ford model for a while now.
T-BHP Official Review:

Car of the Year: Tata Zest
Total Votes: 2454
Tata Zest got 962 votes (39.2%)
Vehicle sales: Flop. Has not met Tata's expectations, did not pose a threat to the Maruti DZire. Even fleet/taxi operators did not take a shine to this car.
Now discontinued.
T-BHP Official Review:

Car of the Year: Renault Kwid
Total Votes: 2363
Renault Kwid got 692 votes (29.28%) - the narrowest winning margin. Hyundai Creta polled 557 votes (23.57%), Maruti-Suzuki Baleno 330 (13.97%), and the Figo-Aspire twins got 293 (12.4%)
Vehicle Sales: Moderate hit. Initial bookings were strong, and Renault upped the game delivering to expectations. However, now selling around 5K per month - which is below expectations. Facelift keeps the interest in this model alive.
T-BHP Official Review:
Kwid 1.0 review:
Kwid AMT review:

Car of the Year: Tata Tiago
Total Votes: 2451
Tata Tiago got 901 votes (36.76%)
Vehicle sales: Hit. Has been (mostly) finding around 5K-7K homes every month.
T-BHP Official Review:

Car of the Year: Jeep Compass
Total Votes: 2387
Jeep Compass got 1047 votes (43.86%)
Vehicle Sales: Hit. Like the Renault Duster 6 years back, it has carved out a niche at its price point and was virtually without competition - for a while. With competition catching up, and FCA's lethargy, sales have now begun their slow decline.
T-BHP Official Review:

Car of the Year: Mahindra Marazzo (Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2018. EDIT: It's the Mahindra Marazzo)
Total Votes: 1964
Mahindra Marazzo got 726 votes (36.97%)
Vehicle Sales: Flop. It started off selling OK numbers, but sales have since fallen and is was underperforming. Fleet operators seem to have propped up the sales numbers.
T-BHP Official Review: (Mahindra Marazzo : Official Review)

Car of the Year: Kia Seltos (Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2019. EDIT: It's the Kia Seltos!)
Total Votes: 2751
Kia Seltos got 1499 votes (54.49%)
Vehicle Sales: Super Hit. With just this one model in its line-up, Kia went from nothing to the 4th highest selling brand.
T-BHP Official Review: (Kia Seltos : Official Review)
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2020. EDIT: It's the Mahindra Thar!

The heart said Thar, but went with the head and voted Nexon EV!

The Thar has impressed me and also have a new found respect for Mahindra's R&D prowess since it's launch. Already a winner.

Nonetheless I had to go with the Nexon EV. Simply because it is the only legit ie. VFM/competitive/real-world EV product that is available in India. It sets an important benchmark for future entrants especially when it comes to pricing. If not for this car I am sure future EV launches in India would have ridiculous pricing and become more of a halo product for brand-building rather than a mainstream EV targeting real Indian buyers.

The success of the Nexon will also be imperative for the launches of the Altroz and HBX EV variants. Truly a defining Indian car in a fast changing global automotive landscape, Thank you.
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