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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

My last two interstate trips one to Rajasthan & another one to Punjab cumulative 1900 Kms approximately have yielded mileage of 24+ kmpl.

Total highways drive was not more than 1050 Kms & rest was within city with chock a block traffic.

Total fuel filled was approx 77.5 liters.

Air conditioning wasn't used on trip except the heater (3-5% due to dense fog) & there were 5 people with luggage for weekend stay.

Must say I'm really happy with performance & fuel efficiency of the 2015 Aspire Diesel.
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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

On Monday, I did a drive of 120 Kms to a temple, which is 50 Kms away from Hyderabad city with couple of my friends in my Honda City Diesel and got a shocking mileage of 22 Kmpl(T2T) as I was driving sedate and was cruising at 80-100 Kmph in order to get good FE.

Road conditions on which I drove were almost good but roads were bad near our destination but still managed to get good FE, all thanks to my sedate driving.

Before going to the destination, I had filled a Diesel of Rs.500 as the fuel was low, which translated to 5.66l of Diesel and traveled nearly 120 Kms and the mileage I got was,

124 Kms/5.66l= 21.9 Kmpl, which is close to 22 Kmpl.

I must say that I'm quite impressed with the mileage of my 2014 Honda City Diesel, which has run more than 1,00,000 Kms(a shade more than 1,07,500 Kms as of today).

And, in B2B traffic, I get around 16-18 Kmpl(T2T) and the MID shows the same but the MID shows 1-1.5 Kmpl more than T2T meth depending on how I drive while in mixed conditions(city+highway), I got around 19.5 Kmpl recently, which is not bad according to me.

And, coming to another car, which is 2011 Innova, gives around 9-10 Kmpl in city traffic while it gives 11.5-13 Kmpl on highways depending on the road conditions.

During our recent trip of 1400 Kms to Tirupati in Feb, we got an FE of around 12.5-13 Kmpl, which was quite surprising for a 10 year old vehicle and that too after the service, which we got it done just 2 days before the trip.

During last fill, I thought that why not calculate the mileage of the Innova and to my shock, got a mileage of just 9.4 Kmpl(T2T), which I felt poor according to me.

We had filled Rs.2000 worth Diesel, which translated to 22.69l of Diesel, when we went to our hometown a week ago and we did 130 Kms(up and down)to our village and rest of the 80-85 Kms had been driven in city traffic.

BTW, the Innova is almost 10 year old and has run 1,78,000 Kms on the odo.

Coming to my Aprilia SR150, I get around 35-38 Kmpl if ridden well. In the middle of the ownership, I used to get around 30-32 Kmpl, which I felt okay according to me due to being higher CC engine and I didn't care much about the mileage during the purchase of the scoot as I purchased it for performance. But, since the day the petrol prices got increased, I've been a caring a lot about the FE these days.

Before the increase in Petrol prices, I used to get around 30-32 Kmpl and post the increase in petrol prices, now I'm getting around 35-38 Kmpl as I'm giving less throttle in order to save the fuel, thanks to increase in Petrol prices and I've started doing commuting again on the Aprilia since last few weeks.

When the vehicle was new, I used to get around 35-38 Kmpl, which I'm getting the same after almost 3 years of ownership and in fact, I got a mileage of 40 Kmpl during the initial days of ownership.

But, the mileage got reduced to 30-32 Kmpl due to less usage and the Aprilia was restricted to short trips during covid times as it was used for bringing groceries and medicines.

BTW, the Aprilia has run 14300 Kms on the odo.
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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Ford Ecosport TDCI, Oct 2020 BS-6 make. The car has just done 3500 kms, the engine still has to reach optimum performance levels at 5000-6000 + kms.

City mileage in heavy Bangalore traffic- 15-16 kms per liter.
Highway mileage - upwards of 20-21 km per liter.

This with fairly heavy footed driving. I try and drive in the turbo band wherever possible, even though the TDCI engine is responsive from as low as 1400-1500 RM. The aforementioned efficiency numbers are with fairly heavy throttle inputs and bursts of quick acceleration whenever road conditions permit.
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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

I feel very sinful to post my mileage figures here after reading others figures. Still posting here so that this may help few others who drive like me to not find fault with ARAI figures. However I have some good news at the end

I always drive with A/C on - 100% AC ON

I am spirited driver but very cautious and safety first

I shift (both up and down) very frequently that I never have my left hand free for much time. This is to pull the exact torque for no lag at anytime

Here are the numbers :

Alto 2008 petrol(0.8L) - 25k km - city 15 kmpl, highway 18 kmpl

i10 2010 petrol(1.2L) - 25k km - city 12 kmpl, highway 15 kmpl

Polo 2012 diesel(1.2L) - 65k km - city 12 kmpl, highway 14 kmpl

City 2018 diesel(1.5L) - 25k km - city 18 kmpl, highway 19 kmpl

From above, I am convinced that I am not sedate driver.

But for a proof to myself that the driving is culprit, did a 1 km drive in honda city inside city with very less traffic and no AC. This with neither light foot nor heavy foot. But with no foot. Yes, Honda diesel pulls the car in any gear at 1000 rpm with out acceleration with minimal speed and no lugging.

voila - I got 47 kmpl

What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?-amazing_hondacity_diesel_mileage.jpg

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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

^^^ @tirumalavoleti the numbers speak up for themselves.

You are a sedate driver in city (even if you are forced to do so because of heavy traffic), but you enjoy your drives on the highways & sort of leave fuel economy & traffic behind.

My only suggestion to you woy be to keep the vehicles under 100 kmph on highways & then compare with the fuel economy of past.

Putting this on my own perspective (highway drives), I got 21 kmpl on 2003 Santro Xing (sold) in petrol, approximately 30 kmpkg (CNG) on same car in later age, 19 kmpl on i20 petrol (brother's car) & my current car - 2015 Figo Aspire Diesel routinely gives 28 kmpl. To be honest, I too want to drive faster, but there are speed guns most of times & by the time I reach places where there aren't, I just want to enjoy the scenery than engine.
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