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Old 5th August 2009, 18:40   #166
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Originally Posted by parimal_g View Post
My Palio's logo got stolen 2 days before,does anyone knows where i will get new one in mumbai.
Are the new logos are available at delears ..?
Planning to fit old logo from back to frond and a new logo(the red one) at back.
Yes they should be available with authorised dealers however the thief didn't spared the old logos, do you think they gonna spare the new ones after you put them?? Think..
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Old 5th August 2009, 21:37   #167
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Not only metal logos are stolen here in Mumbai, but also the plastic ones.
One of my school friend from Dadar has High-Roof Maruti Omni with a sliding roof. The logo OMNI (made up of plastic) has also been stolen in last week.
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Old 5th August 2009, 23:43   #168
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After my Innova logo got stolen for the second time, i made a high quality sticker of the exact size and shape and stuck it in place of the logo. Though not as good as the logo, it looks much better than leaving it blank. Also, i do not have to worry about the sticker getting stolen. Peace at last.

P.S. I used 3M glue for the sticker.
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Old 6th August 2009, 12:52   #169
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The mercedes logo's are a hit these days with the flickers. I have seen atleast 20 cars with the rear emblems missing. My ML front ring and rear emblem along with the center mercedes hub of the Wheel was stolen. Had the Hub, front ring put left the rear as the tyre covers it. My uncles Bmw's too had their emblems stolen. Nowadays you have to sure of the parking when you visit a place. Trust me like some say Rs 50 and Rs 250 for an emblem, man i wish, a few thousands and also the wait.
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Old 7th August 2009, 11:49   #170
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No Logo!

I recently posted the entry below on my blog. Am looking for pictures of cars with their logos/badges/emblems STOLEN to support the story.

Since the exercise reminds me of the gusto evident in the 'wrecks and rusty cars' thread on this site, I defer to the enthusiasm and long arms of the BHP community to help me source some pictures... Thanks Amitabh
Naomi Klein ought to be laughing her unbranded socks off at the latest crime wave sweeping Bombay.

According to rough statistics (hastily concocted by yours truly) car thieves have stolen the badges off a full 10% of the vehicles currently plying our streets.

For the uninitiated, badges are the logo holders which transmit all the prestige for which one pays a serious premium when one buys, say a Volkswagen instead of a Skoda (although we know we’re really buying the same vehicle). In a no logo universe, no one knows whether you’re driving a Maruti 1000 or an Esteem.

While the new rash of thefts is no real surprise, in a country where desperate poverty has led to the pillaging of highway signs and even trash cans – and while there are reports from across the world of the wholesale theft of copper and other metals from public art installations and rooftops in the harsh light of the recent downturn – the scale of the situation in Bombay has reached a tipping point.

So much so, that the police recently raided the chor bazaar lair of one Mansuri Farouque, reseller extraordinaire of ‘used’ automotive parts, issuing him a strict warning to desist from supporting the resale of stolen emblems. I know this because I tried to hit him up for a replacement for my ancient Merc’s three pointed star, which was unceremoniouisly removed by some less-than-human creature on a vile and dastardly June night.

While Ebay has facilitated a real market for replacement (MB replacemet stars trade for ~$40, as opposed to an MB company price or ~$500) I’m still waiting for the cops to set up a stolen-and-found system to restore my poor, naked car’s modesty.

In the meantime, if anyone is missing this shiny, new Jaguar badge, please contact me – I think I might have a clue as to where it ended up…

Car logo theft / monograms stolen in India-dsc00444.jpg

The Jag is now officially a Hindustan motor

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Old 10th August 2009, 16:58   #171
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Originally Posted by swayam View Post
Hi Guys, I am now part of the club. My optra's rear monogram were stolen today while it was parked in stilt parking at my society at sakinaka.

Hey highness, can u tell me where in opera house did you buy it from?
Also does it look different compared to OEM ?

I have sent you a PM with the details.
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Old 10th August 2009, 17:15   #172
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I believe this is happening everywhere. Not just in Mumbai. Lost my Ikon's rear logos in 2 incidents. First the 'Ford' logo on rear side. Second time both 'Flair' and Ikon Logos. So finally i had to buy all these. This time bought from Authorized , but if looses again i may end up searching at Sivaji Nagar chore bazaar.
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Old 10th August 2009, 17:40   #173
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It is very amusing to see what things hold commercial value in India. Even scrap has value in India, however small. In other countries, a stolen car logo would fetch you peanuts. In India, it fetches you 250 bucks.

It is also puts a huge question on the general civic sense of the citizens of India. It is so easy for crooks to just up an steal anything they like and they are interested in getting greedy over something as meager as a monogram. Thats India for you.
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Old 26th September 2009, 11:04   #174
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Trust the after-market to come up with a solution to this menace (in turn caused by another part of the after-market).

Solution to stolen monograms = 5 rupee stickers. Spotted a Skoda, Corolla, Esteem etc. in the past couple of days wearing stickers in place! Example:

Car logo theft / monograms stolen in India-moto_0613.jpg
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Old 6th November 2009, 16:40   #175
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Well, Please welcome me on joining the "snapped logo and hence ugly look on the beautifu car" club. I own a linea and in Vashi, in a matter of 5 minutes of parking the car, my rear badge was snapped.
The original costs Rs. 600 + taxes.
Boy, How really I want to have get my hands on these perps.
Please PM me if you know any sources where I can get this linea badge in cheap (read: Sasta aur tikau). :-P
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Old 6th November 2009, 17:58   #176
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Did you guys check the Animated story about stolen Monograms in last months Zigwheels edition??
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Old 6th November 2009, 18:08   #177
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My Wagon-R's badge got stolen about a 1.5 years ago at near my college in Matunga. My emotions went from being cut-up about it to just plain amusement that a suzuki badge is valuable enough to be stolen.
It's spoiled the look of the car a bit, but i've not put on another one considering that in time that will get stolen too.
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Old 25th November 2009, 10:34   #178
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The theft of car logos

In Mumbai and some parts of Pune, have noticed the trend of logos being stolen.

The car with the most logos being stolen are Skoda and Honda.

Just recently, I saw these cars with missing logos and my heart pained.

1) A brand new Mercedes C 220 which was just out of the showroom with the famous three star missing from the front grill.

2) Another recently purchased VW Jetta with the huge VW logos missing from both the front and the rear areas.

3) A bright red Grande Punto with missing logos in the front and rear parked near Dadar.

4) A skoda Superb with both logos gone.

The list can go on and on.

How can this menace be curbed?

Can companies device some strategy where in the logos are affixed in a way that the theft of the same becomes unfeasible?

I have recently heard that the original logos are pretty expensive affair.
Moreover, whats the guarantee that the logos will not get flicked again?

I sincerely hope that something could be done in this scenario.

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Old 25th November 2009, 12:17   #179
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My Ford Ikon has been a victim of this theft thrice now. The solution is a B&W sticker of the Ford Logo, which though not an elegant solution is there in place for 5 momths now.
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Old 26th November 2009, 10:16   #180
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Where to find double sided 3M tape? One stationery store showed a 3M tape bundle costing Rs. 1000, is it that expensive.
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