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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

1. 2021 Honda City 5th Gen ZX CVT (Yokohama Earth1 205/50/R16; front-32psi, rear-30psi; with 4 passengers, boot filled to the brim on highway trips and A/C on throughout)
Dehradun-Noida (235kms) - 20kmpl
Jodhpur-Dehradun (920kms) - 18.2kmpl
City commute (pathetic bumper to bumper traffic) - 12kmpl

2. 2018 KTM Duke 390 (Apollo Alpha H1 110/70 R17 & 150/60 R17 ; front-29psi, rear-32psi; fully loaded with saddlebags and tailbag on highway trips)
Dehradun-Noida (235kms) - 28.5kmpl
City commute (pathetic bumper to bumper traffic) - 24kmpl

3. 2005 Honda City GXi (some Michelin 185/70 R14; front-32psi, rear-30psi)
City commute - 9.5-10kmpl

PS - All figures are measured tankful to tankful
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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

2021 Honda City 5th Gen ZX CVT with Yokohama Earth1 205/50 R16 running recommended F-32psi and R-30psi. The frugality of the silky smooth iVTEC+CVT combo doesn't cease to amaze me !

Had to make a short work trip to Gurgaon and back yesterday. Average speeds were low due to continuous rains and the usual heavy and slow moving traffic on Muzaffarnagar-Meerut stretch. The car surprisingly returned excellent FE despite facing Gurgaon's notorious waterlogged roads and traffic jams. I have successfully managed to get a car that doesn't fail to deliver a smile to my face everytime I drive.
Got back home and tanked up to find the magical number of 19.1kmpl as per tankful to tankful. The MID is very accurate, showing a close 19.3kmpl.
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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Off Topic:

Designed to run for just six months, ISRO's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) went around the red planet for eight years before calling it a day.

Reports say that the mission
may have finally ended its long run when it's Mars Orbiter spacecraft ran out of fuel and its battery discharged past the safe limit
Right now
"...there is no fuel left. The satellite battery has drained," PTI was informed by sources within the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).
"...recently there were back-to-back eclipses including one that lasted seven-and-half hours...all the fuel on board the ageing satellite had been used. As the satellite battery is designed to handle eclipse duration of only about one hour and 40 minutes, a longer eclipse would drain the battery beyond the safe limit," another official stated.

According to ISRO authorities, the Mars orbiter vehicle operated much over its intended mission life of six months, lasting almost eight years.
Could we not say then, in line with Maruti, that for a country obsessed with mileage, ISRO makes some of world's most fuel efficient satellites?

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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

Jeep Compass Model S 2022

Traveled from Chennai to Karaikal and back. I took the Trichy highway route. About 40 % of the road was under construction, so there were frequent slow-downs especially around culverts.

MID displayed 14.4 km/L. Tankful-to-tankful method worked out to 14 km/L.

Within Chennai city (rarely in bumper-to-bumper traffic):

MID: 9.3 km/L. Tankful-to-tankful worked out to 9.8 km/L.

I used to get only around 7.5 within city, but after I switched my MID to always show the Fuel Economy display (image below), it changed my driving habits which has resulted in better FE.

What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?-img_2725.jpeg
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Default Re: What is your Actual Fuel Efficiency?

2013 Toyota Etios Petrol NA GSP Manual; ODO reads 50k Km - mostly Bangalore city driving. Always thought that city rides give around 12 km/l while highway rides eke out ~ 15 km/l. So, never really bothered about mileage over the past 9 years. Lately, became curios and conscious with newer generation cars being marketed/promoted with higher FE and more refined engines boosted by smart hybrid technologies. So, did a few tank-to-tank measurement of mileage:

1) 434.7 km consuming 35.24 liters petrol > 12.34 km/l - only city drive.

2) 404.5 km consuming 35.92 liters > 11.26 km/l - only city drive.

3) 414.8 km consuming 35.05 liters > 11.83 km/l - only city drive.

4) 506.1 km gulping 36.65 liters of petrol > 13.81 km/l - 50% city and 50% highway ride.

AC usage in city is 60% and highways is 100%. Even though measured the T2T mileage, never really changed my driving style - can't let the fun of driving go. City rides (in Bangalore) in 0-80 kmph speed depending on road and traffic conditions.

Highway rides (NH44 - Bangalore-Hyderabad highway) - average speed between 100-120 kmph.
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