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Thumbs up Thats a great deal

Originally Posted by muneemmk View Post
Mods Please add this to my last post don't want to do back to back posts.

Only after seeing Freddi's Posting did I remember all those features that I forgot to mention.Which are present on the Emotion Optional Pack.

Fog lights, automatic air conditioning,heated mirrors, lumbar adjustment for the driver seat, front and rear armrests, leather covered steering wheel and gear shift, Mp3 player with the new Blue&Me system, alloy wheels. Active safety features like ABS with EBD, Front ELR seat belts and Inertia Sensor (FPS) and Chrome cowls for wing mirrors, Chrome handles, Chrome window rims,Front Deflectors, Steel Kick Plate.

Does this mean we are getting all the features present in the International Linea?
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Initially the ACI quoted prices of both petrol and diesel, but recently they have modified the page with just one price (diesel as per the original info). Also it just says it as the price of Linea and doesn't mentioned whether it is for the petrol version or diesel.

Linea Petrol Diesel
Active 6.19 7.12
Dynamic 6.51 7.43
Dynamic Pack 6.80 7.72
Emotion 6.92 7.82
Emotion Pack 7.22 8.36
Are they looking to increase the Petrol prices considering the expected fuel price reduction or are they planning to increase the price of both pertrol & diesle versions? Launch the petrol model at the initially quoted diesel price and the diesel model at a higher price

Whatever be the case, the changes in the ACI info goes on to prove that the prices were intentionally leaked by FIAT itself (may be a paid article ?!!)

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Originally Posted by drpullockaran View Post
Petes is never going to be your driver to chauffeur you around. Peter is a Mallu human being from Cochin and not a mechical/electronic product that you can plug in the car. I believe what you mean is fitting in the PSI Motorsports gadget to improve the torque of the car by varying the diesel injection pulses and duration which is marketed by Peter from Cochin. Very many in this forum probably( I repeat probably) have the mistaken notion that Pete's is a mechanical/electronic product.

PSI motorsport : Diesel Tuning : F.A.Q.

Peter also deals in other performance enhancing products like Bilsteins for suspension and Green cotton for air filters and not only the PSI powerbox. I am sure yo would not call Bilsteins or Green cottons as Pete's.
Fair point but could have done without the sarcasm. I would imagine the writer obviously meant the tuning box (or a gadget as you called it) and Pete's has a become a generic term much like what Xerox and Eureka Forbes mean to us Indians. In this context of Pete's (and other matters in general), I guess most of the t-BHP folks know what they're talking about.

Coming back to the original topic:
I checked Pete's Automotive Products Pvt Limited and it looks like we can expect 15 Bhp increase in the case of Linea much in the lines of 1.3 DDiS in application in Swift's and Palio's case.

What I want to know if 15 Bhp will be enough to shave off 2 seconds from the 15.9 sec to the ton, other conditions staying constant? If that happens (and how I hope it would), it would make Linea Emotion Pack the best car under 9 L OTR, combining fun, performance, handling and comfort. And guess what, you can kick the butt of some Vernas and do that in style. The one for the road.

Meaningful, useful insights/guesstimates anyone (and Pete you included)?


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ABS need to be made standard for this fast revving car.
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I read through the XL sheet against Innova on Pete's Automotive Products Pvt Limited. And it has a detailed data sheet for circa 1700 vehicles and that looks like a mostly UK compilation. In there I found 1.3 JTD of Punto producing 90 bhp boosted to 102 by the box.

So there we go - a healthy 12 bhp upped (and with 2 Nm added). Not bad eh?


P.S.: @ mods: By the time I came around with this info, the 20 min window had passed :-(
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Awaiting Email Confirmation
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@burning heart- the gains with the Pete's box should be higher for the Linea than for the palio/swift, because of the VGT. The turbo will be able to supply more air to keep up with the increased fuelling.
Especially with regards to driveability/in gear acceleration.
But this is all speculation, till we see a review on TBHP
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Originally Posted by freddie View Post
You ought to have driven the Diesel variant of the Linea as the Petrol variants in Italy do not come with the 95bHp, 16v, 1368cc twin-cam engine, rumoured to be released in India. If you were driving alone then it isn’t a fair judgement as a fully laden Linea will offer different results. Presumably, if you had driven the Linea powered by the 120bHp, 16V, 1368cc T-Jet Petrol engine then it doesn't need much convincing to be impressed – 0 to 100kmph in approximately 9/10 seconds and a rated top speed of around 200kmph – that is the engine I am yearning for.
The Linea I have driven from Italy to France was the 90BHP Multijet version carrying 3 persons with reasonably amount of camping gear and luggage. Needless to say that the drive thru the French Riviera did encourage some spirited high speed driving much above the limits... After a 4 day 2100 km drive and return back to Italy, I could not complain much about the Linea (MJD). Infact I queried to get the Linea again during my further car rentals but could not find it. I have driven much powerful cars on German Autobahns and was certainly not overwhelmed by Linea but I would confess that Linea (MJD) is a well rounded package for its class. I'm waiting to TD the Indian Linea to see what the journos are complaining about.

