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Palio MJD,

City with 10%ac --> 17.5 kmpl
Highway with 50%ac --> 21 kmpl
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TATA Indigo DLX 2007

city: 14-15kmpl
highway: 15.5-16.5kmpl

with AC on all the time.
Donít know why my highway efficiency does not differ much with the city efficiency. May be I drive a bit too fast on highway. (I try to keep it around 100-120)
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city 11-14 km/l

swift vdi

city 12-13 km/l
highway 15-16 km/l
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The efficiency figures of my 13 year old M800 & 2005 Indica V2 DLG are as below:


13-14kmpl in the city (not used for highway driving at all)

Indica V2 DLG:

13-14kmpl, city traffic, 85-90% AC
16kmpl, city traffic without AC

16-17kmpl, highway, 100% AC and constantly doing 110-120kmph & occasionally 130-140kmph
19kmpl, highway, 75% AC and driving sedately in 90-100kmph.
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Originally Posted by hemanthisgreat View Post
Those figures are too good. what more can you expect. Or are you wishing you got those figures.

The Uno mileage in city is very bad.. what posted is the max i can get if drive under exceptionally cautious conditions(may be to get an result for heart content ).. with A/c or hectic conditions.. it falls worse even to 10 :(

Even though its 8 yrs old have crossed 50k
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Update At 12000 Kms

9.5 kmpl 100% AC (Of this more than 50% in crawling traffic)

17.3 kmpl 100% AC (Speed constant around at less than 90 kmph)
15.1 kmpl 100% AC (Average speed at 115 kmph)

IOC normal petrol
Tyre pressure at 31

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Hi ashokdurai,

> The Uno mileage in city is very bad

I agree!

This is a part of a message that I posted in another forum on Feb 16, 2004!

"This is similar to my school run which is approximately 6 kms in all
from residence to school and back. The engine is not stopped at the

Using a vechile exclusively for these runs, these are the mileages
that I have got in the following cars:

Cielo GLE Automatic - 6 kpl
Fiat Uno Diesel - 9 kpl
Indica GLE - 11 kpl
Zen diesel - 13 kpl
Maruti Versa DX2 - 8 kpl

All the cars are used with AC on all time.

Unfortunately in my small town any local run will of similar or
shorter length and though traffic lights are rare here, intersections
are more and traffic density and traffic jams are higher due to the
not so wide roads. But a mix of longish runs does immediately improve
the mileage."

This was a comparison of mileage under a particular set of conditions.
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My Getz CRDi consistently delivers the following (four months old, so still due for full service).

City - 13.5 - With A/C
Highway - Highest I have got is 16
Mixed - 13 - 14
Pretty decent eh?
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Actual Mileage figures for Zen Estilo

Zen Estilo VXi (after 5500 km)

In city (Mumbai) : 11.4 km/l with AC always on

On highway (Mumbai - Pune - Mumbai) : 18.4 km/l with AC always on.
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The wall Street Journal recently posted some interesting ways to improve FE. These include:
1 optimal speed of 55 mph (90 kmph).
2. every two minutes of idling uses about as much fuel as driving a mile.Idling is definitely a gas waster, and the more you do it, the more you waste. But turning off the engine at long red lights can be counterproductive, cars aren't built to deal with the constant shock.
3. Tailgating a semi (truck) can improve your car's gas mileage by reducing wind resistance, a practice known as drafting. And up to a certain point, the closer you get, the bigger the improvement, according to Discovery Channel's Mythbusters, which found that they could cut fuel use by almost 40% -- by driving 10 feet behind a big rig. The downside: sudden fiery death. Not advisable at all in India.
4. For a car with a four-cylinder engine, running the air conditioner decreases fuel economy by 20%. For a stronger V8 engine, air conditioning takes a 10% toll. By comparison, the wind drag caused by driving with the windows down decreases fuel economy by only 2% to 3%. Again, not advisable in India because of the dust. But, use the AC for comfort and even then some improvements are there.
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Here's my figures.

Swift VXI June 2007

195/60/15 with Lenso alloys

13.5 ~ 14 kms with 100% AC in Namma Bengaluru


18~20 Kms with AC while doing long distances maintaining a speed of 90~100 KPH
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the everlasting question. AVERAGE KYA HAI
here goes
Corolla: 11 to 12.5 city
15 to 16 highway
NHC Vtec: 12 to 14 City
16 to 17 Highway
OHC Type I: 9 to 10 City (at 11years)
Highway - unknown (No more highway trips)
Esteem Mpfi: 11.5 to 13 City
15 to 16 Highway
Wagon R: 11 to 13 city
Highway unknown (This car has never seen a highway)
800 5-speed: 14 to 16 city
18+ Highway
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The issue of mileage is a little tricky as it depends on many factors.I have found a plethora of reasons for variation.

- The reserve light is not at all dependable,unlike a motorcycle where the tap knob position has to be changed where it is more accurate.The reserve lamp first flickers on and off and takes a good 7 to 10 km before it settles to steady burning.

- If we fill up full tank and keep on topping up , the problem here is the auto shut off system in petrol pumps, which is based on back pressure.I have seen a lot of times we can fill at least 2 to 2.5 l after the first cut off.

-The profile of the tanks results in air gaps.So shaking the tank becomes necessary in order to fill it up to the brim, this error could be quite significant if one wants to check mileage at shorter interval.A 2L error on 50 L is only 4% while the same in 10L is 20% .

I have found when checking out with people on mileage of their cars ,three categories

- People who don't know or maybe they don't care.
- People know their mileages but do not take the above precautions mentioned
- People who do a fairly accurate job when checking.

The third category is very small percentage ,because the second category thinks that it is taking all the precautions.

So, unless we take utmost care during fill up variations could be quite a lot,we are not taking into account the variability due to traffic conditions , driving habits No. of occupants etc.

Thanks and regards
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My Getz 1.1 (Total Km - 7500)

City 11-12 km/l
Highways 15-16 km/l

AC on all the time
HP power petrol
Tyre pressure 30
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I agree with Hi hexane. Although tank full to tank full is the best method of keeping track of the mileage, there are inaccuracies involved. The best thing, in my opinion, is to calculate the mileage over a period of time. I have a made a spreadsheet in which I make an entry every time I fill up, whether full tank, or no. It gives me a graph for tank full to tank full averages against time. I always ask the pump attendant to stop at the first tripping of the nozzle, though, as Hi hexane has pointed out, may not be the best thing to do - but you have to follow one consistent method. The graph looks something like what is shown here.

The vertical line segment at the end is due to the fact the I had topped the tank fully twice on the same day after a 300+ km trip. A large dip in the centre is where I had given the car to the service centre for some repairs. (Did some of the fuel in the tank vanish somewhere?)

The conclusions that I can draw from this graph is that my average for city driving has been increasing steadily, as it should, since the car is new. (It will stabilise after some time). Also There is a large difference between the average for city driving and highway driving (the vertical line). The fluctuations in the city averages could also be due to different levels of traffic jams that I encountered.

In short, you will never get one constant figure for mieage; there will always be fluctuations.
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