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View Poll Results: Which is YOUR car of 2019?
Maruti S-Presso 14 0.51%
Maruti WagonR 16 0.58%
Renault Triber 231 8.40%
Hyundai Grand i10 Nios 13 0.47%
Hyundai Venue 81 2.94%
Mahindra XUV300 73 2.65%
Nissan Kicks 8 0.29%
Kia Seltos 1499 54.49%
MG Hector 115 4.18%
Tata Harrier 431 15.67%
Honda Civic 57 2.07%
Hyundai Kona 130 4.73%
Toyota Camry 22 0.80%
BMW 3-Series 57 2.07%
Audi A6 4 0.15%
Voters: 2751. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 8th December 2019, 07:43   #196
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2019. EDIT: It's the Kia Seltos!

This has to be some dominance. Just a week and Seltos has nearly 4 times more votes than the second best Harrier. Even if Seltos is removed from the option and the poll is active for a month, still I don't think any car would reach closer to where Seltos is today.

Much evidence that Kia has worked hard on market research or may be just launched a facelifted Creta with everything most Indians look for?

I voted for Honda Civic. It may not be well built like the previous generations, but it looks sexier than any car till that segment. Only if they had priced it well, it would be a hot selling product for Honda.

Going by the response,I feel next year we must pitch Seltos with Creta Facelift. It won't be a new car in 2020 but if there is one who could give some stiff to Facelifted Creta then it has to be Seltos and no other.

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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2019. EDIT: It's the Kia Seltos!

One of the easier polls. Kia Seltos is the clear winner. Finally a car manufacturer offered us multiple engine options, manual and AT gearboxes and above all offered them across the range. The fact that this was first done by a new entrant and not the established players in our market is kind of disappointing. I know of so many people who wanted more air bags or features in their top spec Creta which even though costed a cool 19L OTR Delhi didn't offer this. Time and again the explanation provided was that people won't give extra for more features. Kia proved them wrong and rightly so.
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2019. EDIT: It's the Kia Seltos!

Although i have not voted here or even if i vote here, i would be voting for some good vehicle. But on other forums or other award selling platforms, Maruti will buy the car of the year award. Will not be surprised if Maruti S-presso or Wagon-R are voted to one. Such a pity that we have so much uninformed people in our country.
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2019. EDIT: It's the Kia Seltos!

I voted for the runaway leader of the pack - the Seltos. I generally take 2 factors into account -

1. Sheer number of cars sold
2. Disruption in the market place through innovation

Seltos is a clear winner here in terms of cars sold but besides providing more bells and whistles, it is not really a product which redefines the segment or the industry.

I reckon if point 2 was the only criteria, it would be won by the Hyundai Kona. It does shake things up and gives India its first truly usable e vehicle (sorry to e20 lovers but that is a nice little runabout without ticking all the boxes most drivers want).

See quite a few Harriers on the road. Am sure it is the only other one truly in the reckoning for the award.

Was always circumspect about the MG Hector, Cumberbatch's valiant efforts notwithstanding. But didn't expect it to be such a laggard in this poll.
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2019. EDIT: It's the Kia Seltos!

This has been my first ever post (and vote) on T-Bhp!

I've voted for the Seltos and as many have already mentioned, this is one of the easiest COTY polls. I would have voted for Harrier had it been a better package for the money. Still can't understand why TATA cant make it right the first time

Kia has definitely catered to varied customer bases and improved a lot on what Hyundai has learned from the Indian market. I wish they also gave an industry leading 7yr warranty as is the case with the EU market.
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2019. EDIT: It's the Kia Seltos!

I voted for the Seltos
It has disrupted the entire segment
It has created a segment spanning 2 segments
When the whole auto industry was dull, it did some phenomenal numbers
You can buy a fully loaded diesel/petrol automatic
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2019. EDIT: It's the Kia Seltos!

For any automobile or four wheeler to be termed as The Car, it has to be complete with regards to Safety, Quality of ride, Performance, Styling and Presence on the road. Merely the sales number or mass market or herd mentality can't be the factors for considering it as car of the year. Moreover, while assessing a car, one has to have a clear focus and objective without getting swayed by A.S.S, new company, Chinese lineage, old baggage and such.

Seltos: Overall, super package having 16 variants with on the road price ranging from 11 Lacs to 21 Lacs. Clearly, awesome approach with something for everyone - a clear mass market leader beating every opponent. But, same 11 lac and 21 Lac car on the road, where is the differentiation?? Moreover, the much advertised Bose system is not at all impressive. Another irritant - parcel tray sound in some of the cars and treating it with putting extra foam? Come on, that's the last thing one would expect in a ~15 Lac car. With its wide range, long variant list and massive sales number, it could be termed as launch of the year, however, with poor handling, stiff ride quality, lack of road presence and poor performance it just can't be termed as car of the year. - Popular car & launch of the year - yes indeed.

