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Old 3rd June 2010, 22:23   #331
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I too like the styling. It is 'no nonsense' and is an example of how conventional sedan lines can still look contemporary and elegant. This is not trying to shout and grab attention but is quietly imposing. Reasonably powerful diesel and an AT will take away the market shares across segments!
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Old 3rd June 2010, 22:55   #332
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The Vento looks good. I quite honestly like the looks of this car more so because doesnt feel like a boot copy paste job. An AT is a welcome move but the diesel have had that option too. Needs to be priced well and the service network has to be right up there.

Reliability is also the key factor here and Maruti has loads of it. Call the Dzire ugly but it is a no nonsense and practical car. The Vento has a lot of hard work to do.
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Old 4th June 2010, 09:56   #333
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I love the looks of this vehicle too. In fact I am relieved that it is so styled.

Due to some strange pervasiveness the entire auto industry is moving towards design that scream for attention than wait for attention. Dashboard that looks like Christmas trees in night than just a good old dash. There are some brands and age groups that will appreciate this for sure. But the entire market is not just boy racers, right?

This vehicle gives me hope. Its elegant, understated and clean in design. Finally I think I found the car to recommend to my parents to replace their eight year old car.
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Old 4th June 2010, 10:18   #334
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ET: Press release

There is a detailed press release by the companyabout the launch plans of the Vento.

A nice pic is also enclosed, if this is how the vento will look, its going to be a sure contendar in the already cut throat sedan race.

source: Volkswagen to launch new sedan Vento in Autumn 2010-Automobiles-Auto-News By Industry-News-The Economic Times

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Old 4th June 2010, 10:54   #335
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Originally Posted by designersf View Post
@crackingride - That is only for the Russian market. European and Indian models will definitely be better equipped.
When I see it I shall believe it. I beg to differ. Going by what's happened with the hatch, I do not think the India spec is going to beat international offerings.
Firstly, there is no European offering. This is for BRIC countries.
That said, the Indian "press release" mentions none of the specs listed for the top of the line Russian offering.
If "strong horn" is a feature that VW feels we will be happy to have in place of ESP or ABS, then they have another think coming.

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Old 4th June 2010, 10:59   #336
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48 Hi-Res Vento pics ...
VW Polo Sedan (Vento) - a set on Flickr

I just can't seem to get the source URL displayed in my post.

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Old 4th June 2010, 11:09   #337
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Looks a lot similar to Aveo Sedan to me externally. The Flickr photo shows a small boot. Hope they will not short change us Indians on the features.
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Old 4th June 2010, 13:15   #338
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Originally Posted by ac 427 View Post
A nice pic is also enclosed, if this is how the vento will look, its going to be a sure contendar in the already cut throat sedan race.
I don't think there is a cut throat race in the sedan segment. I would agree that it is for the hatchback segment though. The customer is spoilt with choices.

In the sub 10 lac sedan segment, it's pretty much city, linea, fiesta, manza & dezire. I wouldnt count others as they don't seem to make good numbers.

VW's Vento should be a refreshing eyeopener and i know everyone here wishes for a diesel Vento pitched against the H.City at the same price.
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Old 4th June 2010, 16:20   #339
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Source: ACI

Volkswagen reveals Vento images | Autocar India
Attached Images
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Old 5th June 2010, 13:54   #340
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That looks great. A MEAN sedan. The mean look suits the hatch better though.
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Old 5th June 2010, 14:47   #341
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I wish I knew where exactly VW stands in their expansion plans and production rollouts from Chakan facility at Pune. Judging by the long waiting line for Polo (about 3 months), they clearly lag way behind the market appetite and would have been committing mea culpa unless they have few tricks up their slow sleeve. Vento would mean that they are stretching themselves too far without the muscles to do the sprint.
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Old 5th June 2010, 20:34   #342
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Well the Chakan plant has an annual capacity of 110,000 which is more than adequate for both polo and vento.
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Old 5th June 2010, 22:40   #343
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The car is good and the only car that it can eat up is the current Fiesta, it surely doesnt even seem close the league of the ANHC.
About the current Fiesta even Ford will not be bothered if it looses market share, so in other words, take my word its gonna make NO IMPACT
Come on all it can beat is sales figures of Fiesta and Logan (dont think even Verna seems possible)

But the only thing that can tip the scales is the VW batch in front of the car, once removed its as good a as Logan. Its a car dying to show off that it belongs to VW than showing off its looks, interiors and VFM

But hey its just my personal opinion, I might be wrong even..

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Common Xingy. What is so great about ANHC? I will come on knees with proper competition. Though I am not completely impressed by the looks of this car, No way you can compare it to a Logan. Also this car badly needs some other color to show off rather than that dull looking milky white or beige or what ever you call it
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I think its a great offering from VW. Vento might be the poor mans Jetta. I only hope it comes with lovely Petrol and Diesel engines.
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