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Originally Posted by ijeet View Post
Hi Guys,

My second post on the forum.

What should be the right price of a Tata Safari 4x2 EX DiCOR 2.2 VTT registered in Gurgaon

Year : Jun-2008
Kms Done : 21,000
Extended warranty is there.

I haven't seen the car yet but as per owner its scratchless.Please advice


With best Regards,
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how much would a 2005-2006 getz crdi done about 50,000 kms be ?
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Safari Price

Hello experts,
How much I can pay for the 2nd owner 2001 model tata safari 4x4.
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Used Hondacity ZX Gxi or SX4 VXI--help

Option to choose between used Honda city Zx Gxi and SX4 Vxi(Base model)
2007-Honda city Zx Gxi-36,000Kms-No insurance
Manf date 2007,registered in Jan-08-SX4 Vxi(Base model)-13,000Kms-No insurance

Price difference between: SX4 is 35-40K less than HC

1000Kms per month(50 city/50 Hw drive)
Low maintanence

Help me to decide one.
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Honda city is VFM. One of the best vehicle to drive. If you get it then hop it. I don't know what GURUS of this forum might say.
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Honda City is the machine!
it has the reliability of honda. Whereas SX4 has many niggling issues, which keep cropping up. Moreover, city has been in the indian market for quite some time. The people who have it become fans of honda and have not regretted their decision of choosing one.
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It has to be the Honda ! no doubts about it, its known for excellent driving and handling. Proven well.

so go for it, you will not regret it.
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NHC Zx is a good model... way better than the SX4 (actually i dont think its comparable) as Honda City engine is far more superior and probably you will enjoy the drive even after 100,000 kms - but cant say the same about SX4. But since, its done 36k in less than 2 years, please make sure the car has been maintained well and in good condition... alternatively keep looking for more NHC deals, i am sure you will be able to find a low mileage car somewhere ! Also, somehow i dont like "No insurance" cars for whatever reason !

Also, why dont you look around for a low mileage Elantra as well... you might be in for a surprise, cheaper deal and in better condition !

Good luck
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thanks nandans,abhijeet and shishir..
my one another concern is the service intetrval,honda needs to be serviced every 5K kms or in 6months,whereas SX4 10K kms or u guys think honda will pinch my pocket.
Any idea what is the avg charge per service for HC.
aslo anywher i can get to comapre the spare parts price list b/w HC and SX4.
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I see a lot of people recommending the NHC out here, however you still need to ascertain whether it will meet your needs.
You are looking for a FE car that is low on maintainance and comfortable, and both of these cars will not disappoint you.
Now about the SX4:
- Cheaper to buy
- Cheaper spares
- Niggling Issues might crop up
- Not the best for highway runs
- Comfortable
- Newer model

The NHC:
- Much more reliable
- More FE
- Will outlast the SX4
- Superb to drive in the city
- Slightly underpowered on the highway
- Ride is a bit stiff though the rear seat is superb
- More expensive spares (but much more reliable)
- Body dents easily

Now looking at these factors, you need to decide on what you want and go for it.
Between these two, the NHC looks like a better deal in the long run.
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Honda City. I drive the same car and I can vouch about it. Its easy on your wallet to maintain and is a great car to drive in all conditions.
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Originally Posted by shishir_bn View Post
Guys, even i also require a helping hand from any one of you. The model is HONDA CITY-EXI, Model 2004, KMs run- 58000. The owner is quoting aorund 3.8-4L. If i buy this i will be 3rd owner for this car. Is the price justifiable. The first owner has sold this through "first choise" to the 2nd owner and from then onwards i think the 2nd onwer has done aroun 3-4k kms(since he is next to my door,i have seen him). Is the price justifiable
NO!!! Thats the price for a Single owner car in very good condition. I have come across such cars.

3.2-3.5 lakhs is what I would like to buy one such car provided it is maintained well at around 60K km genuine mileage. I suppose that the RC reflect the current no. of owners as 2.

PS: Have a look at the tyres and battery, if they needed to be changed, you have to consider its cost too(around 15K). And oh! insurance, what about that? Another 10,000/-.
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2006 Accent CRDI


Could you please guide me how much do i quote for 2006 April Accent CRDI .

I had bought it new .

It has run 37,000 Kms . Its has got 2 new tyres Front ( BRIDGESTONE ) Normal Wheels.

It has Blaupunkt - Speakers Audio and AMP and Cylinder Woofers .

Original Paint , all wax coated engine . Insurance till 2010 April .

Gives me a mileage of 14 KMPL in City and 16 in Highways.

A/C gas filled up last service and with full service records - HMP Chennai.

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How much should i pay for this Ford Endeavour

Hi BHPians,

I need your help on finalising the purchase of this used Ford Endeavour

Kms: 41K
Colour: Grey
Quoted Price:8.5 lakhs
All 5 tyres are pretty new
Drove the car and the condition is near to excellent considering Bangalore traffic
Ownership: It was on company lease used by the person willing to sell and he has bought it but not yet transferred and is in the process of transfering it to his name

Help required.
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IMHO 8.5 lakhs for a 5 year old Ford is a bit too high. according to me it should be around 7-7.5 depending on whether its a 4X2 or 4X4.
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