Hector: It is one the best car that India has witnessed in recent times. Best value for money and loaded with bling, bling and bling. A lot of features to show-off and feel gratified to the brim. A feel of royal majestic car with magnificent panoramic sunroof. However, a car is suppose to move on the road, and that too confidently. This is where Hector fails miserably with its sloppy ride quality, nervous control with speed over 100 and a lot of body roll. Sluggish inadequate petrol engine and poor automatic performance further adds to the operating annoyances. Indeed, Hector could be termed as Bling Car of the year

Harrier: Safety, ride quality, sheer performance, styling, stunning looks and road presence - Harrier ticks all the boxes. Safety is paramount and is evident with its topnotch safety kit that includes 6 airbags, ESP, break reminder, hill hold, brake disc wiping & more. Ride quality is simply superb, it offers excellent handling and maneuverability even at the higher speed 100+ with its responsive steering. Very moment one step into the car, they are amazed by its class appeal and spacious cabin. Interiors shows that extreme care has been taken with respect to ergonomics even, such as hiding the ugly USB port and 12V socket from naked eye, thus giving a very aesthetic appeal. Suspension tuning is one of the best, soaking all the elements of rough road and offering almost zero body roll. From variant perspective, Harrier could be termed as a let down with no AT and petrol engine. But, with just one engine variant its able to sell 1000 plus every month on an average. However, focus on the car that's on offer - Harrier is the Car of the year.

Voted for Harrier

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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2019. EDIT: It's the Kia Seltos!

Voted for Hyundai Kona. Though it is not a market sensation today, we know that is because of the novelty, lack of EV infrastructure and the fact that the typical Indian consumer is a slow follower. I think we will look back on the Kona after a decade or so, as the first mainstream electric car in India which has practical range and mileage, the looks, features and power to be really aspirational.
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2019. EDIT: It's the Kia Seltos!

Voted for the KIA Seltos, although the Hyundai Kona came in a very close second for me just for the initiative taken to launch an electric car in the country. I think reasons for the Seltos have been well justified in the 14 pages this thread has spanned so far.
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2019. EDIT: It's the Kia Seltos!

Voted for Kia Seltos, though i have canceled my booking last week. As mentioned earlier, i had cancelled due to Kia and dealer not delivering on time or giving a guarantee of some sort of consideration against the proposed hike in January, considering i had booked in July. And also because, coming from a Skoda Rapid, i don't think a price of 22 L + for Seltos is warranted.
But, as said earlier, that does not influence my answer to the best new car on block this year. Having test driven Seltos's all three engines and transmissions multiple times over the year, i can vouch for it's decent engines, handling, transmission and amazing NVH levels, even in the diesel. The bells and whistles are cool, many of them, segment firsts.

While this year will be a dream for Kia, it is the next that will be defining. Customer care and after sales is not really up there IMO and with the volumes they will have to take on by mid-next year, it will tell how good brand and Seltos will be, for the long run. Competitive products with same or better build quality with the features added, will add in to the mix, too.
But which ever way one looks at it, it is the Seltos that wins it this year IMO, just because it changed the definitions and expectations out of three segments of cars - the premium hatch back, the C segment sedans and the compact SUV. Not to mention threatening the segment above SUVs too. Lets see what 2020 brings for Seltos. A passing mention to Harrier too - i still believe TATA can turn it around with a well rounded, not rushed into market, seven-seater of Harrier. Here is hoping for that and happy holidays, everyone!

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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2019. EDIT: It's the Kia Seltos!

Voted for Renault Triber. Perfect car for city and occasional highway jaunts. Great interior packaging and just enough power for daily chores. Pricing is just the icing on cake.
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2019. EDIT: It's the Kia Seltos!

Very easy choice this time SELTOS all the way! Kia showed the way how to enter new market and enter into Top five manufacturers just with single model. Seltos launch will be bench mark at least for the near term.
Harrier is the close second which lost due to glaring errors of ergonomics, very sensitive steering, lack of AT and XXXL size side rear view mirrors.

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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2019. EDIT: It's the Kia Seltos!

Voted for Kia Seltos. Clearly changed the game with an all-rounder product. Good package of features that is not available in a segment or two above with a good driving experience to complement.
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2019. EDIT: It's the Kia Seltos!

Seltos, Seltos, Seltos. Absolutely a magnificent product, people are just lapping it in.
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Default re: Team-BHP Car of the Year, 2019. EDIT: It's the Kia Seltos!

2019 - Struggle vs Success

The industry struggled while new launches met success at their credibility!

Let's start with the compact (compromise) SUVs:
- XUV300 vs Venue: None a contender for me as both are overpriced for what they offer.

- Hector: Good packaging and marketing but the product should ideally be a 7-seater MPV. I only see chauffeur driven "Seth Jis" carrying two mobile phones in a Hector!

- Kia has become the OnePlus of Cars, it's new age, future ready (read BS6) and has enough gizmos to keep you busy till your next car purchase. The obvious choice for the mind!

- Harrier: This where the heart goes! Full marks to the design and management team for pushing out such a product!
Yeah it's not perfect but the efforts are commendable. The execution should improve over time! My vote goes to the underdog Harrier.
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