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The Linea teaser website is so unlike Fiat. Good job! Seems like Fiat have realised that the Linea can be another blockbuster and all that they need to do is throw their whole weight behind the product.

As for those complaining that the T-Jet didn't make it here. One reason could be poor quality fuel. I have no doubt that the T-Jet will be here eventually as will the 1.6 and 1.9 MJD. Of course, it depends on how sucessfull the Linea and GP are.

Also, don't forget that the bigger engines could be avliable in the 'refreshed all new Linea' in about 2 years time. Fiat's partner's are champions in releasing 'all new' variants every few months. I am sure they have taught the Italians a few tricks on keeping their products upto date.

By the way, this months ACI reports that Fiat is considering putting a totally new dashboard in the Palio Stile.

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Originally Posted by shineshine View Post

If Honda, Ford, Chevorlet and Hyundai reduces its price for its cars simply to make it competitive against Linea, I would dare to say that the customers of these cars will be the biggest FOOLS of the last decade who simply gave their hard earned bucks for incompetent products.
atleast me ,for instance who got the fiesta at a wholesome discount (in 3rd week of december)feels awesome for having decided to go for it
im wholly talking about the petrols only and i find it truly desiring for have gone for the ford!!
btw i have test driven all the autos..verna,aveo,fiesta and SX4!!ANHC is a bit too expensive and dint feel the want to spend the extra for it!!
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Red face Fiat Linea - Hands on it!

Finally after waiting for this car since Auto-Expo, today I had a chance to get my hands on it!

The Good Part:

The car is a stunner in looks, beats all the cars in the class.
Dont go by the pics, its too big in real.
There have been complaints on boot to narrow, its not!.
The car is well powered and not at all underpowered as speculated - I'm talking of both - Petrol & Diesel.
Loads of features - Honda, Toyota, Skoda, Hyundai, Marutis need to rethink on their future product line-up.
Amazing value for money, all features available internationally are in.. except the rain sensors, light sensors, and little others... but I dont see Fiat in red for that.

Now for the disappointing part:
The diesel engine is not most silent of lot. Infact they should have take cues from the engine cousin - Dzire. The flaw may be with the insulation.. cause I felt the Petrol engine also noisy in cabin. My current car - Spark with 20000+ Kms in 1.5 yrs is still amazingly silent.

My heart was shattered when I saw the car's dash-board glove box had already cameout (even before it hit the showroom) and so did the panel on which parking lights are placed leaving a gap. Infact both these parts were on verge of falling apart.

I am now assuming that these cars might be used for extensive road tests are now were brought out as demo cars.

I will still give fiat a chance and put in more comments post the launch..only for the fact that the fiat service guys were extremely polite, friendly and nice.
Fiat has done its homework well in sales and service as well.. I could see that with the kind of preparation going on!!

Full marks to them but due to this little disappointing experience I shall wait for 3-4 months before booking the Linea for myself.

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On this weeks overdrive show on CNBC18 the jury(car & bike of the year) was compalining about how the Linea is underpowered,but where they complaining about the petrol or diesel not sure.
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Originally Posted by amit View Post
By the way, this months ACI reports that Fiat is considering putting a totally new dashboard in the Palio Stile.
And they also add that "The company is hoping the refreshed interiors will give the car a new lease of life". I think they're hoping against hope & are a few years too late on the idea! If they had done this in 2004, it might have worked or even with the Stile update. But now? Seriously, they really need to think about not making such plans or announcements.
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Yeah, I don't dig its looks either. :(
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Originally Posted by muneemmk View Post
Maybe you can fit it in a Palio, but you will have to probably steal it from a Linea or import it from Italy/Turkey,spares might be hard to come by for the next six months at least.
The success of the linea will depend a lot on spares.i wanted a palio spare part and i have waited more than a year and the tata dealer is yet to procure the same.plastic bits and the wheel-nuts are amongst the toughest to procure!!

If fiat continues the same with linea the going will be tough!!
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Default Touched the Linea for Real

I had my first interaction with Linea today , Huge car..... Huge boot and lovely side windows ( Just roll it down a bit ) and you will feel the angels... its very nice... very good interiors and good leg space..... lovely use of chrome.... lovely dials.... good plastics on the dash ( looks neat).... Coming in 4 colors for now..

The booking is open in bangalore and I am booking it on the 7th.......
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