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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Car - Punto 1.3 MJD
FE - 20.5 kmpl
Distance - 1075 kms
Conditions - 20% city, 80% highway (30% AC)

Got this mileage during the recent trip to Aurangabad, Vani, Nashik.
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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Originally Posted by Anirudhneni View Post
My abarth punto with 1350km on the odo gave around 9.4 when I calculated. The digital odo shows an average of 10.2. I'm running in the car so I haven't crossed 2.5k rpm much and usually drive both in the city and highway, as my college is on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

I'm expecting the FE to increase after first service but till then 😭
What's the update now? Still getting the same mileage? However, Do not worry too much into the numbers during running -in. I have seen worse like around 7.0-7.5 kmpl during the running-in of my 2015 FIAT Linea TJet. It now gives me 16kmpl on the highways and around10.5-11.0 in the city (It does drop to 9.5 kmpl sometimes though). All MID figures.
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Originally Posted by Vinodh_Gowda View Post
What's the update now? Still getting the same mileage?

The MID figures are 10.4 in the city and 14 on highways. All the cars in my house are diesels and I was getting some stick from my brother about getting less than 10kmpl. Now I'm happy that I get more 10 :P
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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Car: Dec 2014 Elite i20 (Asta) VTVT
Distance: 838 Kms
FE: 17.45 kmpl
95% Highway Driving
60% AC on Automatic Climate Control (24 Degree)
Calculation Method: Tankful

Point to be highlighted: I filled tankful petrol (normal- type) at an HP COCO outlet upto auto-cutoff. After that trip meter was reset.
In between I topped up 13.8 Ltr at Essar Petrol bunk. And at the end of the trip again I filled tankful at same HP COCO outlet with 34.22 ltr (normal- type) upto auto-cutoff.
Trip Meter reading was 838 at that time.
Please let me know if I've calculated correctly.
My observation is the quality of fuel mattered a lot. In my previous trip I had never got FE more than 15 kmpl on highways.
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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Car: Celerio ZXi AMT(O) 2016
Drive mode: Automatic
ODO: 845
FE: 19.1 km/l
Running: 40% city, 60% highway
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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Car - Maruti Suzuki Swift K-series 1.2
Distance - 465kms
Fuel Efficiency - 12.40 Kmpl
Driving Conditions - 90% city, 10% highway (25% AC)
Calculation method - Full tank method
Fuel efficiency as per MID - 15.40 kmpl

This was under start stop traffic conditions of Mumbai and I'll say its quite commendable.
I've owned this car for about 5.5 years now and the lowest fuel efficiency I have got is 9.2 kmpl, the highest being 19.8 kmpl (higher than the ARAI claim of 18.6 kmpl)

My usual driving style is sedate which fetches me between 10.2-13 in city traffic conditions, the variance depending on the use of air-conditioning, however, sometimes I turn into an absolute lunatic which is when I got 9.2 kmpl.

So bottom line is I am pretty happy with the efficiency of this car, albeit I do not like the exaggerated claims of the MID. when I got 19.8 it displayed 26 kmpl

The second car I drive is the Honda civic 1.8 mt which is about 10 years old now.
The lowest I have got on this car is 6 kmpl and highest has been 11 kmpl. with a city average of 7-8 kmpl.

Now I drive this car in exactly the same manner as the swift, and the fuel efficiency in city is ok but it just doesn't seem to extract the right amount of kilometres from each litre on the highway. Honda claims it to have an ARAI mileage of 14.8 kmpl, but I have never got that or even anything close with this car.
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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Car : 2010 Estilo

Hasn't had much running. Stands at only 16.5k odo in 6 years . Was used by dad for 4 years(in JH) who occasionally drove. Came to me around 2014 end & I had to travel overseas for ~2 years right after that. So barely got any running. Now that am back planned to use it for sometime before upgrading.

Method of calculation : Tank full.
Highways( Bangalore-Mysore-Kanakpura-Bangalore. Approx 310kms) : 20kmpl with moderate traffic & 70% AC
City(or is it Outskirts?) ( Begur-Bannerghata Road-Jigani-EC round trips over 2 weeks summing upto ~550kms): 16kmpl with 70% AC

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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Car - Eon 1.0
FE - 12.3 kmpl in city || 19.8kmpl on highway (tankful to tankful method)
Distance on ODO - 4200
Conditions - 70% city & 30% highway (AC is ON for 60% of times)
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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

From the past week:
Car: Celerio AMT
Distance covered last week: 335kms
Fuel consumed: 23.26L
Fuel efficiency: 14.4kmpl
FE shown on MID: 15.1kmpl

80:20 city:highway with 90% AC usage

Driving style: Non-sedate
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Car - 2013 Vento Tdi
Trip - Delhi-Amritsar
Distance - 1032 Kms.
Fuel Efficiency - 18.75kmpl
Tank Range - 945kms on a Single Tank before a Refill
FE on MID - 19.1kmpl
90Highway:10City with 80% Non Ac

This was the most I have done on a Single Tank. The car took in 49.9L at refill, so that takes the Tank Range to 1000+Kms. 😀
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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Car: Verna 1.4 CRDI

Kms covered so far: 6700
Driving style: Keep ego always at home
Fuel efficiency as per MID: City 17-19, highway 20-22

Filling always at COCO outlet till auto-cutoff

Conditions - 30% city & 70% highway (AC always on)
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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Did a Delhi-Jaipur-Ajmer-Delhi trip on my Hyundai Xcent diesel last weekend. Car did 841 kms on a full tank till the yellow fuel lights came on. Around 10% was in heavy Jaipur traffic, rest all on highways. Comes out to be around 21km/ltr. Pretty sweet I'd say
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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

To be honest, I have started feeling envious after going through FE figures of the new gen. cars. Why? See below-

1) 2008 Fiesta 1.4 Duratec, petrol.
  • City - 11kmpl (Only 1,2,3 gears used)
  • Highway - 15kmpl (<100kmph & very light-foot)

2) 2009 Alto Lxi
  • City - 14kmpl (Only 1,2,3 gears used)
  • Highway - 20kmpl (<90kmph)

All FE figures are with AC on.
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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

During a recent trip to Goa from Navi Mumbai

Car - Punto 1.3 MJD (ODO 68643)
FE - 22.3 kmpl (MID), 21.5 (Tankfull)
Distance - 1185 kms
Average speed - 68 kms/h
Conditions - 10% city, 90% highway, three adults on board, AC running all time.
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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

2015 Ford Ecosport 1.5 AT
Petrol: 8-9 (city)
10-12 (highway)
CNG: 16-18 (city)
18-20 (highway)
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